Indomitable Impression – World of Warships

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First impression on the Premium British Carrier that will join WoWs with the release of the British Carrier line. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII British Carrier Indomitable Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. 360p “we checking a look” :))) Notser 2019 and im first yeeee!!!

  2. So they are already selling premium carriers (or getting ready) before they have fixed the abortion this new game mode created? Yea… that makes perfect sense but hey, lets not let our total failures get in the way of making money that would be the ultimate sin!

  3. Nice vid, the indomitable seem like what the IJN attack planes should be like, coming out of nowhere and near kamikaze rockets.

  4. How much time will it take them to figure out that depending on an AI with a shotgun and the invisible aura of instant death isn’t going to create engaging and balanced gameplay for either party

    Refer to Ichase’s video for a further explanation

  5. This is where the GC controversy is going to hurt them. I was excited for this boat and looking forward to buying it as my first premium CV. But now I don’t think I’m going to. If WG were to offer actual refunds for the GC, then I’d be fine with it. And being honest I wouldn’t even take them up on it, but I can’t encourage shady business practices…

    • Many stores only offer store credit for refunds. Doubloon refunds are no different, for the most part. Stop whining. If they up tier the GC you’ll be getting a more (monetarily) valuable ship for free, if you already own one.

    • +crucisnh Store credits are where YOU change you mind, not when the company decides willy nilly to change their product, which you have already paid for in good faith. This is an extremely dodgy business practice which seems to be fine in Russia, but not in the West. WG do what ever they like despite reactions from the customers. Buy this premium at your own peril.

    • Lol what “controversy”? I mean if WG does this only once or twice and does not make a habit out of it i do not really mind if my GC is tier 6, since i personally consider it to be on par or even better than the French Dunkirk. If GC is *really* overperforming at tier 5 i do not see a real problem making it tier 6 with HP buff ofc.

  6. Play a CV, steal kills from all of your friends.

  7. 51 seconds into the game an almost the entire enemy team has been spotted.
    This is the result of WG removing the fighter squadrons from the game, CVs no longer have to fear the enemy fighters so they just beeline towards the enemy and spots everyone in the first minute. It’s horrible.

    • +bladeclanhalo3 u cant talk senses into emotionally upset ppl

    • A lot already said, but I agree that spotting once means nothing. As others already mentioned it, permanent spotting using several fighters was really the problem, not the overall spotting, since, we know where the enemy ships are (roughly) positioned at the beginning of the match. Previously 3-0-1 saipan could send 3 fighters to each cap to prevent any capping from enemy for, like, 5 minutes. Current gameplay isn’t exactly favourable for DDs either, but still in my opinion it’s better than RTS and fighter scouting.

    • +The Gaming Python and now even more

    • +Brian LO permanent spotting ability of the CV planes have to be removed because it is just breaking whole ship concealment mechanism. They simply can not spot for the team. At least not permanently.Give them consumable, like “transmit coordinates”, which they can use for limited times and for limited duration when really needed, kinda like radar. But they shouldnt be spotting all the time…

    • +CynicallyObnoxious nah, im just not a retarded dd player…or just dd player. same thing

  8. one of the main issues is, is that every ship is there for the fun of the CV cause they are constantly on you… with this ridiculous speed… this will get even worse.

  9. One thing bothers me. IRL The faster the plane is the less manoeuvrable it should be. Especially twin engines should turn like a brick. It’s perfectly understandable trade-off which only adds balance to the game. But somehow this doesnt seem to be the case here.

    • JafuetTheSame also the westland wyverns (t10 brit planes were the fastest turboprops for a while 700kph ) are slow as shit in the game thing which bothers me..

    • While I’m not familiar with the Sea Hornet, based on the in-game model, I’m guessing it was a Naval adaptation of the RAF’s Mosquito Light Bomber/recon plane, which was renowned for it’s speed and maneuverability. So much so that the plane was in service up into the 50’s, despite the post-war prevalence of jets.

    • they will probably nerf the airplan turning radius after selling enough of these preimuns..

    • +Starfury MS the mosquito was adapted for naval operations but the hornet was a different plane. It was smaller, single seat, and more maneuverable.

  10. Show us a Tier 10 batte befor We decide !!?

  11. CV’s are just soooo great, NOT. They will never be able to balance crap like this, they should just remove them from the game and refund all the people who bought or researched them. Get excited guys and look forwards to more sky cancer 😉

    • Just a random Horse.

      +CynicallyObnoxious furthermore, how dare you blame players on ineffective , unbalanced AA throughout the ships? That’s another thing that baffles me…

    • AA was never ineffective

    • Just a random Horse.

      +CynicallyObnoxious I suppose you live up to your name… Reminds me of a guy who complains about the French BBS, cries they’re crap, demands buffs, only to check his stats and he didn’t even play the ships he’s complaining about. Also doesn’t know how fires and shatters work after 6 k games… Truly believe I am surrounded by potatoes. Literal potatoes.

    • Yea Im sure your a 60%er huh

    • Just a random Horse.

      +CynicallyObnoxious you’re just about 2% off *thinking* my internet dick is massive.

  12. More terrible gameplay and terrible basic understanding of how a plane flies.

    • +TheGamerside 4you So what was he doing wrong with his play style then Mr Expert? He seemed to be doing pretty well to me.

    • Give us altitude control

    • +The Gaming Python
      Im not trying to talk like a pro here just analyzing this particular vid based on my limited knowledge
      the penetration knowledge part – checked, picking on dds – checked, passive spotting with FT – checked, using the mouse to do micro adjustments – checked.
      Noster is also aware of the fact he may need to be a lil bit more patient to get a better angle of attack
      But Noster definitely should spend more time in the aiming mode to make the reticle smaller to do much more dmg and can try to attack from behind more often as ppl will not realize u are attacking from behind most of the time (its not like he doesnt do that, but more often is better)
      This way even though u are not super good at aiming, it is likely u are going to hit more bombs
      Not sure if he’s aware of this but aiming before u cross an island and then instantly blap an enemy whos sailing just over the island can make u immune to AA fire due to enemy not having line of sight on u so that cant fire their aa guns, though it is not required in this match becuz enemy aa is not as strong as t10, nor does this opportunity pop up super often

  13. YEAYYYY another reason to stop dd play… why use a dd when you can zip side to side in mere seconds… WG is on a roll clustering it self down hill fast

    • Did should be more careful … play it different. Cursiers now have to assist battleships now for AA cover like IRL so maybe you have to look at playing DD’s diffrently

    • +Sam Rowland i think you are mis reading or picking it up the wrong way, i never said i could not play dd’s anymore. I made the comment on the fact that spotting with a dd was a strong point that is now utterly useless because of the plane speeds. the old cv plane scouting suplimented the dd’s active scouting to fill in the gaps so to say, but now there is nothing more to do for a dd so way use them if you can pick up the dd role in a cv now a day’s? as it stands now dd’s are effectively a port decoration

    • +Simon Hamer oh okay I see what you are saying. I honestly think the rework was a good idea but is in need of balance, I just see so many people giving such biased opinions on it that are very toxic. I would agree that cv’s now do make spotting easier and more active , but how to exactly balance that the right way might take some time. Also yeah dd’s got the short straw. Everytime I see one it’s a priority for me to kill it and you would spend alot of your time evading or hiding at the rear because you know what will happen

  14. So based on your game play of the Indomitable it is more OP than the teir 10 Jap cv that you and everyone wanted nerfed

  15. please stop calling the British bombers “cluster bombs” they are carpet bombers there is a big difference.

  16. So 5/6 DDs dead in less than 6 minutes into game..And you call this a good meta ?Why would anyone play a DD now since cammo is no longer viable……?
    This is a game breaker, none will play DDs now….They pushed CVs in the game, and pushed DDs out of it…. As a former DD player, i am out of the game for good…..

    • I agree 100% with you but they fucked the game up that hard that DD’s are now the only viable class to play in this seasons ranked battle too ( I’m looking at you Black). It’s too funny.

  17. Notser, you’re kidding right? I couldn’t give a rats bum about any new ship at the moment. The game is broken. Why are you focusing on new ships? DD play sucks and woefully out of balance. Cannot even play the objectives any more. Why not do some commentaries on how to play DDs in 0.8.0…

    • andrew george obviously that DD didnt properly manage his AA sectors 😉 and he should have never been one full block infront of his team, screening and playing objectives 😉
      He should have been next to the carrier, thats the only class with impenetrable AA (without needing to spend atleast 14 pts) 😉

    • How can he show DD play when it no longer exist.

    • The regular DD life has been changed drastically with the CV population much higher now
      Its not that the game has completely broken, but the meta has been changed and balancing is still required
      Though before the cv rework, bee-lining straight into the cap as a dd is not exactly a safe thing to do neither when there is a CV, EG: a midway could just cross torp u to instant nuke, u cant do anything but instantly die
      Now u just die slowly and painfully if u do the same, so gotta hug aa ships as CV FT cant really protect u if ur dd doesnt have much aa (some dds do, like grozovoi still eat planes)
      Basically, DD’s job to rush for the objective is no longer than important. It is not uncommon to see cruisers battleships alike capping the objectives now.
      That said, the fact dd lost its freedom to sail around and torp ppl is a quite annoying. Its not like it is not possible, but the freedom is restricted. Quite unfun in my opinion, now I only play gunboat dds
      So either adapt or dont play it :

    • Totally agree. The root problem is everyone has become complacent and lazy to the absence of the CV, and now that there are CVs in every other match, no one knows what to do or how to counter. So instead of adapting like you said, they cry foul and demand an AA buff. Now DD mains complain about the attack plane, because the alpha strike takes so much away. Hasn’t anyone heard of evasive maneuvers? I was playing the Jervis the other day and was getting attacked by a Ryujo’s attack planes. The driver didn’t get a single rocket hit because I played with my WASD hacks. Incredible.

  18. And no CV player will buy it with the state of the game AA is extremely powerful you hardly find solo targets so yeah what isn’t getting my money till they fix my cvs

    • Also keep in mind I solely play CVS I enjoyed the new playstyle but wgs way to fix problems has just been terrible to the point where CVS are practically useless outside of tier 4 and tier 10

    • You enjoyed annoying everyone not into CVs? That would be the vast majority of players. Who likes exploiting a brokes aspect of a game at the expense of most of the player base? You enjoyed the new rework? Why you have no skill and need Wargaming to give you a super OP ship to feel good?

    • Im buying it as a port queen lmao

    • +Knox Lam hey more power to you mate just cause I’m not happy with the state of the game that is merely my opinion and it’s a game first and foremost you wanna buy it go for it cause at the end of the day long as you are happy it really don’t matter what anyone says or thinks

    • +bodasactra you really haven’t played the game have you mate one the t10 jpn CV was broken as hell it needed a fix to it’s torp spam I agreed with that highly DD AA needed a big buff as it wouldn’t even stop planes from circling and harassing them forcing them to smoke up or get sunk where the problem with CVS is is the lack of odd tier CVS since they removed them t6 and t8 are sitting in hell everyone has been a bottom tier ship before and with all the nerfs to our planes far as speed and AA damage buffs we have no real hope against tier 8s or tier 10s to even contribute to helping our teams cause I personally flying just spoting for my team have lost squadrons from sudden aa fired at me from 7+km out my planes can’t even fire on you from that range mid tier so what are we forced to do f key and watch as we can’t do anything and that is match after match mid tier now the American line of cv has stronger planes so they can least get in and do strikes on same said situation that being said there are still CV exploits that can be used to stop it like I can deploy fighters your AA locks on focuses them and will ignore my torps coming right at you free from damage that’s broken or 2 CV trick first CV soaks incoming AA while second squadron is immune to damage then switch making it where you get 6 drops on you and we may only lose 1 or 2 planes.

  19. “A Carrier excels in finishing a target”…. What a joke these carriers…..

  20. To everyone who’s complaining about the state of the Warships, your verbal/written objections mean virtually nothing to upper Wargaming management. Corporations pay lower management to placate you with lip service, token gestures & to appear concerned/involved but they will not elevate your wishes above what they believe will benefit them. Their language is profits & if you can’t speak the language, you’re spinning your wheels. The ONLY way to effect a change is to stop playing and/or stop giving them money. If you can’t do that, then continue to expect Wargaming to follow its own lead, apart from your input.

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