Is The New Submarine Surveillance Consumable Enough To Deal With Subs?

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  1. Not enough range, not enough duration.

    The subs ping should mark it on the map for every ship in range of the ping.

  2. @reftouswarships6731

    Not at all hate subs more than cvs at least with cvs you can see the direction you getting screwed from and a dd can fuck up these things are poison

  3. Mark my words. These changes were made to introduce submarines to clan battles

  4. 13:13 WG: we have added 50 % more armour to
    the citadel of aircraft cariers becouse of stored planes inside of the carier also counts as armor😂😂😂

    • Airplanes are really just spaced armor that sometimes fly away, the rascals.

    • @reftouswarships6731

      Don’t give them ideas

    • @@reftouswarships6731 thier listening

    • If anything a single HE shell that goes into the hangar should actually completely disable the carrier and cause it to sink, because the planes, as seen in the models, aren’t on the runway but inside the deck, and I you know what happened in Midway in real life, armed planes in your hanger isn’t gonna end too well if something detonates inside the carrier

  5. WG: *literally adds a Dark souls boss in their game*

    Potato Quality: “I apologize if this is a negative video…..”

  6. It’s completely reasonable to both enjoy a game and express dissatisfaction due to one reason or another, I don’t think you should keep yourself from speaking your mind about subs at all. This patch was a massive buff for the exact reasons you stated. Next patch is also looking grim as the 3km penalty I think will not be enough as good captains will barely be affected, and bad ones will be forced to play better, while the new upgrades seem very strong, especially the 15% damage reduction will make them actual tanks. The ping indicating your direction, although nice, doesn’t seem too useful either as the water splash is already extremely inaccurate, and with the manoeuvrability buff this patch it’s even more pointless.

  7. They should make Hydro spot subs 6km and add this skill to ships that don’t have hydro. Maybe make it only 1 or two charges of this skill for the ships with no support skills

  8. @stuffandwhatnot4401

    They also nerfed the damage done by the airborne ASW.

  9. @thomasfeldbauer5025

    I would be happy if Hydro can spot submarines at every depth like it spots torpedoes. The 3 up to 4 km range. That would be fine.

  10. I hope the range dependent sub torp damage makes it to the live servers…. was actually quite fun to play against subs on the 13.2 pts when their torps do almost no damage anymore when being close.

    • I appreciate they did something, but nerf-batting physics itself isn’t the answer IMO.

    • what physics? this is arcade game whit so much made-up stuff@@exoterric

    • You really talked abt physic in this game lol, it aint no war thunder dude​@@exoterric

    • The issue is…

      Players on the Public Test Server are really bad and torpedo below 3km.
      Players on the Live Server are much better and torpedo beyond 3km.

      A Gato tends to launch torpedoes from 3.2km and dive to avoid getting detected once it reaces 2.1km.
      It now gets 15% more base damage and 7% more damage from a module.

      A Thrasher tends to launch torpedoes from 10km and doesn’t really shotgun at all.
      It now gets 5% more base damage and 7% damage from a module.

      A U-4501 tends to launch torpedoes from 7km and doesn’t really shotgun at all.
      It now gets 7% more damage from a module.

      See how if you don’t play like an idiot, all of these submarines got a buff?
      And you haven’t seen anything, there’s another buff patch after that.

    • @@exoterric Asking for logic in an arcade game like this makes no sense at all

  11. I play Yodo a lot and find that they just sit on the surface out of range, spotting me, watching their BB’s having fun.. It’s Soooo situational. Had luck with it maybe in 1 out of 10 games.
    Also not knowing for sure if a sub is close enough makes the 20sec duration waaay too low to actually ‘hunt’ subs.

  12. If WG added a temporary game mode that allowed you to choose whether or not you encountered CV and subs, I think they’d get the answers they need.

  13. The reason DM will never get sub radar is the same reason match making keeps AA cruisers with full AA builds away from CV games, a DM is a whole lot more likely to meet a sub and use the sub radar, and they have put time into these subs like CVs, and they don’t want anyone to interfere with people wanting to play them, they are in nearly every game, WG don’t want a DM to spot them every game, the cruiser that got them are the ones that sit back, that was done on purpose.

  14. “Subs & carriers. They just get me going…”

    It’s okay because it gets everybody going. You talking about it speaks to the frustration most of us have

    As for certain classes being included because it’s “historical,”: can any tell me any WW2 subs that travelled on the surface close to 30knts?

    Historical my a$$

    • bonus: when have subs sailed next to battleships and fought against enemy subs and battleships?
      while we’re at it, remember that carriers are very well known for not having their ammunition detonated or anything, and very well known for not getting set on fire

    • ​@@sillysailiand Germans were known for their horrible accuracy, the Yamato had great AA, oh and torpedoes, especially homing ones, were amongst the most reliable and definitely didn’t often dud.

  15. What I love about submarine surveillance radar is the fact that they gave it to the two garbage cruisers that no one plays and Venezia, which is the only decent cruiser. At this point, WG is putting a band-aid on a corpse and is hoping that will help.

    • And it’s so wild that the Submarine Surveillance is the only consumable that is hardlined and remains unaffected by consumable enhancing stuff and skills (aside from cooldown time, I think.) They really don’t want you to be able to see subs for more than 20 seconds.

    • @@Shephard0A gotta keep the protected classes safe from the consequences of their bad gameplay actions

  16. Thank you so much for talking about subs. It takes so much to kill a sub its ridiculous

  17. I appreciate that you try to be positive when talking about the uhhh…World of Warships experience. I watch your channel even though I don’t play anymore.

  18. I enjoyed this rant video :3.
    I’d like to request a weekly rant video!

  19. subs are a protected class, like cv. under no circumstances can they be directly nerfed without a buff to counter it

  20. I have 3 problems with this:
    first my understanding is that only Commonwealth cruisers and Japanese cruisers have these, which is not exactly a guarantee to have one of those on your team.
    second: 20 sec running time? 1 drop and that’s it.
    third: the sub manoeuvrability buff is permanent.
    +1 for the added injury: the damn thing is faster than a quite a few destroyers and out-spots most of the destroyers.
    +2 those guided torpedoes… that’s my personal beef with those things.

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