World of Warships- A Sign Of Things To Come? World of Warships Plus?

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Hey guys! Today we discuss some recent developments with WoT that might bleed over to our pixel boat game, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. If WG decides to do something like this, that will be the end of me playing this if it becomes pay to win.

    • For me too Wows+ will be the end of game play FOR ME!:). Premium account+ premium ships should be enough.

    • @Wojtek there’s a huge difference between ‘people paying’ and whales. whales are the reason game publishers have absolutely zero reason to put any amount of time/money/effort into improving the game, because these people will throw insane amounts of money at them regardless. Innovation becomes to much of a risk to investors because you have a safe steady source of income from whales with what you have already.

      If there were no whales or people with incredibly low standards for what a game is, then these companies would have to actually TRY to get us part with our money by actually delivering a quality product.

    • @Luxie I am not sure you can assume that whales are people with low standards throwing money all the time :).

    • @Wojtek i’m not even sure if you’re just trolling now lol. that’s literally the definition of a whale.

    • @Luxie Your definition maybe

  2. Gold ammo from World of Tanks would be a killer.

  3. The major issue with WoT plus is the removal of bond equipment without bonds. To put it in context, bond equipment would be like mounting equipment on a ship that costs a load of coal to begin with that is straight up better than normal equipment and then takes some coal to demount. This allows the WoT plus subscriber to only keep one to perhaps three sets of bond equipment for their entire arsenal, as opposed to non WoT plus members that have to spend tons of bonds to demount that equipment. The only other major issue is the map banning feature which allows you to more accurately build your tanks around your preferred playstyle, instead of having a sniper tank in a city map, for example. I don’t think there’s enough of an incentive through steel and coal and RB in wows for a wows plus to be significantly advantageous to a player like it is to wot. Even giving players a stipend of coal rb and steel wouldn’t matter a hell of a lot, as the ships that cost these resources aren’t game breaking ships.

    I could see them offering ships that have been taken out like smaland, georgia, musashi, etc, for a special wows plus resource, though.

  4. After playing from beta, I’m finally out.

    Was borderline quitting after being hunted by a division of subs yesterday, which came just after a game with fully half of the opposition un-targettable (subs, CVs, hybrids).
    This is just the final straw.. I did think for a second that I may be willing to pay for a game mode with no subs/aircraft.. but then I think why should I? We used to have that for free…

    • Very true most games i get killed by subs and civs no matter what ship i play. good gameplay is not rewarding anymore, planes and subs get you without having defence.

    • @Oliver K. No defence AND no way to hit back. That’s my biggest problem now – Playing a BB (and to a lesser degree CA and DD) is just being a punching bag.

    • That’s right, make THEM pay dearly for modes in which they can play their CVs. Or even better, make them pay gold to play their cv and sub in Randoms and other game modes each game… I like that idea.

  5. Free players “wtf 3 CVs and 3 subs per side?” Premium players “wtf 2 CVs and 2 subs per side?” Two times premium “At least there’s only one CV and sub per side” Three times premium “ah this is the life!”

    • @Meneldal I have no problem spending money at times, I can and I will when I choose. Right now, I give them NOTHING. I will not pay for premium, ships, anything. This past black Friday I was almost going to buy Jean Bart B, a ship I have wanted for some time. I caught myself and did not. They get NOTHING!

    • @Presidion11 Guy I can relate. Subs were my point where the game ceased to be fun anymore. I don’t play anymore and mainly just watch Sealord and Jingles videos now.

    • your paying for a filter . The easiest fix to bring players back is to filter in what you want to play against

    • @Presidion11 Guy same, only that i wanted to buy alaska b.

  6. WOWs equivalent of bond modules and special ammo would finish wrecking the game.

  7. The CREW XP thing in WoT Plus is just for the crew of one tank. You have to pick which crew you assign to this Intensive Crew Regimen to. Then that crew will gain XP even when you are not playing the game. But it applies to this one crew only. Not all of your crews.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Ah, ok that makes more sense, but still, wow

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten It says it wont cost you anything to move it to another crew. But who knows. Wargaming may screw over players over that further down the line lol. Both these games have turned into pathetic pay to win garbage. I played WoT since 2012, and WoWS since the Closed Alpha. But now I only play WoWS, and I haven’t even played that for nearly 3 weeks. I have 375 days of WoWS Premium left, yet I cannot be arsed to play anymore.

  8. Battle Pass is interesting and confounding. With regularity, when the Daily Trail reaches the point of requiring wins plus a certain XP level, the difficulty of achieving wins increases noticeably.

    • When you get to the “Base XP + Victory” part of the daily missions, if you’re having trouble do either Operations or something like the Brawls. You’ll be done in no time.

  9. When I played WoT, what I felt really sucked is that all tanks have a different crew size, so when moving your crew to the next tier or to a different premium, maybe you are missing one guy or end up with one guy not getting xp.

    WoW mechanics for progression are so much better than WoT.

  10. Geoffrey Stevens

    I don’t play WoT much, Sea Lord, but I’m even less inclined to do so now. As far as WoWS is concerned, another observation I’ve made since getting the Tier III and Tier IV Pan-American cruisers is that almost every game at those tiers includes two CV’s per team. Go up to Tier V and Tier VI and most games have two CV’s and two or three subs per team. It used to be fun to play low tier games once, but not anymore.

  11. Signals do get expensive if you spend credits on them. My primary method of getting signals is using Research Points. Yes, that slows down my progress towards getting a Research Bureau ship (or additional unique upgrades), but even with buying signals I still am slowly but surely building towards my first ship. Just looking at the two most applicable signals to any ship:

    20 Sierra Mike (Speed) Signals: 2,400,000 credits or 200 research points
    20 Juliet Charlie (Anti-Detonation): 1,920,000 credits or 160 research points

    It’s really a no-brainer in my mind. I only buy signals for credits (or rarely coal) when I have the coupon. With each Harugumo line reset, I bank 50% of the RPs and spend the other 50% on signals and I never run out of the ones I use.

  12. There’s just no end to WG greediness.

  13. option to opt out on cv and subs would be nice

  14. This comes up from time to time, but people forget that WoT and WoWS are completely different designs. Do we see some things come over from WoT after a while? Sure. However we don’t have to worry about Gold Ammo, Crew training, and have a lot less tech items to grind to upgrade here in WoWS. I easily could see WG getting right of all free exp at some point, to get more dubs for captain resets, etc however. Hell if WG really wanted to rack in Dubs, they could just add 1 tier lock in cost in WoWS; so you only see + or – 1 tier in matches…

  15. RIck Wong - Stk Exec Secretary

    I think if they start doing the finances as they do with WOT, they will start losing WoW players by the droves. There will be a cadre of those that will still pay to play, but I know for me that is why I stopped playing WoT, and WoW is going towards that direction, I’m afraid

  16. Christopher Komer

    I worry about this because they may go the route of other games and services that keep adding cost and taking away features until they lose our trust then the game is dead

  17. I am interested in your opinion on possible upcoming premium and other payed advantages which could be brought to WoW.
    Once you above average player, you definitely don’t need any payed buff to shine in game.
    But you work here is probably to describe what could come as WG tends to apply same features across its titles.

    IMHO premium, RB, steel and coal ships are strong, but they are relatively accessible to player, who play regularly and enough.

    But new kind of premium ships is all those new trees and classes released, early access usually leaves them out of devs balancing hit. This early access lasts not just during combat missions for them but further to encourage buying T9-10 in random boxes or for 20K doubs for T10.

    I have just few complains about current game, which could be improved:

    >>Darkness in Riposta map<< , I almost see nothing, while it seems I doesn't affect many players, using IPS monitor is quite pain or I don't know if it is intended. Increase of luminosity and contrast didn't make any positive change to this map for me, but made look all of other game maps and interface way worse. >>Brawls with more that 3vs3 players.<< I remember 12vs12 T4 brawl I gave up after few matches, single match lasted forever, could not affect outcome of battle much. Current 5vs5 T8 cruisers goes alot that way, I played it, it is either first few days to be pain for average player, until it gets done by assault divisions and top players. It is usually just single NOWIN or Error or any other high league clan member and you already see red team run perfect push at side you contest lonely cap just 2 guys. >>Aslain mod<< to be probable curse of game? While players seem to public my 48-49WR much less in matches, I find that feature bit unfair. While you can remember players by clan or nick and their performance, this is tool to tell you exactly what your chances to challenge the guy. I am finally missing that Modstation feature to get damage done to and received from each enemy ship, it doesn't work for couple of patches already and it is no promise made when it would be brought back.

  18. badly gone downhill… loved it once now mainly play it out of habit, not sure for how much longer though

  19. You might have missed it but there were two periods of premium time. Originally it was WG premium so it applied to all games and then they went to game specific premium time.

  20. I just recently started overall. Just broke 1k battles not too long ago. I enjoy the game. Wish I could have started the game sooner but o well. I don’t spend a cent on the game so it’s all gravy to me

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