How to Play Izumo – World of Warships

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Izumo driving you crazy?


  1. first~

  2. ohhh izumo eh

  3. I wish I could find a video like this on the Buffalo, I’m having one hell of a time in that ship.

    • I had the most success in her playing her as a mini Montana.

      Keep moving and abuse stealth. Your DPM is way too low to island hug. Always shoot AP at broadside cruisers and BBs only switching to HE against angled ones.

      Having the range mod gives her a lot of flexibility and reach. You rely on your broadside Alpha strikes instead of steady DPM. Disengage when necessary.

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      For me Buffalo is my mini-Des-Moines that actually does the DD hunting part better due to improved stealth. It’s just so tiny! And it still has that AP…

    • +iChaseGaming Get some game play pre buff that way you can hopefully show the difference. Yeah extremely tough.. maybe get some stream watchers or clan people in a training room to create similar scenario’s.

    • play the buffalo like you want to marry every island in sight and try to use the right ammo for the situation also if there is a chance to ambush people hold fire and then blap their broadside with twelve freedom ap shells

    • Yeah, same here. I had unicum/super unicum stats starting with the Omaha all the way to the Baltimore. Great ships. The Buffalo, i just could not bear the pain of playing her. Free XP’d the Des Moines. Best decision of 2018 so far 🙂

  4. Best answer:
    How to Play Izumo….

    • Imperial Japanese Navy

      Its a nice ship, dunno why people having trouble with her…

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      Because Amagi is better and looks better

    • +Imperial Japanese Navy Exactly!

    • +BlitzTaifun / DragonScales Nah, hell nah. Amagi can be citadelled to death if you give even a little broadside, the armor belt and nose are weak as fuck and frustrating and she isnt that accurate

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      The point is not become a target focused in Amagi. You have to act as support and can only truly do well tanking in the endgame. Kite or support, never lead the charge. The armor isnt that bad. Only thing that is a real threat are of course Yamato and Musashi. But even t10 bbs cannot citadel a properly angled Amagi

  5. I think you need a destroyer video to make it not seem like every video here is a BB one.

  6. can you do a video on the Amagi just got her recently and I really am struggling to angle properly as well as getting her to just feel like I can be useful

    • Don’t worry brother, you ain’t the only one. I too am struggling with the Amagi at present. It is dreadful. Teir 10’s delete me with ease before I can even get within gun range. Angling doesn’t do shiite. It’s so bad I miss playing my Fuso and would rather play it in tier 10 matchs then the Amagi. That should tell you something. The Izumo is suppose to be far worse! Such a terrible grind in the Japanese bb line after the Fuso.

    • A_Certain_Weird_War_Machine

      Not alone eother I can put good damage but survival against T10 haha HE spam…… Yamato’s Musashi….. However other ship good….. How to stop HE spam on Amagi!? Americans and their slow high arc shells…

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      You guus struggle with the Amagi? It was my favorite battleship until Yamato. Here’s a hint: She’s technically a battlecruiser. What do you do in IJN cruisers? You kite away. If its necessary to push, make it to where youre not the focus of fire.

  7. What is the actual point of American BBs now? Now they are worst than their Japanese counterparts in all tiers above 5.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Wut? American BBs are quite good I started the tree fairly late because I went always for IJN and KMS first but aside from New York, the ships are quite good The combo between concealment and good solid guns, although sometimes wonky dispersion on lower tiers, that hit hard plus a good turning radius (normally) are nice I myself have the Missouri and is a top notch ship but others like New Mexico and NC are very good for their tier, without being op

    • Imperial Japanese Navy


    • +Fatsissy Ever heard of the cheek of Yamato?

    • GamingWithFlowmar81

      The US BBs was probably the first line I ever went up through seriously. I enjoyed every ship from South Carolina to Montana, without a doubt, and they have great maneuverability, accurate raw firepower, great AA capabilities, and great tanking capabilities. When I play IJN BBs, they always feel awkward. The guns don’t penetrate well, they have alright AA, and turret traverse is a little slow. I personally prefer the all out in playstyle, balls to the wall, which is great for the USN and KMS BBs. The higher tier IJN BBs are a lot better than the lower tier ones though.

  8. Can you do one for the Iowa next? I just got her recently.

  9. It was Lo Yang who sunk you, not Benson 😉 Still nice gameplay iChase 🙂

  10. A review on Admiral Hipper would be great, been really struggling to do damage in that ship without being citpenned through the back

    • Spotter aircraft, rudder mod 3.

    • +Gulaschiltis well,that was quite a guide,thank you
      I will try today to play like you suggested

    • oh sure mate^^ what I forgot to mention is the awesome hydro on german cruisers. I noticed people hesitate to use it, if not for hunting a DD. Sometimes if you are suspecting torpedoes coming your way or if you get spotted when you should not be, it can be very helpful, not only for yourself, but also for your teammates to have your hydro spotting torpedoes in a 6 km circle around you! Hope I could help :O

    • oh and for the citadels through the back, they should occur less, if you dont angle completely stern into your enemies. If you present a perfect nose/stern BBs wont have a hard time penning through it, since your bow and stern are less armored than your belt. So if you mantain angled and dont present too much stern/bow it should be ok. You basically try to bounce shells with your !angled! belt. With some practicing you will find out the sweet spot. If you check out your armorlayout in the harbor, you will see if you remove the outter armor layer, that the armor behind the stern/bow are kind of thin and flat. If you angle this flat section of the armor behind stern/bow, shells will have a harder time to get through to your citadel, after they punch through stern/bow. imaigne your ship/citadel being some sort of rectangle, and you always want to show your enemy a corner, rather than a flat side of that rectangle. And both being too close and being too far away from enemy BBs makes your citadel more aviable for enemy BBs. The further you are away, the more likely the enemy BB can “lob” his shell over your protective side armor and pen your deck, which is usually very poorly armored and can be penned easily. The closer you are, the higher the velocity of the shells coming in. So keeping your ship safe is a mix of knowing how to angle, when to disengage, when to choose fights and when to even charge. Sometimes the best protection for your ship, especially for german cruisers is to charge in and delete a threat quickly with torpedoes.
      And as always, always angle, let the enemy shoot your “corners” rather than bow or stern.

    • and one final tip: Make use of going stealth, if you are focussed! Sometimes it is more wise to hold fire for 20 seconds if you are focussed, to see if you can disappear for a while, until the enemy is focussing something else. If the enemy guns are turned, you can open up again. If they then again turn their guns on you, stop firing again. You will force your enemy to turn their weapons frequently, taking preassure of your team and letting you live longer. If you are not focussed, unleash hell on them! The lvl 1 skill “priority target” can help with the decision making, if you want to disengage. If you see lots of people focussing you via priority target, it might be whise to disengage for a while. If you are permaspotted by a DD tho, let them suffer and try to survive^^

  11. This is the only ship I straight up free XPed through I went through the B hull and gave up lolXD

  12. old izumo player: bow in reverse in front 3 Zao
    buff izumo player: bow in reverse in front 3 Zao

  13. Good time to post that vid, only 37k xp until i get her.
    Btw i think the amagi is shit without support, and saddly i dont see support often.
    Once in a t10 match 2yamatos were hiding behind me instead of pushing… they called me a pushing Faggot bc im doing the thing my ship was designed to do…

    • Einfach
      Well i dont think so, i am just not a fan of the amagi, espacially in the mm im getting lately (t10 only). Its too much of a shotgun for me, i missed a broadside saint louis from 6km, some landed short and other flew over it….
      I just dont like it, and after hearing my friend who played both, and is asking himself why the fuck everyone thinks its bad.
      Maybe its the mm, maybe its me, maybe its my braindead teammates, i just dont like her as much as everyone else.

    • +Luigi22 Amagi has steel butt for quality kiting. Her shot is accurate but not a brawler. Many prefers Amagi than NC. Her middle gun is kinda risky to use without exposing too much broadside, thus belt armor isnt the best either. She is definitely faster, and has flatter trajectory than NC. Also has Japanese HE with extra punch in it.
      I dont own Amagi but thats my observation from another ship.

    • Edhi Kurniawan
      Another thing, idc about the NC, its about the amagi and izumo. Nothing american here ey?

    • Even the Yamato is shit without support. The thing with IJN BBs is most of the time you should not push without (lots) of support, the line isn’t brawler and you will eat cits like crazy when you caught in crossfire. IMO Yamato is the easiest BB to cit in game

    • faye
      Yeah that Infamous Cheek.
      You can cit that spot with the 203mm American armor piercing from about 3km.
      But you have to be Perfectly angled.

  14. So for those who play WoT and doesn’t have time to go through the whole video right now, iChase is basically suggesting us to reverse sidescrape

  15. Well, i just tried it again….still crap… average dmg per AP 1440 only…. No juicy citadels, no idiot enemys giving me broadside… In a game where the enemy knows what they are doing Izumo cant carry the team like other BBs, it will burn to death.

  16. Yesterday I played this shi(t)p and I couldnt even deal more than 5k dmg on a full broadside conqueror sitting still at 12 km because of horrible dispersion. Really, this ship tries to be as annoying as possible in every aspect…

  17. I played the Izumo for 25 battles. Battles survived: 4. Average damage: 68k (less than any of my tier 8 BBs). Then I free XP’d the Yamato and never looked back. With the Yamato, 113k average damage and a 50% survival rate.

  18. Now we just need a “how to play U.S.S. Seattle.”

  19. Even after the buffs, there’s one huge problem with Izumo: it’s so *ugly.* And not in a brutal, dangerously-looking kind of ugly like (say) Imperator Nikolai and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya.

    I’d re-buy Izumo and play it again if Wargaming would fix the model so it looks like an actual Japanese ship instead of looking fake as hell like it does now. The other paper ships *look* real in World of Warships, so why doesn’t Izumo. Rearrange the 5″ secondaries to a layout like on Yamato, fill the currently empty superstructure with gun directors and searchlights like on Yamato, and most of all, make those damned shipping container boxes on the sides of the hull look like the streamlined boat docks on Yamato.

    Flipping around the third turret so it points forward like on Nelson would be amazing, but I still wouldn’t re-buy Izumo unless it stops being so horrible to look at. I already have Yamato and Musashi which are both better *and* beautiful, after all.

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