World of Warships- Top 5 Removed Premium Ships According To You!

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Hey guys, today we take a look at another five premium since that have been removed from game, this according to you guys, enjoy!

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  1. Fourth from London. I like the Odin, it’s one of my favorite ships.

  2. Enterprise being broken is the most historically accurate thing in the game. Shame she was removed. Even if she would be nerfed to the ground I would still buy the ship as I love the irl USS Enterprise CV-6.

  3. Epitome is a 4 syllable word. Eh-PIT-oh-me

  4. When these premium ships will be removed, will wg release some new tier 10 or tier 9 ships for coal, because Im saving coal, but I dont like any of the avaible ones, maybe Yoshino

    • I just got my Thunderer just a couple of weeks ago. Crazy good..I one-shotted a Des Moines with HE. With coupons, you only need 189k coal for the Thunderer..and it will be going away soon.

    • Yoshino and Thunderer play quite similar, both can easily get citadel when broadside even from across the map, but angle slightly and it will bounce most shells, they both are great fire starters, Yoshino AP is good against most cruisers, it can citadel most from 14km in, those torpedoes are also great throw them in corridors where BBs or ships sail often and when they land and flood, fire he and give them 2,3 even 4 perma fires, both Thunderer and Yoshino can easily get witherer, I get it every match just from he alone, the torps only accelerate it.

    • Only coal ship worth the coal is Thunderer

    • @micsca I know its the best ship in the fame, but its too late its getting removed

    • @micsca Georgia says your comment is full of shit.

  5. Even though Smol HE bastard is removed the entirety of the community is still mad and scared of the things WG will do next time

  6. Why is Odin here, but Giulio Cesare isn’t? Don’t you have it? If so, I’m very sorry you can’t enjoy the best BB in the game

  7. Jean Bart B was probably the best spent money i ever did in Wows.

    • I have the original JB, never understood why people like it that much. It’s meh in my opinion.

    • @Comrade Mod it just fits my playstyle, getting consistent damage done on every match. Between 120k to 210k

    • @Wizoor I don’t understand how JB actually works, like every ap salvo I shoot get either overpen or nonpen, every HE salvo I shoot get no fire. Also JB’s dispersion makes me mad sometimes. I need someone to tell me how should I get good at JB.

    • @Syn Kyo dispersion always seems wonkey in this game, I always get overpens or richocets or worse drunk gunners where all the shells land around the target. When I play BBs

  8. No, my boys. Derzki is the true torpedo spammer

  9. The first time I played Odin I hated it but after I started playing it more I love it

  10. It’s xCinnamon to you

    I’m proud of my grind for Odin 🙂

  11. TYPO in description (ejoy) meant to be enjoy.
    Just thought that you should know.

  12. Eh-pee-toe-mee. Not ep-ee-tome.

  13. More than a third of the entire video was on the Enterprise….

  14. “Epi-Tome” 😂😂

  15. Psssst…. Love your vids but, uh, it’s “eh-pit-o-me” (not “ep-ee-tome”). 🙂

  16. I’m guessing you don’t have the Giulio? Too bad, you’re missing out on the most OP ship per its tier in the game. It’s also fun as hell to play.

  17. I love having 2 JBs, now. It’s awesome. And with Odin, it really should have 62.8 from its 52.8.

  18. 4:15 Enterprises torpedo bombers are her strongest set of planes.

  19. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    No, I don’t have GC, she was before my time in the game

  20. Next episode: Top 5 ships that WILL be removed according to you.
    Spoiler alert … n. 1 FDR

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