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Molotov Cocktail…what’s there to say.

It’s Russian, it’s spits balans…

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Oh no! The dreaded cocktail ship…

  2. Molotov? I got that from a christmas container in like 2016 😀
    Its a good ship at its tier, but it does not enjoy getting shot at by battleships (exept when at very specific angles)
    The best thing about it (and that sets it appart from many ships at tier 6 is shell velocity, they are fast 😉
    HE is great, AP smacks Cruisers but it lacks vs BBs

    • I just got it from supercontainer and must say I enjoy it a lot. Played T7 ranked in it and quite some randoms. You can even citadel some battleships like nelson, Fuso, at quite impressive ranges. AP is a bit broken vs cruisers tho 😀

    • Doesn’t it get donskoi guns or similar to it?

    • Mephiztopheleze Mephiztopheleze

      @angga yup.
      T-IX guns at T-VI is hilarious.

  3. next is AGIR
    PLSSSSS!!!! that ship is so hard to play with a burn like a BB

    • I’d like to see Agir aswell! Not an easy ship to have decent games with imo. However the stats say otherwise so maybe I’m just a true potato…

    • The ol careful lady. Yeah best bet with her is to be careful. I treat it like a light cruiser with huge guns. Basically I do not want to be shot and deal damage and I usually do pretty well.
      Kinda hang back kill cruisers, find BBs that have a better target or arent paying attention, punish them and then get elsewhere.

    • @Micheal McNeal Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  4. ToughAncientSpark

    “There’s barely any players in tier 1 to begin with”.
    I can remember a time when there was.

  5. Molotov’s great. Donskoi guns at T6, great turret angles, and she’s fast. Gets blapped as hard as Peniscola if a BB looks at her, but work at max range and juke she can shit out damage.

  6. Molotov with IFHE was god!! It’s got great guns but super squishy.

  7. I really should go back and play Molotov more, when it first came out, I loved it.

  8. Molotov, tier 9 guns on a tier 5 hull at tier 6, what is not to love 😀 Well as long as you aint getting shot at 😛

  9. Damn that KGV really didn’t feel like shooting him, he wouldn’t have lasted that long if it had focused him.

  10. What I most afraid now are those seals in T10 battles with less than 1k games.

  11. 14 fires in 115 HE shell hits

  12. Kameel Hutcherson

    My first premium ship, did well to teach me the basics of kiting and cruiser play.

  13. this ship has more fire chance thn my yoshino and azuma combined

  14. Not trying to upset anyone here but why bother? The statistical significance of one game is… Nothing. Just like seeing those pretty purples instead of just being satisfied he’s memorized the stats and weaknesses of all the ships?

  15. Molotow thrower and citadel machine gun: that’s what happens when you put tier IX guns at tier IV.
    At least it’s also a floating citadel.

  16. One of my favourite ships. This and the Kirov really suit my play style.

  17. Funny what retraining a tier 10 captain with 20 or so points can do to your win rate in a tier 6 ship.

  18. Well, maybe you should heed the warning – I heard rumors about a rogue AI in T1, coordinating fleets of bots, generally running amok and haywire …

  19. I enjoy playing my Molotov from time to time. Its like a Swiss Army knife with Swiss cheese for armor. LOL

  20. SkyRaider Eclipse

    On legends I citideled an Arizona 17km away with the molotov it was at that moment that I realized just how op her shells were

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