Minnesota – Big FAT Sniper – World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. When the Vermont?

  2. 3 minutes in and this thing is already a burning wreck lol.

    • Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

      What do you think mate about that fire damage? 🤔 I think it must be changed.. At least they must upgrade dcp..

  3. Nope
    Still continuing with Iowa

  4. If it wasn’t for 3 freakish salvoes, he’d have finished with 80k!☹

  5. Fat but still thich ship

  6. Dieses Gefecht hat den Begriff Langeweile neu definiert.

  7. that des moines is a payed actor, you cant convince me otherwise xD

  8. Should have made sure that Azuma was finished that error caused him 1000’s in HP losses

  9. shouldve killed that azuma early and freed his team mates.

  10. Lol dat Azuma refused to die

  11. Just in the first third of the battle and they had already taken from this poor captain more than 2/3 of his HP LMAO
    He was lucky that they did not focus on him to finish him off or that there were no aircraft carriers in the battle, since otherwise this captain would not have lasted past the first half of the battle.
    And that Des Moines “dead” in the water thinking that no one will shoot him long range? LOL🤣😂

  12. Why do I see so many players (including this guy) damage controls one fire….? With the certainty of be lit on fire again, these kinds of plays are just dumb.

  13. Cant resist my hand to touch “the sniper” one

  14. Hard to watch out of focus, pity sounded like a good game

  15. Man, you can probably see this fat ship from orbit . . .

  16. She’s thicc 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  17. This is the first time in a long while that i geniunly dont care about a new tech tree ship.

  18. 01:00 UHHHHHHHHH

  19. he is thicc

  20. that Des Moines got control-alt-deleted

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