Hyuga 1st battle & initial impressions – World of Warships

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Hyuga is a brand new tier 7 IJN premium BB, which is basically a better Fuso.

It has an unusual consumable for IJN BB which gives it an upper hand.

Bare in mind I AM using Deadeye here and without it it will be worse BUT I have talk to ppl playing it without deadeye and they say it’s still good.

I’ll show you another battle with this ship WITH deadeye as well and then I’ll try it without deadeye as well sometime in the future 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. just brought this, play it later see how quick I die…

  2. Nice herding into the corner, you were the good shepherd!
    BTW how you ended up in T7 battle in a T7 ship? I always got T9…

  3. 10:20 Furutaka has great armor haha

    Make more of the Sudden Strike videos, great content haha

  4. Václav Posledník

    Friend bought Hyuga and I tried her on his account. First battle 180 k dmg. Nice ship, consistent guns, ok armour… I quite like it.

  5. Overpens need to have a chance of doing something. Breaking part of the ship or flooding etc.
    A big ass shell flying completely through a ship is going to break something.
    WG gonna WG.

    • They used to have a chance of flooding, it was dreadful for all ships but especially DDs, and oh god the horrors, DONT MAKE ME GO BACK PLEASE DONT NO NO N-

  6. The admiral orders would be great if it was done with the same levels of graphics that we see in the ‘the duel’ from WG official channel.

    • The Duel has all the muscle and artistic excellence of Lesta behind it, while Sudden Strike was done with what a few gifted amateurs can do using nothing but the game client. You can’t compare the two until both have the same resources at their disposal 🙂

    • @spellsecurity im not comparing them im saying wouldn’t it be cool, if the idea of ‘admirals orders’ was done with the same levels of input that was done in those videos 🙂
      like the WoW community figures like flambass, jingles, searaptor ect could write the script and all that and then the video was done by WG, that would be awesome.

  7. I know why you smiled at “kakan”. xD

  8. Waked up early for your videos

  9. Flambass is now playing like he just doesn’t care any more…

  10. Take a look at her armor lay-out. She is meant to be a kiter.

  11. You will be reloaded faster than him, and then RNG smacks you down with IGN shortrange spray

  12. János Péczeli

    Go to tier 9 and enjoy the rekt 😉

  13. Yes! Thank you! It feels like it should be a tier six not a tier seven

  14. There is also an island named Kakan in your vicinity.

  15. Is it just me that reads the name of the ship like the horn sound from the Mask movie?

  16. Love how I subbed three times to ya Flambass in the past week and twice in the 6 months before that and youtube keeps un-subbing this channel.

  17. i spend my stuff for Kitakami !!!

  18. Hyuga, the sound old car-horns used to make.

  19. I heard that the guns were very accurate and this “good”.

    I am still on the fence about this ship.

  20. In War Thunder Naval Hyuga is a gamebreaking monster killing all other BBs with one shot, sometimes 1 shell only…

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