I Finally Had A Good Game In Kitakami

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  1. that’s how the italian mediums work in WOT. Dpm on the first shell, and once they’re low enough burst them down with the rest of the clip. Those are fun tanks. they have a low skill floor and high potential in the hands of good players. Would mean you’re not SOL when you launch everything and a dd pops out of cover lol.

    • @nickplaysgames9665

      I think it should be like IS3A wich reloads fast the deeper you go in the mag. Applied to Kita it would mean you would have more constant DPM once you shot all your torps. But it would take a while to get those devastaing 20 torp broadsides. would make it more relevant if it loaded the first few launchers quicker. Example 1L=30 Sec 2L=40 3L=50 4L 60

  2. For 3 launchers why not just play shima / yamagiri

  3. Italian Autoreloader works like this: The more shells you have loaded, the faster the reload is. So basically you play it as a single shot tank, until you want to finish someone for example. These are some gimmicks, in the Italian heavy, you can get a reload bonus when you shoot while reloading (usually it will reset the whole reload countdown). Also, there is a reverse autoreloader in the form of the IS-3A. It gets faster reload, when it has fewer shells loaded.
    I had some points of contact with the Kitakami in the past (supertest and rank 1 reward for first season of ranked or something), therefore I don’t want to see this ship in a good condition. I’d prefer it to be a giant floating citadel, that even an Erie can defeat in a 1v1.

    • Mechanically correct but usually the best way to play it is more of a burst, using two shots instead of just one, due to the nature of exposure times are quite low. If they designed it the same way, that way it could work as well.

    • @liquidpopsicle9443

      You do realize Kita has an exposed 30mm citadel deck, a 40mm athwartship and 16mm bow right? It can consistently get citadeled by Italian cruiser SAP and overmatched by large caliber cruiser guns (229mm+)

      It already is a floating citadel, it’s just a lot of battleships have shells that can’t fuse on its armor or muzzle velocity so high it overpenetrates before it can detonate.

  4. The Kitakami is a cruiser sized Asashio

  5. I’m comfortable with where the ship is at. This seems like a good compromise between ridiculous torpedo soup and being entirely useless.

  6. @masterchief117_marksman3

    I think it would be better if it loaded faster the less launchers you had loaded, like the is3a. Like you can either choose to have a quick torp reload but fire less at 1 time, or you save up for a longer time to have all 40 ready at once

  7. Im guessing there is a market for carrier snipes with this ship’s deepwater torps where your cv (possibly in a div) spots the enemy cv once, and then you flood the sea with 20-40 deepwater ultra long range torps aiming at the cv.

  8. Honestly, I don’t really care about how good or bad this ship is, I’ve been wanting her for over 8 years now and I finally get the chance to play her. The autoreloader thing would be cool.

    Her getting an unlimited torpedo reload booster (similar to Austin’s MBRB) could help too. Make it so that rather than dropping the reload down it just reloads two racks of torps. That way it gives you the ability to launch the full 40 without needing to wait the full 5 minutes, only needing 3 minutes.

  9. WoWS is an arcade game, ultimately. Another possibility is to give Kitakami a reduced radar detection range. Or perhaps chaff-n-smoke that increases the dispersion of shells fired at Kita when she’s in smoke and radared

  10. @davidballantyne4492

    It’s only out Wednesday on NA. You are correct about ITA autoreloaders in WoT, would be a nice mechanic here.

  11. When I saw Kitakami forst time, I was like: Wow, this ship can be a lot of fun. Then I saw how it reloads the torpedo launchers. And I knew at that time, that WG done it again and made trash out of a nice concept. I think it should reload 4 torpedo launchers at once in one minute, then next 4. It would be much better

  12. Wot has 2 auto loader types .. one is quick last shell other is quick 1st shell … so your Dpm goes down the farther you go into the magazine… so idk which you would choose 😃

  13. Took me over half of the first impressions video to realize this thing was a cruiser, im glad that its going to have far more “off” games than “on” games and that it seems much of its damage is deepwaters and would need to be fired from a long distance away. As someone who does somewhat main battleships it sucks having more excuses to not get closer but at the same time if you spot this thing in almost any battleship you are going to crush it first salvo, and if its close enough to spot you can still evade those torps just dont sail in a straight line. I can see the worry about having more torp spam in the world but if they arent interested in adjusting/removing subs i see no reason to throw a fit over something like this with so many weaknesses.

  14. Seems a lot like the Jager. I love playing it and the reload is faster but I feel like it has a low impact on the battle. I mostly look for places to launch torps where a red ship *might* show up!

  15. @youtubeaccount3047

    I think the gimmick should be either you run both sets of torps and have the current reload or in port you can pick to only have one but get a boost to reload. Not much but I think it needs a little help.

  16. What if it had like a spanish F button giving whatever tubes you had loaded early game doubled but then increase the reload by 50% for the next minute or so. Would give you the option for an early game play, or a devasting mid game play.

  17. The only thing I can’t help but feel will happen is that, with everyone saying the ship is not good, a lot of people won’t get the ship, and then a couple months after the event (but still way before the Kitakami will be able to come back) is that it will somehow get some extremely powerful unique upgrade dispite not being a TT ship. With the armour the way it is, I don’t know how it will be that great, but I still have this feeling at the back of my mind.

  18. After watching your reviews, I think I appreciate where the ship is at balance wise. Its not too strong, but can be extremely rewarding when you have the right game much the same as Jaeger or Asashio. It reminds me of an all in secondary build GK: sure, that is not the optimal build, but the “fun factor” of all in secondaries, and the satisfaction of the occasional game where you have an insane game with 7 kills and 1000 secondary hits (exaggeration but still) make it all worth it for some. Kitikami is an all in torpedo boat, where you can really struggle to have game impact, but those occasional games like the one shown here can make all those crappy games worth it.

  19. you could always just use the torps on 1 side as they load to keep the enemy back thinking about the possible wall of torps, then after the 2nd side has fully loaded you turn around and find someone to frustrate with a wall of torps out of the blue.

  20. I didn’t even realize it was a cruiser until PQ started talking about its citadel, it looks so much like a destroyer, albeit a very large one

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