HOTFIX the HOTFIX =) CV too weak now LUL || World of Warships

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  1. Dear players,

    We’ve encountered two issues with anti-air defense mechanics after the hotfix:

    Large damage spikes from AA explosions in tier VIII and above (this is a bug, the damage should increase proportionally with tier);
    Continuous DPS on several ships/tiers needs further adjusting (mostly toning down slightly);

    We’re already working on resolving both issues, but to avoid any new mistakes, we will be spending a couple of days double-checking everything and preparing a small update.
    We plan to release this hotfix early next week.”

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
    The World of Warships Team.

  2. No veiws yet 1 comment
    Youtube is drunk again

  3. Ok..maybe they should retest this whole 0.8 thing on testserver again?

  4. CV weak in hands of the average player = good for the game. The good players should have to use skill to get top xp. If average players can do it, it’s likely over powered.

    • But CV doesnt involve skill LUL…also MOST players are average or below avg. so… I mean I have a 54% winrate and there are matches where I do good and were I dont do anything. Your statement: *If average players can do it, it’s likely over powered.* is simply not true, because in the end people even it out.

  5. Buena batalla, pero el tema de los aviones es imposible, podes derribar 20 o 30 y siguen viniendo, yo en una partida derribe 37 con un montana y por suerte se termino porque ya estaba liquidado.

  6. 11:01 First Kamikaze in WoWs confirmed… :)))

  7. Awesome secondary build there

  8. screw the fate – Yamato

  9. I don’t like playing in CV games at all. They were OP before 8.0 after 8.0 which required a year of testing they were even more OP. Now you claim they are to weak. What they should do is put in an opt out of CV games option in the garage. I think the vast majority of players would opt out. Personally, I’m going to look for another game as my primary game and kiss WoWS good bye. The simple fact is that being spotted constantly takes all the fun out of this game. Ships detection ranges mean nothing now. In fact the game is sooooo boring in its current State. Its like oh there they are shoot.

  10. Más un nerfeo que un arreglo, en especial en las batallas de t10 donde juntan Carriers de t8 y ya ni los torpederos con la habilidad de curación llegan

  11. Yamato gameplay?

  12. Kyriakos Stefanakos

    I especially like how the torp hits do 2147 damage. Like sinking a BB is even possible now even with the ones with lower torp reduction… lol. Need to make 4 passes…. yeah… not with no planes…

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