Halloween: Terror of the Deep | World of Warships

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into lore of new Halloween event! But beware of the terrors in the deep!

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  1. “The portal was closed … but actually not so go close it again, you fools!”

  2. But what about second breakfast?

  3. World of Warships Official Channel

    Are you ready to challenge Rasputin on your submarine one more time?:)

    • Give me the option to keep my beloved submarine FOREVER and then I will buy the premium Halloween bundle of 81 euros…! Paying for something that soon you will take back? No, thank you…

    • You guys are running a game that will be dying out soon. Proof of that is when you play a new account…..the first 5 tiers have autofill with bots in random games because there isnt enough new players starting out. I have chatted with (and I’m not kidding) 37 DIFFERENT GOOD PLAYERS THAT I KNOW WHO COMPLAIN AND THE SAME EXACT THING…YOUR MATCHMAKING. Without know what parameters you guys use for putting together random games but it has got to change. When your not able to play with friends in a division the seal clubbing is ridiculous. Trying to maintain a 50% win ratio is work……………Its ridiculous when you look up after literally 1 minute of play and half your team is already dead. Come on WOW…work on this shit already. Forget all these stupid gimmicks nobody cares about….work on the stuff that should matter.

      Let me be real clear on this…I have been on both sides of this….at times you will win 15 games in a row and it feels like your playing co op the players are so bad. Then a switch gets flipped and you find yourself on that clueless team….get this shit balanced out already…please.

    • +Adrian Negative.

  4. Implement subs now!

  5. How did Rasputin survive if I plowed a dozen torps into his broadside

  6. playbabe theBookShelf

    We sink she 2 bloody time! In a row if according to story. And still alive!???


  7. One simply cannot kill RasPUTIN :V

  8. Massive kudos for changing the symbol for submarines! The old one, the trapezoidal one was unsightly.

    Halloween 2019: It’s Rasputin again but this time it’s a Sovetsky Soyuz, not a Nikolai I.

  9. Hmm, ok let’s see, a game mode by Russian developers
    An enemy named Rasputin , who , so far hasn’t died even though we tried 2 times
    People with history knowledge will get the connection

  10. yaaaay , lets all pretend its not u boat xD
    jk, good job WG

  11. Can’t wait to drive the submarines 😀

  12. can you give some lessons to your co-mates in world of tanks on how to do real halloween events ?

  13. it might be a small event, but I just love how you do such story building for it, its quite interesting read in itself

  14. gib submarines!!

  15. Huh world of halloweens XD (sorry for the logo O_O)

  16. This is exciting! Can’t wait to test out the subs!

  17. Yay scary event 🙂

  18. It was her? How interesting. I thought Rasputin was a guy.

    • all ships in wows are female

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Ships are female by the international standards. The only ones referred as male were Bismarck (due to Ernst Lindermann’s remark) & the Soviet-era ships (most of them were named after the Bolsheviks).

  19. I dont want my ship to be made from stallinium anymore, can I have Rasputinium ship now?

  20. Ohh so Rasputin is gonna be underwater, for some reason, and we have to kill her the third time?
    What’s next, Wargaming? Rasputin will be this giant massive AIRSHIP? Where we have to use CARRIERS to destroy her?
    What’s next after that? Rasputin is in space? xD

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