Harugumo T10 IJN DD | Solo Warrior, 265k Damage | World of Warships

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World of Warships, Harugumo T10 IJN DD, Solo Warrior, 265k Damage…..

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  1. first!

  2. A DD who relies on his team to cap and scout for him. Then farms BBS instead of shooting spotted DDs. Good damage, but this solo warrior should have an asterisk next to it.

    • That’s a bit stiff i reckon… he shot at and almost killed the Gearing… took a few chunks off the Khaba… it should have been an easy win but his team marched into the middle of the cap and found themselves flanked. He played well, left his smoke and shot in the open plenty of times… this is how you play this ship… its more like cruiser play and he did it well…

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