Hipper vs. Yamato – World of Warships – All Skill no Luck #3

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  1. nice

  2. Lol Yamato is like “no please panzer”

  3. Haha wie geil:D

    Das die zweite Torpwelle noch getroffen hat:D

  4. iamareallybadgamer Xbox, ps4, pc,

    Wow great video

  5. do a hipper comentary

  6. Haha that’s hilarious. Love your editing style too, this is quickly
    becoming one of my favorite WoW channels! :)

  7. XD I love your editing man. there was tears from the laughter. yamato
    hiding in the corner saying “please no sir I don’t have enough for repair”.
    i don’t think that yamato captain had his saki before the game

  8. xD

  9. gr8 work I can’t believe he ate 8 torps

  10. Johnny Junior Rodriguez

    The feels man??

  11. lol that was epic :D

  12. WHAT?!

  13. If he wasnt retarded, his secondaries would have killed you in a few

  14. izumo commentary?

  15. gun depression

  16. The great Xcelerator

    Came here for laughs. Wasn’t disappointed.

  17. Why Yamato’s secondaries are not shooting at the Hipper?

  18. Poor yamato..:)

  19. That was AWESOME! 😀 😀 BTW, your intros and music on point 😉 LOL at
    tomatos friendly hipper hitting him with torps :D

  20. 仁佐田澤Hitoshi Sawa

    well played lol also fucking over pen

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