AHHHH LORD SHE COMIN – World of Warships

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You really ought to watch this match to the end, you….just watch it…trust me

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  1. This epically showcases the top and bottom of the WoWS player base. That last 3mins is possibly a honourable mention in a Jingles game of throws

  2. And to think they were giving away free Yamamoto’s to everyone. oh lord.

  3. @karledwardgonzales6955

    “… we’re about to hand Kitakami to these people…”

  4. That Minnesota really did what everyone expected. xD

    • driving full speed around the map to arrive in the last 2 minutes the cap and even manages to die. that was a special thing…

  5. @richard_zanormous3648

    Flambass has a great character.

  6. @andreasapostolopoulos2131

    Bottom tier of brain work at its best. WoW’s community at its best.

  7. That brightened up my morning, I was shouting at that Minnesota for firing HE but I would have been abusing that Thunderpant’s if I was on that team. Good game mate. 🤣

  8. I think its time WG did what they did with CVs where they basicly said, people are stupid and cannot play this class, so we will do all the ship based decisions automatically. By this WG should implement a micropatch where in the settings you can choose whether the game does things automatically, such as, changing to f**king AP when your looking at a broadside capital ship because some potatos are just incapable of making that decision for themselves, just like WG’s opinion, of most CV players. We all know these potatos will never read the patch notes, and they will never find this automatic choice setting in options.

    • What about the freedom to make dumb choices?

    • @@janboen3630 They already made the dumb choice to buy the CV in the first place…. oh you mean the other potato’s they made the dumb choice in accepting this game is for them…. does everyone else have to carry them for it, every game?

  9. That is hilarious, “We are about to hand Kitakami’s to these people bro”
    I feel ya when you say that, The games I had today are the same and that’s the good one’s, Rest were wipes.

  10. Концовка огонь🔥😂

  11. @prisonerofthehighway1059

    “Think about how dumb the average person is. Now realize that half of them are stupider than that!”

    George Carlin

  12. I think you were down to 18 health when you ducked behind that island and popped your heal… while on fire. Doesn’t get much closer than that. o7

  13. One does wonder whether even Jingles could do justice to the level of Keystone Koppery going on at the end.

  14. @dustinmccrindle343

    I wont lie, I feel good about myself when its potato season…

    Most of the time i get destroyed by seal clubbers, but I just had a 100K – 6 kill game in a Nűrnberg.

    Every now and then the potatoes align. 😜😜😜

  15. Best commentary eva! GG Flambass

  16. Loved that little argument with your cat 10:16 and how she actually did what you told her to do 😂

  17. Minnesota is a newish player and the Thunderer has 11,000 games under his belt. Somehow their playstyle was still so much alike 😂

  18. @thomaskositzki9424

    Pls, send to Jingles!
    The end was something else! 🤣
    BTW at 18:18 it took Minnesota 1 second between shell impact and damacon’ing the single fire. Whoa, those are some LEET lvl, mad skill reflexes! 💩👌

  19. Loving the videos every day Flambass!

  20. i can not laugh about that Minesota, but now my brain hurts very hard

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