Meet The Constellation! Tier 7 American Battleship (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. If this ship performs well enough, there won’t be a reason to grind the Missouri now

  2. I think I know why they added this ship spartan lol because the iwami has the yudachi torps so they had to counter it with that ship with the torps 😂😂😂

  3. Now I wasn’t expecting much out of this ship before I got it and I just thought it would be a below average American BB but I’m a American BB stan so I had to get it, but I have to say, I’m in love with it, 2nd Fav American VII BB right behind Kansas

  4. The torpedo protection is low for balance but it is still roo good in my opinion it is also perplexing why a design from 1919 gets Iowa secondaries and post war AA while ships like Gascogne and Vhampagne get tier 5 AA, it would also be nice if Gascogne got Jean Bart guns since its a paper ship (at the current time Gascogne has worse accuracy than Bismarck and Richelieu because nobody plays it and it didnt get any accuracy buffs)

    • TheDragonGamerTv

      Yeah, I’m not sure why a 1919 design has the same superstructure(not exactly) as an Iowa class BB. There was no refit. This ship wasn’t actually built, and all Lexington class BC besides 2 were canceled, and those 2 were converted into Carrier’s. This is a prime example of Wargaming making shit up on the fly.

  5. The reason the torpedo protection is bad is balance, of course, but also historically the Lexington class had pretty below average torp protection for a capital ship. This o e has had bulges added, but it probably wasn’t totally rebuilt like the Pearl Harbor ships got (I’m thinking Cali)

  6. USS Constellation (CC-2) was the second of 6 Lexington-Class Battlecruisers, laid down 18th August 1920.

    She and 3 of her sisters USS Ranger (CC-4), USS Constitution (CC-5) and USS United States (CC-6) were scrapped in 1923.

    USS Lexington (CV-2) and USS Saratoga (CV-3) would be converted into Aircraft Carriers, Lexington would be sunk at the battle of the coral Sea in 1942, Saratoga would survive the war being sunk as a target ship in 1947 during operation crossroads.

    The Lexington-Class were going to be the first battlecruisers ever built by the United States Navy. They would be modeled off the Colorado-Class Battleships and be armed with the same 16″ guns from the cancelled 1920 South Dakota Class. With a purposed top speed of 33 knots, they would of been a match for the Kongo-Class they were designed to oppose along with the then king of the battlecruisers HMS Hood.

    However, being a signature on the Washington Naval Treaty in 1922, the Lexington-Class were cancelled, though they were doomed before that as US Naval Doctrine moved towards the all or nothing Battleships after reviewing the battles of Jutland and Dogger Bank.

    It could be argued that the US finally did join the battlecruiser craze alittle later with the two Alaska-class Battlecruisers/Large Cruisers.

    • Old Guy Gaming Network

      The Alaska class does not qualify as Battlecruisers.

    • @Old Guy Gaming Network Maybe not but it is still the closest thing to a battlecruiser that the US navy ever had.

    • Old Guy Gaming Network

      @EvilHoBo09 I would still call them Large Cruisers and not battle Cruisers. Their hull was an enlarged Baltimore class cruiser hull, where Battlecruisers used battleship hulls. The 12 inch guns were not battleship caliber in the 1940’s, where Battlecruisers had battleship caliber armament. The Alaska’s had no real torpedo defenses where Battlecruisers would have extensive torpedo defense systems just like battleships.

  7. Your review was top as usual, but I don’t like the Constellation. For flanking maneuvers I would strongly recommend the fast French BB. I really do love the Richelieu and Alsace for what they can come up with.

  8. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    Feel this is something people may get if they don’t want to grind for Missouri but wants Radar like a Budget/Mini Missouri.

  9. Love this ship, guns are so accurate!

  10. The Constellation also has a torp belt on the inside of the side plate at the water line.
    The ship looks fun, I’m thinking about possibly picking it . Spartan just wanted to say you do an excellent job with your “Meet the ???” Videos. Great voice

  11. Old Guy Gaming Network

    It is sad Wargaming went through all this and gave her the wrong guns. They were supposed to have the 16 inch 50 caliber MK2 guns.

  12. I’ve had some of my best games in the Constellation. I freaking love it. 7 kills in 2 games. 150,000+ damage. I adore this ship. Especially the agility and turn radius and I have my guns reloading in 24sec

  13. I’m really liking the Constellation. Not the biggest guns but definitely some of the most accurate. BB v BB it is decent. Played right it can handle itself well. But can be chunked easily. But BB v CL/CA is another story. I have had more Dev strikes in the last week using Constellation against cruisers than I’ve had in the previous 2 months. Its almost See cruiser, shoot cruiser, no more cruiser. LOL. And the number of DD’s surprised by the radar is laughable. I have to say Constellation has made it near the top of my list for USA BB’s . Iowa, NJ, Missouri, and Constellation are my picks. I know, Kansas should be there but Kansas and I just do not seem to mesh well. I can do OK in the kansas but just cannot get it to perform as well as others (like spartan). I think mine is a lemon. LOL

  14. I think you should run Criss Cross and Main Battery mod 2. Helps with better speed and 25 sec turret traverse.

  15. Pretty cool ship, it was also cool seeing CVN 78 in Oslo today. Y’all are welcome here anytime lol

  16. Yeah, I’m really liking the Connie! It’s definitely not the most durable thing at Tier VII, but it’s a lot of fun.

  17. New Jersey is tied with Iowa for second place for AA DPS laying at 648. Georgia has 649. This has 548. Missouri actually has worse than Iowa and New Jersey at 646. Jean Bart and La Foudre sitting at 560. There’s some AA for you 🙂

  18. I know ppl hate this ship but I adore it. Just wish I had the real money to buy it.

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