Knyaz Suvorov Impression – World of Warships

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First impression on tier 3 for the Soviet Battleship line, it is crazy overtuned at the moment and the game speaks for itself. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Soviet Battleship Knyaz Suvorov Replay R; Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. This is the same dev’s that wanted to move a premium ship up a tier, loool. They are so worried about balance I can see.

  2. How is that possible?
    Answer: Its russian.
    But i dont think that WG bring this ship in its actual state in the game.

  3. Go pronounce it as na yaz Su vo rov . This stands for Prince Suvorov

  4. Can you do a Testbattle with a friend in this against you in a OP T5 Gulio Cesar? I would bet on this T3 BB!

  5. OP, nonsense. Paper Soviet and Russian BB’s always superior to Imperialist dribble….

  6. The Russian accuracy gimmick works too well at tier 3 because the closer engagement range

  7. K. Albert will no longer be the most OP T3 Battleship

  8. The Legion of Rome

    I think the Russian tier 3 and 4 bbs should have standard bb accuracy for that tier. Tier 5 is when we start to see the improved accuracy but not that good and tier 6+ is when we see the best accuracy of the guns

  9. Knyaz Suvorov means Prince Suvorov. One of the most famous russian general from the XVIII. century. He gained a victory ove the french army in Italy and the tzar promoted, and gave him the title: “Prince of Italy” 🙂

  10. so every russian BB is just stupid overpowered then? yea im not playing WoWs for a good while atleast

  11. I think you could do decently in a Tier 7 match with this thing!!!!

  12. Well, this is one of the imperial russian dreadnought projects that became the Gangut-class, isn’t it? I am kind of surprised it survived the ST and other testing in it’s projected configuration for this long (this goes for other upcoming russian/soviet BBs).

    Just to put in perspective how WG got stats for this ship, historically the design went like this AFAIK:
    the tsar: “Have you seen the new ship the British built? Build us a ship just like that, but better than anything other major powers might be building to counter that ship. We do not want another Tsushima. And we want it to be able to sail through the frozen seas of the north, too.”
    the ship designers: “We will proceed as ordered, our imperial highness.”
    the construction bureau: “Blya, what were you drinking, Pyotr Ivanovich? We are unable to built anything even remotely close to this in foreseeable future.”
    the ship designers: “ok, we will rework that.”
    —a few years later—
    the ship designers: “Here is a new design.”
    the construction bureau: “This might be doable, spasiba.”
    —a bit later—
    the construction bureau: “Na khuyi, it is close, but we still can’t build it.”
    the tsar: “We wanted a better ship, but the navy needs a dreadnought now. Change few bits and build it.”
    the ship designers: “Ok, we will make a few adjustments.”
    the construction bureau: “We will try.”

  13. The turret setup looks like it’s meant to have cross-deck fire, but it doesn’t seem to

  14. So a russian company makes russian battleships, that were never built, and they are absolutely overpowered and get nerfed quite unsignificantly… hmm.

  15. Tier 5? Try tier 7.
    As I said in your video on WG’s altering their position on Premium Ships while you commented the player base is happy to play OP ships, the fault is entirely WG’s.
    Just look at this absurdity. How on earth could a competent balance team think this is in any way not OP as fk?
    While WG continues to be so utterly incompetent at balance when giving ships even for testing, let alone released or sold, the problem will persist.
    All the memes about Russian/Soviet bias will be dancing in the street.
    Entirely deserved, and entirely WG’s fault.
    I suppose they’ll argue it’s balanced once everyone in tier 3 is using one, lol.

  16. Not balanced! That thing needs probably a 2 second reload nerf, then it’ll be balanced!
    OK, then maybe a bit worse turret traverse.


  17. That’s not a Battleship!
    That’s a Tier 3 Heavy Cruiser! ?

  18. 10 minutes of laughter. THX. And then, the anger, thinking about the HOURS spent hoping to hit ANYTHING at 5km in a König or a Bayern. FU WG.

  19. Its not Overpowered.. its Russian… But, in the thesaurus has those two words as synonyms.

  20. Tier 3 with Tier X accuracy,, russian bias confirmed

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