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Gimme 1 gun in a rowboat and I will use it, let alone something with 4 guns and 40 torps with a moving smoke and good stealth.

Enjoy and have fun watching πŸ˜‰

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  1. @sawekkucharzyk2329

    Good job Flambass, very entertaining πŸ˜€

  2. Irony is the only kill he secured was one he didn’t intend to hit.

  3. Am really enjoying this ship. Plenty of 150k games and one at 279 (loss) but it melts so quickly and cvs are death. Gives a real challenge

  4. Damn you Flambass – you harrased me the hole game in my Montana – but very well played πŸ˜€

  5. Kitakami is a doubled up Benham on steroids. It’s great FUN. Is it expensive, NO. Will it bleed you of most of your resources, YES. I am a Co-Op main but I had enough resources saved and achieved through Snowflake event to get her. Now the the extra 20 stages for 4 flags and a Perma Camo ARE a a ripoff imo. I saved the steel and bought the Lauria with a coupon instead. Didn’t even use much Premium time which I got 2 years ago in the Santa crates.

  6. @christoszakynthinos6269

    Damn you look to enjoy Kitakami…

  7. Just because you are great player, doesnt mean the ship is great. Met lot of kitakamis player that cant do shit also this ship is decent, if cv is in the game, mostly will next game button appear soon (which i experienced in couple of my game)

  8. @TheEmmetdocbrown

    Welcome to Kitakami. The ship which only flambass is able to sail properly. πŸ˜‰

  9. Kitakami is a bit special and only for the special players πŸ™‚
    I struggle with it and have trouble to find my spot on the maps.

  10. Seems odd to complain about a gap in your torps (around 12:00) when they are near max range – of course they have spread by then… but GG, and as usual, you make it look easy when it isn’t for an average player like me! (nice Ohio bonus :P)

  11. You sent 64 torps to that Monty and have only 3 hits LOL I think you do the same with a Shima in other games

  12. Katakami replays are the best replays

  13. @orsonincharge4879

    “exposed citadel” r.i.p me

  14. @scootersplace9324

    Flambass has forgotten more about this game than many of us will ever learn to begin with.. consider that before you are so quick to jump to criticize

  15. remember that no one knew how KITAKAMI would behave on randoms. hardly anyone played it. and now, with the benefit of time and experience, you mock these people? quote Greta, “how dare you?”

  16. @FrederickKoehlmann

    I had really hoped to get the Kitakami during this season, but I seem to have missed the fine print. WOWS doesn’t let me use my full resources ( seems they will only accept 59%), so I’m short 21% from getting Kitakami. πŸ™
    Looks like I’ll have to wait another two years.

    • The only resource you’re limited on is Premium Time.
      You could buy Kitakami with just coal alone if you wanted.
      You likely don’t have enough resources to get it.

  17. @gheorgheostache3743

    πŸ˜€ definitelly NOT your strong suit :torpedoes ! I bet you have notable damage done with the punny pewpews as you are a master in positioning cruisers!

  18. The reason Kitakami works so well for you is because of its concealment, speed boost and exhaust smoke.
    7.9km concealment on a cruiser is completely insane, and when you also get a speed boost and exhaust smoke, you can position amanzingly.
    It’s literally what Jinan is lacking: the capacity to position closer to punish ships with her guns and torpedoes.

    Most players are awful at positioning, so they just get oneshotted in Kitakami.

  19. @nathanielgritzman6961

    Sounds like it’s going rough. Thanks for keeping on creating the content. Hope things get better for you soon man.

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