Montana – World of Warships – 8 kills – 260k DMG

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Player: Euzebias
Map: Trap

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  1. it would be more interesting if you did a live comentery 🙂 anyways, great

  2. That was amazing. Those broadsides…yeah buddy! & landed some amazing

  3. Again Euzbesias ? :P

  4. Hey I just started playing a week ago and I zoom in with my scroll wheel it
    takes a good second to zoom in but when you and others I see on youtube do
    so they do it instantaneously , How is that?

  5. I’m still kind of curious why they gave the Montana and the Iowa
    historically incorrect guns. Their real guns would have better velocity and
    accuracy. Guess they didn’t want the Yamato fans to get butt hurt or

  6. broadside on to a battleship, thats a paddlin! Well played Panzer, keep up
    the good work. suggestion: MORE COMMENTARIES.

  7. look at that TSK_1935.. moron turkish players… everywhere he didnt shot
    you for 10 mins then just kill you from 6k hp

  8. and the Yamato finished lands the blow montana is amazing but i prefer
    yamato so much dmg mmmmm

  9. you punished the brodsides!

  10. top tanking

  11. Hello,thanks/your welcome….keep up the good work ??

  12. Btw well played…..

  13. Impressive competition entry and it’s great that you were one of the
    victorious players…well done!! The Gnome himself obviously saw you as a
    upcoming award winning Youtuber.:-)

  14. Impressive 8 haul.

  15. bravo to euzebias

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