World of Warships – Undying vs CRAZY

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When ridiculous patch brings you to your knees, you stand up, show it middle finger and fight back.
What better way to fight back than to go full crazy.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Last time I arrived this early the gf was pretty pissed

  2. Very useful Kitakaze… :/

  3. This is straight up cancer.


  4. *Fun and interactive*

  5. My first time see an actual gameplay of 6M potential Kurfurst. He is pretty satisfied i think lolz

  6. Myrmidon (if I’m reading this correctly) should be reported to german authorities

    • Wen Juckts well once they do it with their own name they can get prosecuted. look up that link I posted, that mother of two got arrested in front of her children for calling a man a man and all just because that man insists on being a woman. I mean you couldn’t make it up…die welt geht vor die Hunde

    • History Gaming Verified

      +Yebane Brod The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you don’t see it as an insult but a joke. If somebody else feels insulted by it, he might sue you for it or try to turn you in. The basic law behind this is not new, in Germany it dates back to the German Empires civil law.

      For this dumbfuck in chat, Wargaming will most likely ban him now as he did not only use the term Judenteam (jew team) in a derogatory manner, but also used the n word and that’s something very, very bad in the US. I know this was recorded on the EU server, but Wargaming is operating in the US too and if a company tolerates such manners in their game they might get hit by the US laws…

    • +0Zolrender0 saying your team is “full of jews” as if that’s a bad team, ie calling them potatoes or bots etc. Aint free speech. That’s hate speech and that shit shouldn’t be in the game period

    • +Yebane Brod daily mail? So the only “news site” to be considered so unreliable that even Wikipedia doesn’t trust them. Take this shit elsewhere

    • Solac e this happened in my own city and is an actual fact, if you don’t like it take YOUR shit elsewhere.

  7. Yeah, that guy said “judenteam” at least once in the chat. What an asswipe.

  8. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    The [GRM] clan should be ashamed of his member Myrmidon. Bad manners is one thing but open racism is not acceptable.

    • Koalanetze Koalanetze

      +Gareth Fairclough To rasism I will always point the finger and say something – I always did that and I always will, especially being a German. You may not like that but this is also fine with me.

    • And how do you define racism? Who says what racism is? Who gets to say what is or isn’t racism? It’s far too easy to just say “RACSISMMMMMM!!!!!” when you don’t like something. It is, at best, intellectual laziness.

      Don’t like what someone is saying? Just block them and be done? Ciao!

    • +Herr Vorragend People nowadays think history in a very different way. And with liberal(progressive) ideas, pseudo ofcourse, people just want to blame everyone and everything.

    • My very vague understanding of German was making me furious. I don’t even want to know the rest.

    • +moribundo oh, yea, how he can dare not to lick chosen tribe heels! true heretic!

      Ofcourse, they are true saints, because all these 109 expulsions were just cohencidence(cohen for a reason)[S].

  9. this kind of racism is sadly quite normal in Germany. “immigrantteam” I could live with, it being germany, but this, not acceptable.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +Yebane Brod No dude actually what you say is totall rubbish. A toddler doesn’t know when it has done something wrong. Other people tell him he has done something wrong. And please spare me those religious lunacies… “No excuse when the Lord comes back” “You have been warned” “Satan is the ruler of this world”. Visit a mental hospital while there is still time. You are crazy as fuck.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας you are the crazy one supporting the murder of children and it’s a damn shame that your mother kept you instead of mangling your little body in to a thousand pieces because you were ruining her firm little breasts and tummy…(you dont even think there is anything wrong with my comment do you…)
      you have never even responded to any of the points I raised in regards to if it’s ok to kill a 4 months old because they cry to loud or are inconvenient.
      you sound like an absolute reprobate and don’t deserve even one more second of anyone’s attention. you are the biggest scum I have encountered on YouTube yet and that says A LOT.
      As I said, you will get your reward and when you spend eternity in hell because you refused to listen you will remember this exact comment if you don’t repent and change your evil ways.
      I do really hope you wake up one day and ask Lord Jesus for forgiveness for your vile and warped head if it isn’t to late for you.
      And I don’t care about what you think of me as you are a joke of a human being right now. I can’t take you seriously. “I don’t give a fuck about abortion” your own words…
      Aren’t you lucky that your mother carried you for 9 months and gave birth to you instead of killing. oh and aren’t we lucky to be blessed with such an intelligent and lovely human being.
      if I weren’t filled with rightous anger I would actually waste some of my time to pity you poor fool.
      you don’t deserve any courtesy but I am sure you know that. enjoy the end my dear.

      2.Peter 3:3

      Knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας oh and one more thing, you know that slavery was once an acceptable and moral fine thing to do according to society at the time. that makes it right yes?
      Pagans back in the day sacrificed their children to their gods and that was also moraly fine and acceptable at the time.
      morals and everything that you try to pass off as coming from society and not from God have and always will keep changing which made your whole argument about a conscience not coming from God nil and void.
      to have a brain and not to use it is a crime against humanity and perfectly reflected in your weak and utterly senseless comments.
      I do hope you wake up one day because I don’t want anyone to burn in hell for eternity. I mean you really, really make me sad and borderline despair with your stupidity and I still don’t want you to burn in hell, I want you to be saved.
      I will pray for you.
      what’s your first name please

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +Yebane Brod Well what you are saying is actually correct. Once slavery was acceptable and moraly fine. Now, how is that compatible with universal ethics given through us from god? I mean if opposition to slavery was a universal moral stance given from god then all people in all countries and eras would consider slavery appauling. But if as i maintain, morals evolve with societies it makes perfect sense that something that was once moraly acceptable now is considered moraly wrong. Nice shooting yourself on the leg buddy.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας it really is ironic. the person shooting himself in the leg is you, buddy. you are saying that morals and stuff evolve with society but that doesn’t change right from wrong. at some point slavery was ok. at some point homosexuals got killed and at some point, like ancient Greece, pedophilia was “normal”. so you are saying that as society evolves, your morals and sense of right and wrong evolve with it, yes? that’s what you are saying, right?
      so if society, and you can see it slowly creeping in, acceots pedophiles again, does that make it right? you want your children raped and fondled just because society “evolved” in to it being acceptable again? i mean if you are all for that happening to your children then by all means support your viewpoint away. but surely there must be a part of you that would think: “hey I don’t want my child to be molested, raped and God knows what else”, and if that is the case, you have already disproved your own logic. you know, deep down, what is right and what is wrong. I just don’t get why you are not understanding this. it’s ok for you to believe what you like and whether you believe in God or nothing is entirely up to you but what makes you believe in what is right and what is wrong does not come from society. if course society puts pressure on you every day to conform with what society deems acceptable and influences you on a daily basis, but in the end of the day your own morals and what you deem right and wrong does not get decided by society, never has and never will.
      and on a unrelated note, where do you believe you come from? Darwin? (I am curious)

  10. At least Kurfürst took it with pride 😀

    • +Viejotrueno Hiding behind rocks and not be able to fire your guns are two different things. But there’s no need to be burned down after 5mins. Wich is what happens if you don’t place yourself properly 🙂 (i play lots of JB and i love to go into cap and “hide” behind island, i mostly got 2+mio pot dmg, have to use all my reps and so on. Potential dmg is dmg the enemy couldn’t fire at your teammates,. Don’t ever underestimate that. The Vid proofs that btw)

    • +Tearnofear

      I was talking about Kurfurst and Montana, I think that too many BBs hide behind rocks for no reason, and they play stopped… if you don’t stop you are allowed to run away if you’re being focused. Covering you with an island is OK too, but staying there all the time doesn’t help your team, neither yourself. I agree with you completely about place properly, but you have to think about running away if things are going very bad, you need a plan B. To my mind those 2 BBs should have abandoned that place to avoid the enemy surrounding you and focusing, specially when there are 3 Minos in front of you… 3 superunicum Minos

    • +Viejotrueno well at first it was very common what you wrote. Now its not anymore. So maybe you should say what ya wanna say in the first place 😛

    • +Tearnofear

      I’m sorry, English is not my 1st language, but I’m trying to improve it 🙂

    • +Viejotrueno easy, neither it is mine 🙂

  11. Obliterating the Germans? Ah, just another average day in the Royal Navy.

  12. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    [GRM] clan full name is “Germanische Reichsmarine”… WG might want to have a closer look on their members.

    • History Gaming Verified

      +Lewis Taylor As Eric Hantel wrote, the term “Germanic” is often used by right-wing extremists as a replacement for more explicit words like aryan, national socialist etc. Sadly that’s the case and on top of it pretty funny, because most of the Germanic tribes that formed the Holy Roman Empire later on were all further from the east, pushed into Germania by the Huns. The “true” (as if there ever was such a thing) Germanic tribes the Romans fought against either vanished (like the Vandals and Kimbres) or formed new tribes with the newcomers from the east, as the afforementioned Francs, the Saxons and so on. That’s why this whole Aryan-Germanic nazi bullshit is so dumb, what is Germany today has always been the melting pot of various tribes, nations and ethnies throughout the ages since the Bronze Age.

    • so it is another pussygerman, virtue signaling away LOL, what a bot.

    • +AKUJIRULE Get a rope Nazi! Use it on yourself! One less untermensch because you are what that means in reality.

    • +Eric Hantel My mistake sorry but i still dont see anything wrong with this clan name oh well

    • +Vlad Drakul And you using the nick of Vlad Drakul is so ironic xD but then, it probably goes way over your head.

      So because I don’t agree with brainwashed sheep I must be killed? LOL nice story, leftist POSer.

  13. Judenteam… wow ?
    First time I see that, banishment should be fair.

    GG, cancer 3mino or Lyon div is always just a slaughtery, kinda unfair for others, but very fun… nice job ?

  14. This is basically my MM experience rn. Bring a heavy AA ship, no CV. Bring a DD or basically any t7 ship – 2 CV each side.

  15. one shima with torpedo reload booster dose push in and torps the living crap out of 3 smoking minos 😀 dont you worry japanese dds love smoked up rn cruizers

  16. Ya know if you wanted intelligence data maybe you should’ve brought YOUR OWN destroyer. Unicum fishing divs camping around making demands are very annoying. I would’ve just left you there to jerk each other off in your smokes.


  18. 3 Mino-Division should be sentenced to 100 Coop-Matches. 😉

  19. That monty on B2 at game start. Cant have more badluck


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