I Ruined the BIGGEST Battleship in World History… (World of Warships)

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  1. I mean so did the Japanese by not having air cover for it so. Lol

  2. time for complete and utter embarrasment for drew for the 37276872678265i75845th time

  3. Petition for Drew to put the Kingdom of Finland flag in the background (day 2)

  4. You forgot the best part of World of Warships, they have SUBMARINES (in the advert)

  5. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    8:05 I love how Drew says “im giving myself excuses, it doesnt matter” I appreciate the honesty

  6. 8:13 Yamamoto huh…pretty sure Isoroko would disagree with that…

  7. I used to play WoWs a lot when the game still was historically accurate.

  8. Petition for Drew to *_remove_* the Qing China flag from the background.

  9. Once again, wargaming has done his thing

  10. Petition for Drew to put up 2 Nepal flags combined in a square for the background (day 1)

  11. The moment I saw him firing HE out of Yamato, it pains me to my core.

  12. Maria Sirona 🇫🇮

    It’s Yamato not Yamamoto, the latter was an admiral

  13. Since I see the japanese flag I’m gonna guess what the ship is. Maybe the ship named “Yamato” ?

  14. i recommend you to play World of tanks next

  15. Playing Yamato in Co-op and firing HE.

    Additionally even rushing in Co-op in a DD, additionally asking if he got MVP when ya did no shit
    Even saying that the bot “Definitely saw his torps” when he literally torped sub-5km

    Where my noose

  16. This game is awesome please continue playing it

  17. I started playing this game since the fourth Azur Lane collab.

  18. Petition for Drew to put the Republic of Singapore flag in the background (day 1)

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