Meet The Georgia! Tier 7 American Battleship (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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#WoWsLegends #Georgia #SE43

00:00 Intro
00:30 Commander
01:06 Equipment
02:03 Stats
05:35 Armor Viewer
09:15 Gameplay Starts


  1. Would’ve bought out the campaign if it wasn’t 27k dubs lol

    • @Mr. Stealy I can’t wait to get this ship, in genuinely thought they might make this ship a legendary. I can foresee lots of people buying dubs to skip the campaign for the Georgia

    • When you drive a truck for a living and gone for 3 weeks….. it’s worth it. Cause believe me I too would grind the campaign

    • @AlexADTR Montana is the confirmed legendary us bb

    • @Mr. Stealy ahhh, now that’s going to be a lot of fun too

    • So I played 2 games in my Baltimore, first game got me 125k with high calibre and first blood, a total of 13 citadels ( 🙂 ), second battle was 95k and no medals… 12 levels and 3k taken off the outright purchase price. This could be kind of easy

  2. I have decided to premier this video early.
    I will get to work on a replacement video for tomorrow.

  3. This Gonna Be Good. (:

  4. Fun Fact For Spartan: There are 18 Ohio class submarines which 14 of them having having 24 powerful/long range ballistic missiles. They are patrolling our coasts today protecting us. They are very powerful subs and I am proud that they are an Ohio class coming from Ohio. OH-IO!!!

  5. Patrick van Kampen

    I’m gonna get messed up battling these in my Scharnhorst 🙁

  6. Thanks to this update, I’m playing Legends again and picked up Florida and got me watching your content again. Any tips for Florida btw?

  7. florida review next? Thats what I’m hoping for

  8. This is a fantastic warship! Those guns are very dangerous. I was surprised the T7 is gonna be the Kansas. I was thinking that Georgia should’ve been the TT T7, Kansas as the campaign, and Florida in the shop.

    Florida’s design could warrant her to be a campaign ship instead of the Kansas, but I feel selling the Kansas would’ve been a weird decision.

  9. Reeceonxgamesmode 69

    If you do a meet the on the Nevada could you do a little history of the ship since it was the only battleship at Pearl Harbor to make way and survived 2 atomic bomb tests

  10. FbiOpenThePizzaBox

    Ima go Back in time and tell the designers to Make The Guns 458mm rather than 457mm

  11. “Bigger guns, bigger boobs”

    Keep that in mind…. lol!!

    thx for sharing

  12. “Georgia” shooting “Atlanta” sounds like “Spartan” shooting “Elite43”

  13. I’m surprised Spartan had enough blood in his brain to do this video. Between Georgia and a whole new American battleship line to grind out, including the North Carolina, I’d figure he’d have passed out from the blood rushing south. And whats the new American BB with 12, 14in guns, the Florida? Yeah, that one too.

  14. Love how they’re just making up ships now. And another American bb line before finishing other nations is hilarious.

    • @YAMATO the… “Guns” ?
      Then I Guess the US didn’t build 18 inch or higher caliber guns just because they have this damn thing called Panama Canal ?

    • @Akash Zaman I don’t think you understand bb are a platform for the guns so geuss what Iowa-class was already huge for Panama Canal they could build higher inch guns but they would have to go all the way around to the other side of the canal which is unnecessary now that’s the way to think cause their at war now If they took that detour just to build a ship with 18” just for the chance of it getting surprised attack like the Japanese did on Pearl Harbor I wouldn’t risk it so yes it’s all because of the Panama Canal it’s was important as still really important now

    • You know not width wise but the Iowa -classis just a little bit shorter then the Yamato

    • @YAMATO interesting. Thanks for explaining it.

    • @Akash Zaman np it’s how it worked for bb the bigger guns the bigger the ship and I know bout the canal it’s was a major pain in the ass but it’s man made they should of made it bigger but who knows

  15. Stephen Marshall

    Annnnddd once again, a ship is added with the same exact gun sounds as the last 40 ships that have been added to the game. Honestly it killed my hype for this ship because in the trailer it had really nice sounding guns

  16. marsel dagistani

    Actually Spartan the Georgia is a Montana proposal version that was supposed to have 18 inch guns

  17. Your reload build would’ve been awesome for this ship.

    The guns on this ship don’t need any dispersion help.

  18. I run Kinkaid on my Georgia with Emile Guepratte and AL Baltimore as inspirations. 37 knots top speed with a speed boost flag and under 10 second rudder shift. Ever see an Iowa turn on a dime you can now. 😂😂

  19. I had to buy the Georgia immediately when I heard it was coming out. I’ve been waiting forever for them to add the 18 inch American bbs in game I almost died when I saw it up today.

  20. Can’t wait to get the Georgia since I’m from there and man does it look fun

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