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Jean Bart match where we hold a strong flank by the enemy and eventually gain a advantage. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX French Battleship Jean Bart Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Notser, you’re the best! Keep up the good work!

  2. Can you do some more DD vids pls

  3. Jean “The Dank” Bart

  4. @notser ”Bottled it” is a British term that means you lost your courage/nerve, he was trying to insult you.


  6. i havent had these kinds of pens and cits with the JB but im glad to see it can be done. thanks Notser great stuff. I catch you in games fairly often.

  7. This is such a strong ship. I think you were a bit too much sideways early though, nose in like a yammy then when the DD’s spot smash those broadside cruisers. Mid game chase and clean up. It is a monster at Tier 9 and much more fun imo then playing a Yammy which is o so boring. As long as you don’t overextend (which is easy to do) in this ship and get prema firestarted you are a mean bastard with that reload. Awesome game!

    • Christopher Pittman

      Byron Bailey I know right? It’s sort of like having a t9 Scharnhorst. Move fast shoot fast. I was a little concerned about the small guns before getting it but it’s great as long as you go for pens and switch to HE on targets you can’t citadel. Well worth the coal!

    • +Christopher Pittman Des Moines fucking fear this. Easy cits.

    • Byron Bailey I don’t fear any ship with 380mm or below guns in my DM. I just get in a bow-on HE DPM race since they can’t overmatch me and burn them down. The Des Moines players in this video either didn’t recognize that JB has 380mm guns they can bounce, or put themselves in spots where they couldn’t bow tank because of other threats.

    • +Wesley Ellis dude one on one no way the DM wins a dpm race against a jb with that reload. you would have to be perfect and lucky..and not get a rng cit if i switched to ap. even in bow in.

  8. Taken out by the Massachusetts, how fitting!

  9. …that name in the Terrible _KrasnyKriminal_ I love it

  10. Great video! Hope your mom and you are doing okay now. Keep up the good work.

  11. The “Krasny Kryminal”. I love it!

  12. Killed by a Massachusetts aka JB’s mortal enemy in real life. Like seriously lol

  13. You call the Jean Bart a tank? I tanked 6.5 mil in one game in my Grosser Kurfurst. But yeah, Jean just loves to bow tank just as much as I love ur vids Notser.

  14. It’s kind frustrating from 10:00 to 11:30.

  15. Full contribution and probably set up this win! But 10:50 good heavens, Notser. You pop your last MBR but then get distracted and end up sitting there, looking around with loaded chambers while not firing at the GK for several seconds. Then you do it for a 2nd salvo, during MBR boost while looking at the Des Moines, through the island. It seems a bit silly to pop that valuable boost and then not put it to 100% advantage on the broadside GK… which soon after damaged one of your turrets and reduced your health to the point that you couldn’t effect much thereafter. Getting distracted happens but goodness, get distracted when you’re not spending a MBR consumable.

  16. hoho saw my clan member be killed by you XD

  17. Well played!

  18. I love my Jean Bart, fast, great anti air, great dispersion and tight grouping.

  19. This is what i’ve been waiting for!

  20. “Moskva to the rear, Jean Bart to the front! Here I am, stuck in the middle of HE!”… sorry, I’ll go now.

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