World of Warships – Last Stand, ft Kaiser & König

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Two real time commentary matches featuring the and König in !

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  1. You should upload more often. I miss the good ol’ DayZ days

  2. SilkSatin Paradise

    I have never actually died in my dreams, but I have had dreams in which I
    was invincible.

  3. +SideStrafe World of Warships is awesome!

  4. When you play the German BBs dont aim for the waterline against BBs. Aim
    just above.

  5. Hey Sidestrafe, would you consider changing your aiming sight? There are
    many options to pick from in the game, both static and dynamic.

  6. That sort of last stand is what I call the “Yamato Charge.”

  7. getting Das Boot flashbacks XD when did they add national voiceovers for
    each nation’s ships?

  8. right around 13:45….”it’s better to win those personal victories
    sometimes”….damn straight!! ?

  9. The Myogi really is the shittest tier IV BB

  10. What is that flag that makes me think of Taiwan?

  11. I love my Arkansas Beta, and my Ishizuichi — Hans Von Lohman.

  12. Great sailing SideStrafe! I see a pattern for BB mastership here!

  13. you should have tried that Cleveland to see if he would have escorted you
    to push forward… a
    BB and air support CA make an awesome team.

  14. Awesome game-play…thanks!!!

  15. Sidestrafe can’t you contact War Gaming for a unlocked account ? Like those
    Baron and PhlyDaily have ?

  16. The tune of the Kaiser ram was really inspiring.

  17. How can you get those hit markers above the map?

  18. A great Video. Thanks for the Entertainment.

  19. Taindara Rossini (Repenix)

    Awesome vid yet again SideStafe. :)

  20. No Wagner music?. :)

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