World of Warships- The Best German Ship Ever Released Into The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the TX German Premium Battleship, Mecklenburg, enjoy!

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  1. Picked this ship up not long ago. The meta is out of control on the Asia server, so playing anything other than a Slava or Yamato means you’re doing it wrong. Very boring matches decided by which team’s DDs don’t die fighting for the caps alone in the first five minutes.

  2. You have nine of these guns on Ägir, which is a cruiser, and that adds good weight in brawls etc… Recently got her and really love the ship.

    • She’s really squishy though. I keep forgetting she’s a cruiser, not a bb and start drawing all the enemy fire and get vapourized. But if you can prevent yourself being the centre of the enemies attention she does pretty well.

  3. 6:45 about a fire chance – I am not a mathematician, but I would not add that 27% – it is more complicated than simply saying 400% per salva or 100% per turret 🙂

    • @lordciasteczkor6066

      If I remember correctly it will still be just 27% that any of the guns sets a fire. It’s just 16 diffrent random events, so the sum stays the same as the are sepperate events and not one pull of events. But I might be wrong.

    • (1-0.27) chance of NOT setting a fire per shell… multiply those together. Thus 27%, 46%, 61%, 72%, etc.

    • It’s actually ~80% per turret….in theory.
      In pratice, all T10 ship has a built in 50% fire chance reduction, the fire prevention skill increase it to 55% and the damage control module increase it to 57.2%. This mean that each turret has a
      ~45% fire chance again an anti fire built GK and 87% if each turret hit that GK according to the geometric distribution.

  4. Mathematicly each turret has a 1-(1-0.27)^4=0.72 so 72% chance to set a fire. Your chance to set a fire is 1-(1-0.27)^(number of hits) so max chance in the mecklenburg is 1-(1-0.27)^16 which is 99.3%.

  5. It’s a 16 gun fair fire starter….replaces the thunderer at that task which is practically unobtainable now. With 16 guns, even though a bit wonky, they are not the worst. You will make better than average hits every time. With elite Captain, Schleiffen is faster, more maneuverable, torps, AA and good main guns so is more enjoyable to me.

  6. Heck yes Mecklenburg; a German battleship that can hit things even at range. She’s deadly vs DDs even.

  7. In theory you have 400% chance of fire, but in my experience you have 1% chance of fire.

  8. I was rather confused that Sea Lord wanted me to “Be German Ship In Game”.

  9. @detlevwilloughby7175

    If I could only play one ship, this would be the one.

  10. Hell yes, 16 guns with a fast reload is terrifying, was playing against a div with 2 mecklenburg and having 32 shells flying towards you is not fun

  11. Mecklenburg is really nice ship. It feels best at range, even with captain for secondaries build (GK, Pommern) and 3rd ship module for secondaries range but 6th one for main battery reload, it’s good. Witherer easy done.

    Although its not perfect at brawl, low HP, no hydro, it can defend itself ok, torps are thing, for which enemies won’t come voluntarily.

    It would probably work best with standard survivability build and 3rd module for main guns accuracy, but you are loosing then beauty of those only 128mm secondaries, which can reach classic german 12,5km (T10) with signal flag..

    Bourgogne is great too (but it feels best at range, although you can use its speed to surprise enemies or reach some needed area (CV, cap, some enemy to finish), I would not think much about which one of these two to pick as 1st one, another one is most likely to be next to get anyway;)

    Incomparable? Well, get it, if you want both absolute blasts..both of your targets and yourself too, its russian roulette ship type, you never know who gets killed, adrenaline and fun.
    I would not take Incomparable for matches, where you expect some solid, average results. 6 gun barrels, short range and if you show broadside, don’t complain then (I removed 60K of its 70K with my GK single salvo and it can happen even worse). Superheal is nice thing of you have still something left, xd.

  12. Too late, Sealord. I spent my steel on the Bourgogne. Having a blast in Asymmetric!! Keep up the great vids!

  13. I just had a thought… idea for a video, perhaps… A video that goes into detail about the different AP and HE shells characteristics from different countries and ships.
    You often make references to the AP shells from certain countries: e.g. “That’s French AP…” or “Soviet AP”.

  14. sea lord i was wondering, what do you think about making some Top5 on the best but also WORST, ship you could get for the 3 tier of santa crate ( the T5 to 7, 8-9 and the rare etc)?

  15. Schilf is king in asymetrics. I have them both, its no contest in that mode. As far as overal id put it with mainz at t8

  16. i want one. but then im concentrating on german ships for the moment and i want them all in the end😁

  17. @mattgearytransplanted

    Bourg is a bit better but this is a great ship in it’s own right. Breaks my heart to see clan members spending steel on Stalingrad when these two ships are around.

  18. 6:36 Each gun having a 27% chance of starting a fire does not mean that each turret has a 100% fire chance or that all the turrets firing has a 400% fire chance. It means that each gun has a 27% chance of starting a fire. A 25% chance of rain Monday through Thursday doesn’t mean 100% chance of rain sometime between Monday and Thursday. It means there is a 25 % chance of rain each of those days.

  19. yes Mecklenburg is an amazing ship in game
    especially in the battle mode Asymmetric battle

  20. Just got this ship over the Xmas event. First steel ship and I’m not disappointed, it’s incredibly fun to play. Yes the Bourgogne may be the more competitive option but for fun I think this ship is the best steel pickup there is!

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