Ship Comparison: Main Battery Guns: North Carolina, Bismarck, Richelieu, Roma

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Ship Comparison: Main Battery Guns
Four battleships compete in main battery turret traverse speed, shell flight distance, shell power, and even shot volume!
This year, we’re going to present you several fresh video formats; each of them offers a different look at our game and its aspects. Today, we introduce “Comparison”!
As the title suggests, in this series we take a certain characteristic, mix up a few ships, add great editing, a dash of unusual perspective, and a vibrant soundtrack according to taste.
The focus is on four battleships—and the characteristics of their main battery guns:
• Main battery turret traverse speed
• Shell flight distance
• Shell power at the final point of flight
• Bonus—shot volume!

North Carolina
The U.S. Navy initially developed a battleship with 356 mm main guns in compliance with the existing treaty terms, but the caliber was later increased to 406 mm due to Japan’s refusal to accept the restrictions. During World War II, USS North Carolina escorted convoys and participated in the Guadalcanal campaign, the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, the Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign, the Mariana Islands campaign, the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the landings in the Philippines, and the landings in Okinawa. The ship was awarded 12 battle stars during the course of the war.

The original plan was for the new ship to be armed with eight 330 mm guns; however, their caliber was increased to 380 mm when France and Italy started building battleships with such armament. In May 1941, battleship Bismarck and battlecruiser Prinz Eugen set off on a hunt for convoys in the Atlantic Ocean. On their way, they were intercepted by British ships Prince of Wales and Hood. After taking several hits, Hood exploded, and the German raiders headed for the Atlantic. The British fleet pursued their prey, and on May 26, rudder damage rendered Bismarck uncontrollable. In the battle that ensued, the battleship was sunk.

The Richelieu class was the French response to the Italian Littorio class. The final project was essentially an enlarged variant of Dunkerque with improved AA defenses. While still under construction, Richelieu was evacuated to Africa, but the ship served in World War II at a later stage.

The third battleship of the Vittorio Veneto class, Roma, was built according to the 1938 program. She participated in the air defense of coastal towns together with her sister ships, and in June 1943, she was heavily damaged by American bombers in La Spezia. After being repaired, the battleship was deployed as the flagship of Admiral Carlo Bergamini in a large battle group that intended to attack Allied ships approaching Sicily. However, the day before the planned operation, an armistice was reached. Roma was eventually sunk by German aircraft on her way to getting interned in Malta.


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  1. bismarck might have been lacking but i still love the ship

    • Bismarck was designed from the doctrine that the German navy would always be outnumbered on the seas, and hence more tonnage was given over to protection than any other battleship of the eara. Moreover, that protection was almost all put into flotation, rather than mission survivability.

      The final battle actually exemplifies the protection strengths and weaknesses quite well. She was punished early for her lack of protection given over to turrets and directors, but even with 700 heavy shells fired in her direction and almost 40% of the RN salvos being straddles, she most likely only suffered 2 penetration hits to her citadel (likely from Rodney, who closed to about 3km). The level of punishment she took before going down is really quite astounding.

    • @@Snagabott i just think shes sexy

  2. WG used Roma instead the tech tree one because they know her dispersion is awful, right?

  3. O Bismarck é quem aguenta mais pancada apesar de nao ser o mais forte! e a dispersão do Roma é muito grande! Tocera_hero UA

  4. This is awesome! Please keep doing comparisons. It helps me pick what to unlock

  5. the fact that Roma had the longest range and fastest shell and really fast rotation in real life, seeing it at 18 km range, oh wait, it is wg, history does not belong here

    • I really wish they would have national characteristics built into the game.

    • @@DL541To Be Fair Balancing The Game Would Be Incredibly Hard As The American Navy Can Get Quite Powerful Over Time, And Don’t Get Me Started On The German And Japanese “Quality Over Quantity” In A Numerically Balanced Fight It’s Just… Impossible

    • @@DL541effectively with the Roma and the Italian BBs, they do. The Romas were an excellent design, aside from their torpedo protection. But the ships suffered greatly from severe problems in quality control in the manufacture of their naval ammunition. Standards were very poor; it was not uncommon to have a full salvo of shells disperse significantly due to variations in the amount of priming charge in the shells. Even though the Italian ships had very good rangefinders, they were frequently let down by their ammunition.

    • If they focused on being historicallly accurate German BBs would suddenly be the new mainstream ships. German accuracy would basically seal club anyone. The Americans would also be seal clubbing everyone.

    • Richelieu have the fastest shell

  6. Honestly I like this new type of video- love the different game sounds and the comparison between the ships

  7. Bismarck is just sexy. Historical and powerfull!

  8. Make more such videos! We want more!!

  9. I have the Carolina, the Bismarck, and I’m saving up for the Richelieu

  10. from what I saw the North Carolina was the best followed by the Roma, with the Richlieu last

    • In terms of the pure gun performance, this is generally true. But there’s all kinds of fiddly bits this doesn’t necessarily cover — speed, maneuverability, armor protection, shell dispersion, et cetera.

  11. Pls do more of these kind of videos

  12. Powerful !

  13. 1:00 Well, would be great if gunfire would actually sound this great ingame.

  14. Roma is a beast on legends can get dispersion and grouping really reliable and push her range to 20. Her offensive downfall is overpening defensively she’s a great bowtank and a very competitive ship on legends

  15. I’m still waiting for a Hannover vs Satsuma cinematic.

  16. This is a great video… for new players only.

    More experienced players know that Roma has a poor 1.8 sigma as well as subpar vertical dispersion and consequently her overall accuracy is abominable, so her main guns are way too inconsistent for a premium ship.

    In their usual sloppy fashion, WG never ever bothered to review and adjust main gun performance of BBs after they had removed the Deadeye Commander skill from the game.

    Here’s a piece of advice from a CBT player with over 15K battles to new players:
    DO NOT BUY ROMA until WG has improved the accuracy of her main guns.

  17. Nice video but a hint to all new players, this may look very straight forward result. There are many more things are not considered here in this video.
    1. Having the chance to Fire Broadside does also mean that you may be been dead after that shot <10 KM. So you rarely use all guns unless you are kiting and playing defensive style.
    2. Depending on the opponent's ship type, the angle of the opponent matters and the citadel position of their Ships is not located at the same place.
    3. Secondary guns - if you get too close to Bismark feel, the 150mm Secondary working with the main guns and actually then you are fighting 2 ships at the same time. 🙂
    4. WG match making : you are rarely in a pure Tier VIII Battle, be ready to be the underdog in a TIER IX and TIER X Battle.
    5. Another soft factor is your opponent, you can sit in Satsuma and face a good player in one of the Tier VIII BBs, be sure he has the same chance to take you down. POSITIONING is cruicial
    Overall, there are no "the best ship" in any tiers. All ships have their gimmicks, and it's dependent on your play style. Bismark is the best and Richi are good for brawl and pushing in.

    The Wows is an awesome game because there seldom OP ships, trust me I have researched all tree ships like many other veterans and got most coal, research pts and steel ships.

    See you in a battle!

  18. Notice they dont use Vladivostok, because she woule literally 1vs4 the lot of them

  19. A realy pleasing cinematic experience !
    You guys should do more of this !

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