Mackensen in Ranked with low Captain – World of Warships

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So current ranked season starts off in bronze with tier 6. I did not own a tier 6 on my free to play account at the time so I decided to get one, one I will continue grinding afterwards. That happened to be German tier 6 Mackensen that leads to Schlieffen. This was a pretty tight match.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Last hurrah for the win awesome job bro💯💪

  2. What job was that?

  3. Maintenance costs on helicopters are obscene. They need a lot more than fixed-wing craft in general.

    • average daily rate for helocopter working wild fires is 5,500$ to 8,800$ which sounds like allot but imagine the maintnance do to all the smoke and soot,,,,

    • @@Ravager669 5,500 a day gets you to 165,000 a month. That’s not even close to the numbers discussed in the video.

    • @@Bonde7280 If the pilot is paying for maintenance for commercial passenger operations, and isn’t flying something tiny like an R-22, then the costs will be significantly higher.

  4. We know you make 5 mil a month streaming Flambass.

  5. typical cv invincibility.

  6. Hey man… I’m a “YouTube only” watcher of yours… sometimes, when you have an argument with chat, I wish you would cut in earlier so I could understand what it’s about 😉

    • There’s a lot of people on YT weirdly hostile to that kind off stuff, so I can certainly see why he doesn’t. It might be nice if he uploaded his twitch vods onto youtube (posssibly to a second channel) though, as watching vods on twitch is painful.

    • I try as often as I can but often convo started in the middle of a battle which is not entertaining.
      This particular convo was about a guy saying his brother turned down a job where he would be payed $14k per trip, and he would be working 8h a day, making multiple trips, 5-6 days a week (at start, and later it could go to 24-30k) but it was so dangerous that he decided to just open a restaurant. Then we talked about what that job could possibly be where you make something like few trips a day, 5 days a week…do the math and it sounds INSANE

    • @@Flambass Drug running and some other illegal jobs could make you that kind of money, idk about legal work, maybe some very high risk security stuff, but I kinda doubt it would run that high.

    • Private companies in remote areas can charge whatever they want.
      The supply is low and the demand is high.

    • Private Military companies contracting in combat areas, running transport, security etc would potentially easily make that much. Likely transport with your own helicopter.

  7. Love your nailbiter games Flambass!!!

  8. Cv was mad cause he forgot to move…

  9. If the helicopter pilot is flying in the North Sea, you’re talking about extreme wind conditions for not only landing, but stable flight.
    Plus if the Aeronautics Administration in Europe is anything like the FAA, aircraft can’t take off unless everything is working in top notch condition or is temporarily deferrable to the next leg of the flight where it can be repaired. Pilots can’t just ignore “engine lights” and keep flying. The aircraft is inspected frequently and a check is done every time before take off.
    Fuel is also a huge cost for flying. A lot of civilian pilots lease instead of own planes because of maintenance and fuel costs.

  10. Bush Pilot’s motto: I can land anywhere … once.

  11. Only in low tier battle can you have a very informative conversation.

  12. flambass is so good in WOWS that the game doesn’t matter anymore, just chatting while having noise in the background ;P

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