Mingles with Jingles Episode 364

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Welcome to the last of Mingles for 2020. This week, Cyberpunk was released Nvidia have been a right old bunch of gits.



  1. Διονύσης Δημητρακάκης

    I am so early that I haven’t seen anyone saying first

  2. The last time I was this early Jingles was still missing the cool navy tours

  3. Take care of yourself and I hope you have a great time during your break.

  4. Jingles, remember when games came out on cd and worked. No updates or patches available so games got released when they were sorted instead of now where they chuck them out, then patch

    • You guys had it easy. Remember when at school, you had a dumb terminal connected via telephone modem the size of a suitcase, to the Essex County Council IBM mainframe, playing F1 racing using text only (no graphics). Yeah. That’s my first experience of computer gaming back in the mid to late 1970s. Not sure patches had been invented back then 😉

    • @John Milton lol.
      I think you’ll find that @vrsmartin2981 was referring to a time before forums….. and the internet….. had anything to do with playing a game.
      Just literally put your disc in and away you go.
      As most pcs were of a similar spec at the time.

      I know I was…… seeing as in 1981 we didn’t have the internet (But I do remember The Computer Show on BBC running a program you could download by using a “lightpen” held against a blinking dot on the TV screen :O )


    • @Milos.r Oh yeah, and after a while you could be sure that at least one archive on those 30 disks would be corrupt. Oh the joy.
      Games were (usually) a bit more polished back then and they did some amazing things with limited hardware. (Secrets of Mana 3 anyone?)
      And single CD didn’t last that long. Soon it was 2-3 or even more CDs for a game. (Final Fantasy?)
      As the saying goes: “Get more space and you’ll find a way to fill it.”

    • Ahh, @Ratty_Rex, the days of the 5 1/4″ floppies, cassette recorder/players, 64k RAM, monochrome displays, and daisy-wheel printers. (TRS-80, Model IV)

    • I remember when games occasionally came out on CD and _didn’t_ work, and there was jack-all you could do about it, because there was no such thing as a downloadable patch yet. I was working in tech support for a PC manufacturer at the time, and can still remember all the angry calls from people who couldn’t get _The 7th Guest_ to work on their machines, as if that were somehow _our_ fault.

  5. Because all these games get released as crap, I can’t remember the last time I was exciting for a game release.

  6. Just to chime in Im playing at 1080p at max settings on a AMD RX 5700 RT with 32 GB of ram and an Intel i7-5820K with almost no glitches Just throwing in my 2 cents

  7. Thankfully Nvidia backed down quickly.
    Good on them but yeah, corporation aren’t anyone’s friend.

  8. Eddie? He’s the Cyderhunk 1977.

  9. Linus on LTT went freaking ballistic on the WAN show on Friday. First 35 minutes are just pure rage gold. I think he used half a years worth of bleeps 😀

    • Funny I just came from watching The WAN show, loved how tore it sentence from sentence. I had went to tech school in mid 00s but nothing came of it work wise, but Ive always played PC games, thanks to channels like LTT, Jays Two Cents, Gamer Nexus, and Hardware Unboxed really been getting back into learning more in PC tech this year

  10. “Harvard Onbox” is one of my go to channels when it comes to computer hardware, next to Tech Jesus and his merry bunch at Gamers Nexus.

  11. Thanks, Jingles!!!! We can’t wait to kick off the Christmas Stream !!!!

  12. Happy Christmas and New Year Jingles!! Enjoy your “holiday vacation” and I’ll be waiting for those bored holiday videos… 😉

  13. Jingles, the dramatic drop in frame rate could be caused when there are mirrors in the scene. Try and find a mirror and see what happens.

  14. Friedwald der Lebendige

    Cyberpunk: “It just works!!!”

  15. The thing that improved my framerates massively was a clean install of the latest Nvidia drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller, went from 40/50 fps to 60/70+

  16. Merry Christmas Jingles, hope it’s a great one for you.

    Also Merry Christmas everyone else around the world.

  17. You think Cyberpunk is bad now, Imagine a universe where Bethesda made this?

  18. Jingles/Paul, I can’t even tell you how much joy your channel has brought me since I stumbled upon it 5 years ago. Thank you.
    P.S: a full cyber punk playthrough series would be most welcome.

  19. Shout out for Hardware Unboxed – glad Nvidia backed down from their position

  20. Cyberpunk was the most overhyped thing ever.

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