Improving Asashio – World of Warships

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Next on the menu is one and only bane of all BBs, the Asashio, tier 8 premium IJN DD.

I would hate playing this ship if it didn’t have such good concealment, which gives you the option of scouting and capping and outdetecting enemy DDs.

If it was only good at torping BBs, I would hate playing it as much as I hate playing against it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. One of my fav ships when I used to play.

  2. Asashio is a cool ship, if you can play it well, the problem with the torps is that they only attack BB or Cv, but otherwise the ship would also be Op.

  3. Got one in a crate, you can have awesome games with it, although not very engaging, prefer my gunboats.

  4. And grind 600 ships?
    In the current state of the game?
    Why would anyone want to do that?

  5. @Flambass Some people do that – premiums stay IIRC, as well as xp, premium camos/packages and such things. Would get you something to so as grinding today is pretty easy.

    But with your fleet it would take few months

  6. Jingles shows your games a bit, it’s the first time you’ve come up in my feed. I’m a new subscriber, thanks for your hard work.

  7. Nice variety with the new series

  8. I’m surprised you had to improve this, used to be one of my favorite ships

  9. Omg is that Boom? The ” I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my chest, I looked down and I was standing on me own tiddeh! ” boom?!?

  10. Félix-Antoine Flibotte

    I would not lol, it is suicide

  11. Félix-Antoine Flibotte

    I love assashio, this 5.4 concealment is nasty. Most players don’t use her guns, but they really should. They are powerful.

  12. I use Asashio in ranked against T9 ships in silver. Always the top player…

  13. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Ah, this makes me miss my Yamamoto and Halsey, I put in so much work and time to get those Captains, as well as the other captains I acquired in my time playing warships.

  14. What the flying Duck!!!

    The best DD out there…no improvement needed

  15. i love the name of your mate!! is he from Finland??

  16. Am I the only one that sees the video like 40 fps? Im using 1080p60 and im pretty sure the gameplay isnt runnin with 60 fps.
    PD: I fixed it, if you have stuttering in your video like happened to me, go to settings and reset hardware acceleration.

  17. It’s a ship super dependent on the lineups, yeah. More BBs to farm/non-stealthy DDs to bully, and no CVs and ideally few stealthy DD/Subs

  18. I love the realism in this game – once you laid down your smoke screen that poor dumb sub player didn’t know where to send his pings so he sent them out in random directions. How totally realistic !

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