IRIAN 6 kill 203k damage || World of Warships

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  1. Cakti Taqi Wicaksana

    Irian, a ship from Indonesia, my country

  2. I still love GM (gajah Mada), the best DD in tier 7

  3. TRIKORA intensifies*

  4. the IRIAN is quickly becoming one of my favorite ships, really fun, well balanced between high DPM and squishy, well hm propably leaning towards the OP side a bit 🙂

  5. Awesome! I sure hope Wargaming offers this ship for sale in the premium shop soon. Good video as usual!

  6. So basically this is just Kutuzov with different flag and no smoke consumables? Or is there any catch with this ship?

  7. Aaaaah the Irian… Or, as we call it on the NA server, the Kutuzov’s retarded cousin.

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