World of Warships- Top 5 Steel Ships

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Hello guys, today we go over my Top 5 Steel Ships List! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
1:21 5. Austin
4:39 4. Stalingrad
8:23 3. Incomparable
11:28 2. Mecklenburg
14:10 1. Bourgogne


  1. Well, actually I am trying to decide between the top 3 you mentioned. But odly enough, maybe I will begin by the Incomparable. It seems so unique… But must confess that Mecklenburg seems very interesting too, specially having Lutjens at 21 points

  2. What I learnt from this: “Pick the ships with quadruple turrets”

    • @Dav Hot the hell are you both talking about? Quad turret were not intended for shore bombardment and for the most part weren’t crap.

      The French started building quad turrets for the Normandie’s since they couldn’t build bigger guns at the time. Essentially quantity over quality. They were also basically 2 turrets strapped together.

      They later honed their quad turret designs with the Dunkerques. The all forward armament was a doctrinal choice and they were built as a counter to the Deutchslands.

      Dunkerque is pretty much a battlecruiser, but Straussberg was more a battleship. You have to compare her to the Bretagnes and Corbet’s to realise understand that.

      The Richelieu’s had shell problems more than turret problems and were 15″. These were Frances frontline capital ships. The secondary armaments were never intended for use against other capital ships, real life is not wows.

      The only other 2 quad gun ship classes built were the KGVs and the North Carolina’s. Both were designed around treaty limitations and doctrinal thought. KGV had enough armour to take on anything short of a Yamato, despite carrying 14″ guns.

      The NCs were fitted with 16″ guns instead when the treaty’s fell apart.

      The KGV 14″ guns were complex systems which weren’t actually that unreliable compared to other guns. It was PoW which had major problems since she skipped her sea trials to chase down Bismarck. Every warship ever built experiences similar issues on sea trials. That’s why they do them.

      With regards to the accuracy statement, it sounds like your talking about the issues with older US cruiser and Battleship guns. These were resolved by firing the guns slightly out of sync, so it’s a bit of a non-issue.

      No capital ship was ever built for shore bombardment (unless you count the Courageous class). That’s what a monitor was for. They might’ve done shore bombardment, but it wasn’t their purpose.

    • @Joshua Interesting! Thanks! Do you have and more info on the “forward armament doctrinal” part? ie how exactly would tactics differ in a battleship with such a turret layout? How where they intended to be used? Approach target from the broadside, being completely bow in yourself? – For some reason I find all Battleships with that feature visually intriguing, it looks kind of funny, like a ship pushing a bunch of guns in front of it…

    • @Joshua nerd

    • @mcbrite it means they can bring all their firepower to bear bow in, which makes it easier to chase targets down and present a smaller target to, reducing the chance of getting hit in return.

      It also reduces the length of the citadel, saving weight and making it easier to protect the vital parts of the ships.

      It does however have has the obvious downside of not being able to as easily bring guns to bear whilst fleeing.

      The French actually changed their mind on this a little with their 4th Richelieu Class: Gascogne. She was never built due to the war, but it was reconfigured to move a turret to the aft of the ship. It’s a more balanced design, but not necessarily better or worse.

      HMS Rodney (Nelson class) use her all forward layout to weave left and right when chasing down Bismarck. By sailing into the shell splashes, she almost guaranteed she wouldn’t be hit and was able to keep guns on target due to the all forward layout.

      Not many all forward ships saw combat. Both ships went after Graf Spee, but the British got there 1st. The all forward layout helped Dunkerque a little at Mers El Qibir, but she was still heavily damaged. Both were scuttled at Toulon.

      Jean Bart was never finished and only had 1 turret fitted. Richelieu had shell issues and spent a while refitting in New York. She e did engage the Japanese, but never achieved anything particularly notable.

    • @Azam Aziz In most countries being knowledgeable is not considered a bad thing.

  3. Went with Bourgogne after my first steel ship was Ragnar, and that thing is an absolute beast. I could only play about 20 games in her until now, with quite a bad win rate…. However i don’t think i had a single game where i had less than 100k Damage.
    I still need to get used to her, but that thing is great.

    • Yeah what is up with that, ever since the Santa event it’s been nothing but first place on losing teams for me. Think the game is upset with me for not paying for the battle pass.

  4. I should have guessed that this would be the case from a bb main but tbh the stalingrad should be number 2 if not 1 because anyone can play her she is not a hard ship to play and no guns offer the same experience as the stalingrad in the game like I citadeled some bbs at 19km no other ship that isnt a bb can say that

  5. just took, the bourgogne as first steel ship… Oh my F… god… so fun and so powerful… only few games with it but an average of 140k per match (i’m not a BB plmayer)

  6. I also recently just picked up the bourgogne, my first battle with her I got 180k dmg and I really didn’t even realize I did that much. The ship is just so good at dealing out an insane amount of damage quickly. I also really liked the mecklenburg, it reminds me of a cracked out scharnhorst

  7. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    Stalingrad is my favourite purely for the consistency of the guns. Compared to the rng on bb artillery, Stalingrad is a breath of fresh air. If you see a broadside and your aim is good, you are going to get good damage, no dispersion fumbling your shells into everything except the target.

    • Per Hentze Petersen

      I also have Stalingrad, but I think this is the most risky ship to (accidently) showing broadside with: Just THINKING of showing broadside, and I am already citadelled!
      Otherwise, a great ship.

  8. Imagine thinking a BB that cant tank any dmg at all(no amount of angling stops BBs from dealing 20k salvos to a Bourgogne) is the number 1. If any BB steel ship deserves the #1 spot its the Shikishima. She can angle to negate all but HE dmg, and her guns are accurate and hit hard enough to negate any ships armor.

    But lets be real, the true #1 is the FDR, that thing is like all T10 and Super Ship CVs, Over Powered to the point it breaks the balance of the game completely.

  9. Got my first steel with this coupon and went Mecklenburg. Loving it.
    Plenty of times I’ve set double fires on nose in heavy cruisers that insta dcp then set two more, or slapped a DD for half their health trying to rush me, and actually watch planes fall out of the sky from time to time.

  10. I got the Austin (instead of the Bourgogne for the Puerto Rico event (since I already had Puerto Rico). She is both a fun and weird ship, needs to be a tad less squishy as the lower arcs make firing over islands a bit tricky

  11. Well I was debateing on what to get,Heart was and still is to get Bourgogne although the Mecklenburg is a major factor also.

  12. Good info, Mountbatten. With that said, there’s an important item that was missed with regard to the Bourgogne: she gets an improved engine boost. While the Alsace’ engine boost is 8%, the Bourgogne’s is 15%. As a result, she’ll hit 42.5 knots in a straight line while undetected with the Brisk commander skill, engine boost, and a speed flag. While spotted, she’ll still do 38.6 knots, which means she can actually outrun/run down just about every cruiser except for those in the French line. She’ll even do the same to *destroyers* in some circumstances!

  13. I wanted to pick something else since Bourgogne is on top of everyone’s list but I still went for it as my first steel ship. Thought it would be overhyped but it only took a few salvos before I fell in love with it. So good.

  14. I got the Bourgogne couple months ago, I picked up Mecklenburg a week ago with the coupon a week ago. Both are good in any battle mode. Incomparable is next. Thanks for the review.

  15. My first steel ship was the Stalingrad. My second steel ship was the Bourgogne. I am now at a total number of ships that the snowflake events dump a lot of steel into my lap, despite only playing PVE, so the Mecklinberg may only be a year away. The Stalingrad is more fun than the Kronshtadt. I need to play the Bourgogne more to come to an opinion, but she is not disappointing.

  16. Bourgogne definitely 1st steel ship…. I just got the Stalingrad as my 3rd steel ship. It plays a lot like a BB and the accuracy is nice. I have been on the fence about Mecklenberg and Austin. Guess I’ll figure that out when I accrue enough steel for one of those.

  17. Bourgogne should absolutely be everybody’s first. She’s just so good at doing things because of that reload booster. Need to HE spam at long range? Reload booster. DD pop up suddenly at 5km away? Reload booster. Catch a battleship broadside? Reload booster. The speedboost is an improved French speedboost, 15% buff and lasts 3 minutes each so you can get into advantageous positions or out of bad ones quickly. Bourgogne is my damage record ship, 256k iirc in a Ranked game of all things, beat my previous best in the Thunderer. She performed better than Thunderer. Think ahout that.

  18. It might be worth waiting for the Z42 (the new steel destroyer) reviews too.

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