How Good Are Maine Secondaries?

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  1. @t.maximilianwaechter3208

    In memory of Worcester guy, may he live on in our hearts! In memoriam can I request a full AA build Worcester build?

    • Worchester guy on alt be like:

    • @@eri3726 literally man. 😀 Guy thinks he’s funny, but it’s lame.

    • @xxxthwagdrakexxx4672

      If you want to know why he doesn’t make a video on it. It’s usually because he tries it on stream then it goes something like this. No cv game, (which basically makes those aa plane skill just a waste) no cv game, no cv game, cv avoids him, no cv game, eventually sbmm throws him a curveball and a unicum cv player comes along that totally curb stomps him anyways because of how busted AA works sometimes but takes 45 planes with him while being harassed and tortured for the whole game on top of spotting while also getting screwed out of a good game making him lucky if he pushes it past 80k while facing the might of a concentrated fleet flinging buildings worth of steel ap with explosives further reinforcing that Worcester aa builds aren’t so worth it anymore

    • Flamuu just done wooster video

  2. Supership tier list video when?

  3. iirc, NA is actually the least passive server, followed by EU, and then finally SEA is almost entirely passive

  4. I feel like unless you are pushing and expecting to get relit a lot, the combat instructions should be used on those single fires that you usually let burn out in case you get double lit. Thoughts?

    • Single fires can be healed through as the dmg is fully repairable.

      I think the gimmick would do well with more than a single fire, which can’t be healed through without losing more HP than you heal from them (I know all fire dmg is repairable, but multi fire does more dmg than you heal with a single heal).

      Multi fire + gimmick + furious would be fun to see, though

    • You can really just use it to tank more fires in any way since you can rotate it with dcps especially closer distance fights where you hit more shells. Dcp – f-key – recharge everything while healing – repeat. I think using an ohio-style zombie-build with the aa skill that gives you 50% boost on consumables might be interesting as well.

  5. @Geneticlyinsane1

    So will the Maine only be available in this auction or will it eventually just be added as a standard super ship

    • it will be standard in the next patch

    • @@keykei2 She will be available for purchase in update 13.4

    • Added as a super ship like the rest as part of the tech tree. WG is milking money/resources from players with some early FOMO. No idea when it will come out to everyone.

    • @Geneticlyinsane1

      @@Swarm509 yeah thats what i was expecting tbh , i dont know why people want to spend so much money on ships that in a month you can get for a fraction of the price , same goes for all the early access shit they keep doing , spending IRL money to get line ships is insane

  6. @ElmwoodCertified

    Just curious what is your avg game? I’ve been in some matches with you that were far from the ones in the videos you post.

    • Well, that’s the point of HIGHlights, right? The best performance is the most interesting. Otherwise who would’ve watch it? Channel wouldn’t grow like this etc. Saying that, PQ is a very solid player, but still human and won’t have 100% win rate, 200k+ every game with a kraken. Not sure why does it all have to be explained…

  7. @aproudbaguette3605

    I love how when there is a new BB we always gotta see and try if secondaries are worth it, “we BB players want push”

    • As a submarine main I also want you to push

    • ⁠@@kagakai7729 That’s the problem. Literally every class in the game wants BBs to push. If you stay in spawn then the only thing that can shoot at you effectively is heavy cruisers and other BBs.

      Carriers want you to push away from your team’s AA and you give them shorter travel distance. Subs want you to push into torpedos. Light cruisers want you to push into their HE spam. DDs want you to push into HE spam and torpedos. You open yourself up to crossfires, etc.

      Everything in the game disincentivizes pushing. If you push alone you are immediately the prime target to be farmed.

      Unless you can guarantee that you have good support from team mates then you are donating your BB to the enemy team.

    • @sliceofcheese8360

      As a CV player I also want you to push

    • @aussieaussieaussie8754

      bullshit you BB’s want islands to hide and space behind the spawn stop the cap!!!

  8. Life of a BB player
    Not pushing: gets shit talk by team for not pushing
    Tries to push: gets he spammed to death by some island hugging ship or gets hounded by some cv or gets hounded by some submarine

    • forgot to add if your push fails for whatever reason then you still get shit talk by team for pushing wrong

    • Also, your teammates will not support you while you push, but the moment you die, they will then start shooting and push in 1 by 1.

    • @@Skerra-kk6smYeah, pretty much. Push in with the DDs, get into some shit, all cruisers and DDs pull back and switch to opposite flank where they die alone. You die alone. Everyone is alone. Teamwork sucks.

    • @@-tr0n It’s utterly depressing when you push into a point and you think you have support and then watch all your teammates hold fire if more than one enemy gets spotted while they absolutely shred you.
      Makes those extremely rare games when you get a couple players work with you all game that much more special.

    • @@-tr0n No. Only such team members suck. throw them to your blacklist.

  9. So I was away from the game for like 2 years, came back this January and I grinded the Puerto Rico when it came only to suffer a bit of a disappointment cause I saw it a bit lacking compared to my Alaska at tier9 last week I gave pr a try again and I’m enjoying it so much, didn’t remember the ap doing this much damage to angled ships

  10. The Furious/SHAP combo seems like an interesting one to me.

    edit: You knew that Satsuma would be looking for you at that range.

  11. He really did it, secondary build Maine… What a madman!

  12. That has been our experience for a few weeks now as well. Virtually every single game is the same thing: HE spam from behind islands, torp hell from every direction, you can’t punish ships showing you full broadside, subs are no better than before, CV planes hitting you 3 times in 30 seconds, and most ships are so passive they just shoot from 20+km away. It has made the game boring and frustrating. I miss the brawling style battles!

  13. 20:30 that Yamato didn’t get citadelled – and don’t call me Shirley 😀

    • I’ve had a theory for a while that WG protects bad players so the good ones have more incentive to spend money. That or they just may their games so frustrating that p2w seems more reasonable to people.

    • Playing a Yamato, get spanked with many citadels on the cheeks.
      Shooting full broadside Yamato, zero citadels

    • ​@@peepsy1528very popular tinfoil conspiracy

  14. As a huge fan of Montana, This is one of the very few superships I’ll probably get. I have only Annapolis (I should have gotten Condé).

  15. @sargisshirinyan207

    Wow that last game. Didn’t realize monty guns are so bad. Shatters shatters shatters.

  16. Is this your new Maine BB? Do you suggest using Mainely secondaries? Picking on the enemies seems a bit inhuMaine.

  17. what kind of sound mod are you using? it sounds very cool when you get a hit

  18. Will this ship eventually be at the end of the tech line or is it only going to be available on auctions

  19. @roachbugging7201

    Btw will the new eula war gaming pushed go against your hud mods?

  20. 19:24 I just want to know why you did not turn while acknowledging those torpedoes were probably for you? Love your channel so I just subbed.

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