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  1. This guy is a mad man! I personally would never fight close range against a Musashi and a Kronsdatch. WP to this guy and shame on the potatoes sense of his foes.

    • Torps, some armour, why not? 🙂

    • +Thinking Mantis I know the armor of a Hindenburg is good but that only against guns up to 380mm. The Kronsdatch wasn’t much of a problem since his bow tanking but he was very lucky against the Musashi, very lucky to not get citadeled at point blank range.

    • The Musashi could have easily killed him… Or not repair a flood when he knows there’s more torps incoming… He was just a lucky man in the hindenburg

    • Lee Cupp pretty much that’s the thing with zee germans. Turtleback armour. The closer you are, less chances, more like 0 chances to get citadelled. If you know Flamu, he has explained how it works about it one or 2 years ago

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +Jojo Divas Musashi’s 460mm can still overmatch the turtleback armor scheme. So yeah he was very lucky the Musashi had potato aiming skills. And if aimed properly, even Hipper’s 203mm can also bypass the turtleback armor from under 3 km.

  2. GERMAN POWER!!!!!!!!

  3. Russian Bias always protect.

    Awesome battle. GG wp 😀

  4. Record for which server??
    … As far as I know … I hold the EU max dmg record for Hindenburg 398k dmg

  5. Wow the balls on this guy. Wp

  6. felipe antonio pino huerta

    My lovely Hindenburg comeback to carry!

  7. shame and embarrassment to those red battleships.

  8. his aiming is weird

  9. GG but luck was on his side at 269k when the remaining 4 BB’s all fired AP at him and it scattered all around 🙂 A tiny bit better RNGebus for them and it would have been game over 🙂
    GG, fun to watch and well played, but lucky as well 🙂 I’d sooner be lucky most the time hehe.
    I would have thought the Hindy would be a 400k plus record?

  10. Kenzor - Movieclips

    that’s not dmg record…

  11. This guy is on NA server. And if you check on Warships Numbers, the highest damage record on Hindy is 440k (439979).

  12. I’m glad this quality of game is in the minority on here. 
    If this captain was a paint colour he’d be beige. Safe and instantly forgotten.
    No reflection on the majority of game play on this site, keep up the great work PanzerKnacker.

  13. If that Musashi has brain, this video would be end about 5:50

  14. Kornstadt eats 4 torps full broadside, still alive…

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