Livestream // WiP Russian Battleships (04/04/19)

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Simcity had Brilliant Sountrack.
    2000, 3 and 4 are my happy past time.
    Can’t say about the “Shitstain That Requires Mandatory Online Edition” published by EA because I never bought that one.

  2. The thing with throwing Paper Ships into the mix with real ships is that in most cases the paper ships would end up stronger firepower wise but would have never worked IRL.
    Knyaz Suvorov for example would have never been chosen for construction because how dangerously high the ship’s center of mass is.
    Dmitri Donskoy would have been a disaster IRL if she had to operate in the Arctic North Seas.

    That’s the tragedy of the Yamato being the only T10 ship actually built.
    The Yamato went through an extensive design development (and cutbacks and compromises like her engine power)
    before they came up with a design that could actually FIT in a dock where she could be built.
    Yamato (and in a sense Montana) have to fight paper ships at their tier that never went through the final design and feasibility phase.
    Want to make it more fair?
    Put in the prototype A-140 Yamato design that could do 32 knots top speed or the Montana B65-8 design with a whopping 366,000HP.

  3. The Poop Deck? That’ll be where the heads are, surely ? ?

    • “We got the term, “poop deck” from the French. The French word for “stern” is “la poupe.” And that, my ship mates, is where “poop deck” originated.”

      as for the head.

      “The Head” of a ship is located at the bow (the front) of the vessel. Prior to the days of cruising, larger boats were powered primarily by wind and sails. As such, they had to travel with the wind pushing the vessel forward, blowing from back to front. If you’ve ever been downwind of a cow pasture, you’ll realize why these clever sailors positioned the toilet upwind, away from all of the action.
      Evidently, enough seafarers announced their bathroom visits to “the head” of the ship to make it stick.

  4. The Americans have ship designs that could match these, they are called the Tillman Battleships, and they come in a host of wonderful flavors!

  5. Kristoffer Lilja

    No offence Jedi but youre playing more passivly than most british BB players. There were ample opportunities to be more aggressive. So I think the ships are better than you think

  6. Stream on weekends! Or late-ish on weekdays! Then I can watch. 🙂 NA players want to see you stream too!

  7. I find it intresting that they took the Oktobyr Revelutsia(spl) premium at tier 5 stripped her Soviet refit and gave us to in the tech tree as well as her original form in the Gangut

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