World of Warships – Scharnhorst Premium Impressions

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Scharnhorst is finally here, we have two games that showcase different aspects of the ship. The first game is on Fault Line where I push forward and engage the enemy around the center of the map. We get a little lucky but also rack up some good damage for the team. The second game takes place on Estuary, we have to hold a flank against a strong enemy push. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII German Battleship Scharnhorst Replay


  1. men why shoot HE againts BBs,if he angled aim her superstructure that spot
    always do damage that the secret on playing cruiser againts BBs

  2. The great Xcelerator

    I still do not get it why people a fussing that much about this premium
    ship. Why? Well, to me she is a stripped down Tirpitz (find Tirpitz stats
    e.g. here:
    -significantly lower caliber “balanced” by only one additional main gun,
    -lower number of torps (3 vs 5 on each side)
    -almost same top speed
    -a somewhat higher rate of fire (20 sec compared to 26.5 sec) – but with
    much lower damage dealt per salvo. Tirpitz DPM with AP ammo is 36% higher
    than the Scharnhorts.
    -Scharnhorst has less armor, especially regarding torpedo protection

    Okay, the Scharnhorst turrets turn faster. Plus, it is a tier VII and thus
    will never have to encounter a Yamato or Montana like the Tirpitz does
    today. However, she will have to put up with those Iowas and Izumos and
    Friedrich der Großes being low tier in a tier IX game – and she will be,
    given the high demand there seems to be for this ship. Those enemy ships
    are only a tad slower than she is but do have a vastly superior range. So
    stealth is her key advantage? I do not think so. Depending on how much you
    played your German cruisers, you can go for a stealth built with your
    captain. But, detectability of Scharnhorst and Tirpitz are not so diverse
    (15.2 km vs. 15.9 km), so both do benefit from that kind of built.

    In a nutshell, I still do not understand why people haven’t bought a
    Tirpitz long ago if they feel they must own a premium German BB but
    desperately waited for the Scharnhorst to be released.

  3. Sander Berge Telnes

    can u buy the scharnhorst?

  4. Sander Eduard van Houdt

    scharnhorst is a battlecruiser not a battleship

  5. Notser, loved your work for ages, but disagree with you on the Jingles
    video. He wasn’t throwing shade at anyone in particular, he was –
    correctly – pointing out that most NDA leaks for both WoWs and WoT are
    coming from the NA community, whether it is streamers, supertesters,
    whoever. He is angry with WGNA for not coming down on people like WGEU
    does. In fact, he has publicly spoken very highly of ichase, of WoWs NA
    fame, in the past. I get why you might be feeling a guilt by association
    vibe, but facts are facts. Get angry at the turnips in the NA community
    that are giving you guys a bad name, not the guy that calls them out for

  6. Hey Notser, a premium camo can either mean the captain likes the ship, or
    mean the captain really wants to grind the ship ASAP

  7. Gareth Fairclough

    No, they did break NDA. Some did, some (like you) were honourable and
    didn’t break it. His frustration is aimed at WG NA who do nothing about it.
    Or nothing at all. lel

  8. Don’t insult Jingles just because you NA players cant follow the rules and
    NA wargamming just dont give a shit what they do I enjoy your vids really I
    do but wargamming EU take things far more seriously then NA wargaming and
    NA you tubers ever will. Others seen this ships is not the point its the
    fact that NA you tubers and NA wargamming just dont care about the rules
    and do what ever you what.

  9. how do you get this ship?

  10. lol shots fired at Jingles

  11. Beautiful ship. Don’t really see the point in getting it when you can get
    the Tirpitz. I guess if you don’t already have a Tirpitz

  12. Damn I want this ship sooo bad! It is exactly what I was waiting for!
    Hybrid between BB and Cruiser.

  13. 2:16 to skip Notser Salt. Toxicity, is not a valid complaint, And whining
    and starting a flame war. It not a valid excuse. Specifically if you bring
    a “I am right, you are wrong” Montra. Does not make you right. There are
    problems with the NA server. This is a given. But Defending those people
    make you worse as a whole. Fix your problems, before you start a fight.

  14. Notser, When will the Scharnhorst be released, or are you unable to say?

  15. Looks like she really plays like a stupidly overweight and overarmored
    cruiser rather than a battleship. Me likey.

  16. Scharnhorst = the reason why Gneisenau will only have 3 x 2 380mm guns and
    the reason I lost my hype in German BB -_-

  17. notser, there will be an AP normalization change coming in 0.5.10,
    scharnhorst AP will be nerfed from 8 degrees to 6 degree, will this be a
    big change to her?

  18. Marius Schamrel (Mjay)

    Yep, I saw the vid where jingles said that testers on the NA server gives a
    fuck about NDA’s etc I was also like TF this guy talking about ?

  19. 9:30. 95,000 points of damage? Damn notser :D

  20. Looking at the chance of Fire 20% and the rate of fire, some 8″ guns do
    more HE damage , only slightly lower chance per round for fire. Though rate
    for fire makes this worse than most Cruisers for setting fires unlike other

  21. I don’t care about it. Really, I couldn’t care less about it. It doesn’t

  22. Nice video man keep up the good work ;)

  23. if wows have wt physics

  24. I thought that you were above these streamer vs. streamer, youtuber vs.
    youtuber bullshit. And that is why I enjoyed your videos. You wont gain
    anything from this, believe me.

  25. I cant imagine if this battle cruiser is matchmade into tier 8 or 9

  26. Battlecruiser.
    Probably be a good ship to fight with other cruisers in or another speedy
    battleship like the Tirpitz.

  27. Autit Rahman Khan

    Hey Notser, when are the German Battleships coming? in patch 5.10? weren’t
    they supposed to come in August? Is Scharnhorst OP compared to Gneisnau?

  28. first I was hyped..but seeing it now..guns to small for me…if i cant Cit
    a BB…why would I want to drive that>.>

  29. I do not personally care, but what you are saying about the NDA is clearly
    a load of crap.

  30. Rant Rant Rant Rant

  31. losing half your HP just to torp a tier 5 BB on a tier 7BB, no offense ,
    but that was kinda stupid

  32. If Jingles or the EU people wanna be mad because WG EU is more restrictive
    with them, that’s their own deal. I know for a fact, as well, that the
    community contributors on NA have been embargoed from talking about the
    ships just like EU. But some people who happen to be supertesters may
    decide to go ahead and say screw it, get the exclusive videos out there.
    That’s their issue. If there are repercussions to it, there are. But to
    whine and complain because people break the rules and be upset that you
    can’t break them yourself (well you can, if you wanna risk it) is just
    silly. WG NA has applied the same rules to supertesters and community
    contributors as WG EU has. How one group enforces them vs the other is not
    down to what the players do. It’s a company thing. If someone’s upset that
    EU is harsh, take it up with EU, don’t blame NA.

  33. Scharnhorst looks like an extremely fun ship. Can’t wait to get one! :)

  34. Way to stand up for n/a lip sealing Notser. barvo, too bad I can’t sub

  35. Would be nice if WG would release a t8-t9 USN premium battleship.

  36. Dommel || Overwatch

    nice! ;3 sub <3

  37. Both of you survived that time! Sweet gameplay!

  38. Notser love ya Video’s chap but do yourself a huge favour. Don’t get above
    yourself. Jingles was spot on with what he said and you’ve got the wrong
    end of the stick. Stay humble pal.

  39. the game always end at the best moments >.>

  40. apparently does more damage with armor-piercing explosive bullets that are

  41. Andreas Petersson

    I have had a fantastic day. Cya Notser (:

  42. all german bb’s have crap pen .. meh no way im going jap/usa bb’s you dont
    need any level of skill to play them 😛 ( triggerd )

  43. Notser I know you mean jingle’s video on Monday, but sorry you are wrong.
    He is right, I’ve saw some video from NA with stats of those german ships
    shown or talked, now that is a confirmed NDA breach.

  44. Hi Notser, and others,

    Why don’t you use your repair (HP) party as soon as you can? I’ve noticed
    in several videos now that you delay using it — sometimes for quite a

    Thank you,


  45. Hey Notser! This is Sadlex and I really appreciate every singe one of your
    Videos! Do you only play on US servers or on European, too?

  46. I hear it’ll cost about $30…too expensive for me…I wonder how it will
    do against Warspite…I am also wondering if the ammo swap captain’s skill
    will be a good idea on this ship…

  47. Hey Notser, when do you plan on doing your next stream?

  48. yeah, how about streaming WOT game with NDA tank?

  49. I saw a video on the Prinz Eugen last week and it’s still there today, so
    people do release reviews prior to there actual NDA release. Is it a WG
    approved contributor though? Doubtful, most likely the infos from China,
    data mined etc, so hardly useful. But it does give specific info about the
    ship which contributors aren’t able to release owing to the NDA….

    Unfortunately there are a number of people who will do everything they
    possibly can to get views, subs in increased etc, and it’s up to WG to
    police them as well as there contributors… Maybe they simply think it’s
    not worth there time?

    Either way great review Notser, I’m really looking forward to the German
    BBs so hoping there reviews won’t be far away either…..

    Notser for president!

  50. i think expert loader is an exception for this particular ship . say you
    have AP loaded but spot a DD , you can switch to HE within 10 seconds

  51. I’m not going to watch Jingles’ video again but did he specifically mention
    breaking NDA for WoWS? Because I remember him saying it about WoT but not
    about WoWS

  52. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to say hello to people even in the
    midst of battle

  53. I searched and never found a single video I would consider to be breaking
    NDA terms. Only showing the ship in port with no stats. I thought what
    Jingles said was a bit off…

  54. Thank you for calling out Jingles on his BS. That video was about the most
    unprofessional way to raise his concerns. If he had a video with screen
    caps and date stamps proving his point, it might be worth listening to, but
    he had nothing but vague allegations. Sorry that decent guys like you and
    iChase and Zoup were painted as bad guys for doing nothing wrong.

    WG has bent over backwards in the past giving Jingles all sorts of special
    access and promoting his work, he has zero right to complain about being
    treated unfairly.

  55. Who gives a shit about NDA or NBA or SDRFA…lets just watch the video.. :D

  56. Problem with this ship, she doesn’t have the wow effect on citadel hits. :P

  57. damn, i need this ship!

  58. Btw nobody attacked the NA comm. contributors, ‘someone’ just said that EU
    NDA’s are not enforced to NA *by WG NA* which is a blunder by WG (or is
    intended that way) that does not have a global policy for these things. So
    don’t get worked up for nothing 🙂
    And I remember watching the stats for the French premium two days ago, so
    yes, it does happen. I also remember the same ‘someone’ saying a while ago
    that EU doesn’t have supertesters anymore, because they didn’t follow the

  59. Black writing and white edges: no. The smaller font looks awful when
    watched on mobile (probably the white edge is still as wide as the big font
    but the black letters get thinner).
    If you want to make something that stands out you can put a mask over the
    rest of the screen (slightly darkened) and leave the numbers you read with
    their normal color.
    If you want to be super fancy, make that dynamic, changing as you read, so
    the stats stand out one by one. My 2c :)

  60. Because cruisers didn’t have enough counters, WG releases battleships with
    a 20 second reload :v

  61. i dont really know what’s going on between EU and NA contributors, but I
    watched the scharnhorst videos of jingles, iChase and Notser so far and i’m
    going to watch Flamus review, too. because all of them are entertaining and
    informative :)

  62. Poor Cleveland.

  63. I dont think you can get hang of ship after few battles.

    In WOT
    AMX CDC i needed over 100+ battles to learn hwto
    e-25 i needed over 200+ battles and a good crew

    Jingles in that video said you can penetrate(ap) when ships show you their

  64. I don’t think it’s that NA contributors are breaking NDA. It’s just that
    the EU is a lot more strict when it comes to that.

  65. After watching another person say play it like a cruiser. Then he ignores
    HE and use straight ap the entire time. You know like cruisers do never
    switching ammo ever, then complaining that they dont do well and that the
    ship is overlly player skill intensive.

  66. I say let’s solve this over a good old fashioned Europe vs America war.
    Let’s start another revolutionary war. Or at least you know have like an in
    game tournament.

  67. Nice vid keep going :D

  68. Marttt1nek Is Here

    How is it possible that all the big wows youtubers are garbage and all the
    small channels (Notser, Flamu, Aeroon) are so much better?

  69. IBTV - Internet Broke the Television

    Enjoy the videos and the narration, add you to the WOWS sub list with The
    Mighty Jingles, IChase and Steelcast

  70. *Jawohl, großartig ! Ze German’s will rise again !*

  71. From what I’ve been able to research, the leaks originated from the SEA
    server (China was blamed) and the info was dumped in the NA community
    forums or passed around. If that is the case then the person who made the
    accusations is merely misguided and didn’t bother to dig deeper. It’s hard
    to blame the person since 90% of the people in the comments and forum did
    the same but whatever. Shit happens people, time to get over it and
    continue in business as usual, because as always there’s better things to
    do than argue in an Internet comments section or video.

  72. hey noster when switching ammo types it might be easier and it faster to do
    what I do which is to press the key of whatever ammo type u want to use
    during the reload and right after u fire it will automatically switch

  73. Just watched Jingle’s review. Looks like a ship only a few people will
    enjoy, though I imagine some will purchase it.

  74. Secondary build is bad w/ this, but would be FANTASTIC on the tier 8 GE BB

  75. More a battlecruiser than a battleship. Should i really buy this ship? I
    dont know. … But hey it’s German so i will do. 🙂 btw great battles Mr.
    Notser, as always!

  76. Did you install a mod for the crew language?

  77. Great video as usual Notser. As for that “other” contributor across the

  78. If the NDA is gone, does this mean it is going to be realeased in 3-4 days?

  79. Didn’t Jingles claim that someone from Wargaming NA was actually steaming
    and tweeting about a ship the EU was not even allowed to talk about? If so
    then how is that not braking a NDA?

  80. Maybe you are just now aware of the staff members he was talking about but
    it should be the same rules for everyone, I’m surprised you lowered the
    standards of your content to his level.

  81. He was talking about US server players live streaming and tweeting the
    replays before NDA is over. You should be aware of the facts before you
    make silly comments Notser. I thought you were above that but it seems not.
    That’s a shame.

  82. Can you explain why said that you shouldn’t use the info about the
    Colorado? Also, you should have shot at the Kongo because it was almost 20
    seconds before you did shoot at the NY.

  83. Notser is right. Jingles blamed the NA contributors and NA Wargaming office
    calling it garbage. He has no proof and the videos i checked on the
    Scharnhost dont reveal the stats of the ship. NA youtubers are not
    releasing the stats, at least i have’nt seen one after checking out 6-7

    Every Scharnhorst video i have seen begins with the gameplay. Just how does
    Jingles know that NA contributors are revealing the stats of the ship? Well
    i guess he knows everything about World of Warships.

  84. How do you get so much damage. I never get more than 70k

  85. fistfulopaydro gaming

    Hey man was good seeing you in game. I was in the Budy that you cit’d.
    Thought I was behind that island enough to make it hard for you to get that
    shot off, boy was I wrong. Had to try to do something since no one else was
    pushing. Sad to say with 40k damage I was top point earner for my team.

  86. with such an unforgiving penetration value, i think its a shame the ships
    dispersion is so poor. I’m a history buff so it will be hard for me not to
    buy it, but if they demand a ridiculous price, I may think twice.

  87. did you know you can get cindles from he

  88. CynicallyObnoxious

    I agree if people wont switch ammo in this theyre gonna bitch its a shit
    ship I for one can’t wait to get this thing.

  89. Notser, you could captain a barge made of cardboard and armed with giant
    sling shots and still have great games. You are a beast.

  90. whenever the British sent destroyers against this thing it pretty much did
    what you did to that Minekaze. Battlecruisers ain’t nuthin ta fuck wit

  91. of course jingles was crying thats all the guy does, i mean he did report a
    guy for talking to him in game. about time someone told him to go to hell
    good job notser

  92. Thank you for seing trough Jingles video. I love your work and your style,
    please keep it up.

  93. What will be the schedule of streams ?

  94. Intresting. iChasegaming, The Mighty Jingles and Notser all put up a video
    about the Scharnhorst within 21 hours. Makes it pretty boring to watch the
    third time around no matter how good the content is.

  95. We might get an official statement at some point. The community
    contributors have a lot of pull with the players, if they have an issue
    they make public (false or not) WG might have to respond to it.

    Before that it seems to be just idle speculation. That being said, if some
    contributors have the feeling they are at a disadvantage, it should be
    adressed. Suspicions like this don’t just appear out of thin air, and that
    they are completely made up on seems unlikely since the contributor’s
    credibility is at stake.

    But thanks for a great review. Between you and Jingles I always get an
    accurate picture of how the ship performs. Keep it up.

  96. Here’s the thing though, not once did Jingles say NA contributors. He said
    NA youtubers. You say that the ships are in the port and can be looked at,
    but this only occurred with the latest patch to live but BaronVonGames
    uploaded a video showing the German BB’s in port on the test server and
    another youtuber, zachr99 uploaded ship stats which appeared to be acquired
    from the SEA side of the game.
    It’s pretty hard to deny that they are American and since they are American
    we can assume that they play on the NA server, since they have Youtube
    channels could you perhaps call them NA youtubers…
    The point Jingles was trying to make is that he is annoyed that WG NA are
    doing nothing to prevent the leaks.
    But hey lets just point fingers at people pointing fingers but not actually
    say who they are and get butthurt saying they pointed fingers at certain
    people when they actually didn’t because that’s useful.

  97. Everett Gropp (Thekicker1)

    Notser your a god

  98. look if jingles feels buttshurt about something he should keep his opinions
    to himself not go crying about something on YouTube for over 10 minutes
    knowing alot of people will see it and that will obviously spark
    controversy. if he feels so bad about it he should contact wargaming NA to
    confirm it was an NA contributor that released it instead of trying to make
    a factual statement without any actual stats as eu players have German BBs
    and I’m not blaming eu I’m just saying alot of people from NA and EU have
    German BBs so it could be anyone.

    Anyway im gonna continue doing what I came here to do and watch the video.

    have a nice day everyone ?

  99. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    think of all the T10 BB drivers that will go back down to T3+ with their
    tirpitz captains .
    the seal-clubbing will be real

  100. I think the EU WOWS YT folks got their “jimmies in a twist” because to
    them, any video out before their own video cuts into their reputation and
    their wallets. If they – as a “group” – have an issue, it would have been
    far more professional to have directed their complaint(s) to WG, not to
    broadcast it publicly. Too bad for them – I have little respect remaining
    for them.

  101. i hope all NA content creators get banned for a month when the ships will
    come out

  102. Holy crap, the turn on that ship!

  103. well, he actually no talk about all Na, just talk about sneaky leakers
    generally are for Na, but well, yea he is pretty distracted person so,
    maeby he say it in the wrong form. but i agree with you at least in WoW, i
    see the Na contributors are very carrefull.

  104. Could you add x or * when talking about amounts of guns / torps. example 9x
    283mm guns :)

  105. Were are those supposedly NDA-breaking videos about the german BBs? Are
    they already taken down?

  106. What’s the base and potential max buffed range on those secondaries? I
    really like secondary builds on my Tirpitz, I know that there’s a lot that
    I miss out on by doing that, but when I’m in there brawling and get 4 fires
    on a ship that I’m not focusing on with my main guns, or take out a DD,
    it’s really satisfying to me. And to think Tirpitz really doesn’t have good
    range on secondaries (6.8km buffed for me), but it does throw out a ton of
    lead. In matches where I have a good brawl, I can get an extra 20-30k fire
    damage easy.

  107. In the first game, the BB’s shell kept bouncing off your deck but
    you continue on to say that BBs with bigger caliber should penatrate
    Scharnhorst armour easily.That was funny.

  108. Please don’t try to start a pissing match.

  109. MustYouHaveAUsername

    The HE damage and fire chance is cruiser like (Zao HE = 3,400 dmg 19% fire
    chance, Scharnhorst HE 3,200 dmg, 20% fire chance)

    Scharnhorst HE is heavily nerfed because it was viable as an HE spammer
    (with BB fire chance it would set 1-2 fires per volley every 20 sec while
    dealing significant HE damage).
    With HE like that the Scharnhorst would eat Cruisers with AP, burn down BBs
    with HE and even counter DDs with HE.

  110. I’d imagine the salt mines are currently emptying and assembling a
    pitchfork and torch wielding mob and setting course for your port Notser.

  111. Thanks for the video Notser, I was thinking of buying this ship but with
    the lack of shell penetration I don’t think I will now, I will just grind
    up to the Gneisenau with her bigger guns,
    Thanks sir, you saved me making another mistake like I did when I bought
    the Warspite!

  112. I’m not saying you are wrong. But even knowing each and every one of them
    you have no control over what they do on the web, and is no guarantee that
    they didn’t lie to you. I’m not saying they are, but I am saying it is a
    possibility, and even you, Notser, would have to agree that lying and
    decieving is something humans do, even among good friends, sadly. They very
    well might leak stuff or upload videos on YT under a false identity. The
    videos and stats had to come from somewhere. Could aswell have been EU
    contributors or Asia contributors, of course.

    I don’t mean to attack you, just wanted to open the possibility. I haven’t
    seen any vids myself, but I doubt Jingles would make up the fact that there
    are videos. Stats I have seen aplenty, and they have to come from
    somewhere. I don’t know how much you can ‘datamine’, though.

    Very decent gameplay and good video as usual, keep up the good work!

  113. Notser I am assuming your talking about that jingles vid

  114. its 20 without captains skills, and i think its fair enough that its
    difficult to set things on fire, otherwise every scarnhorst owner would
    just spam he! this forces u to learn new tatics for the ship! btw this
    could be a teaser for putting heavy cruisers into the game later on

  115. Sorry Notser, I respect you and all, but you’re wrong on this one. NA
    contributors (and WG NA) releasing information which were disclosed by the
    NDA is clearly a breach. We’re not talking about a picture of the ship
    here, but actual first person gameplay, stats and all. You can cry “but you
    can see it in your port” as much as you want, but you still signed a
    CONTRACT about NDA, didn’t you? And that CONTRACT was clearly breached. And
    all the while, EU contributors are sitting on their hands waiting. Because
    they would get their heads chopped off id they did the same thing.

  116. some dispersion hacking in the 2nd game
    nice video, Noster

  117. FFS I was still holding out for the Jingles/Notser collaboration ……
    looks like that ships sailed….

  118. What a piece of junk

  119. Dedicated cruiser killer?

  120. I thought the chance of a fire aplys to every single shell…?

  121. I guess this ship will be epic with 7.2 km secondaries + torps. It will be
    a BEAST! :D

  122. So many overpens even when full broadside. It really feels like a silent
    battleship nerf since the last patch. My overpen rate increased drastically
    and I’m still aiming the same way.

  123. If your comments at the beginning of this episode are directed at Jingles,
    I highly recommend you watch it again. His comments were directed mainly at
    Wargaming NA. He even said if he was a NA contributor he would be doing the
    same thing. As a fellow Texan I understand the ire when I think my
    integrity has been attacked. Love your work bro.

  124. I have to sign NDAs in my day job constantly and to be honest i feel the
    person who shan’t be named does have a point though…why should NA
    contributors put the gameplay first on youtube, regardless of what they can
    and can’t see in a game or can do on a regular account? NDA is a
    contractual agreement, not an ultimatum which only varies between person to
    person. As a slight off topic, I think EU peeps are (very) bitter already
    as NA gets better (and more numerous) events, cheaper stuff in the premium
    store, MUCH better weekend extras and are generally given more for nothing.
    EU server is the cashcow for WoWs and it really shows…especially more
    recently. You can pretty much guarantee that if EU has something special
    going on, NA and RU for that matter have it 5x better (example: 500
    doubloons costs the equivalent of about $3.50 on EU. In NA the same only
    costs $2.27. Ships have even more variance between them. Considering the EU
    server has some very poor countries on it, this seems highly inappropriate
    that US people get huge discounts on everything. Why does NA get everything
    SO cheap?). But rant over, nonetheless, this particular drama has NOTHING
    to do with NA people getting ‘attacked’ by EU people, but everything to do
    with mutual respect for press account holders on other servers. I don’t
    agree with the way (the person we’re discussing) said it as I personally
    love most of the NA contributors and know you’re not to blame in any way,
    but I do agree with him in principal and understand his frustration that
    it’s pretty unfair on EU contributors that on a global video platform
    (youtube), equal rules quite simply don’t apply. Which IS what this all
    boils down to, regardless of ‘who sees what’ or ‘what goes on and what
    doesn’t and ‘how it does/doesn’t’. Seriously, it isn’t. That’s nursery
    (Kindergarten) talk. Seems either biased or seriously irresponsible on the
    part of whoever sets these NDA’s up to do something which will blatantly
    get people at each other’s throats. NB: If I’m wrong in my assumption that
    there are different NDA’s and (the person we’re talking about) means
    everyone has the same NDA and that NA break it consistently, then surely
    that’s a cut and dry case? NA *are* breaking the rules in that possibly
    hypothetical case; at least in the eyes of a lawful contract.

  125. You could in fact see the ship’s stats while hovering over them in the pre
    battle interface if you had compare with my ship turned on.

  126. You could in fact see the ship’s stats while hovering over them in the pre
    battle interface if you had compare with my ship turned on.

  127. What i don’t understand. the pen might not seem that great but you always
    get a bunch of overpens. How does this go together ?

  128. omg…drama drama drama…please people. do not let the WoWs youtubers
    sucumb to drama -_-

  129. WAR!!!!!!!

    EDIT: This is also the regular non premium tier 7 German BB so better get
    used to it (or bring/buy tons of free xp) if you want the Bismarck or

  130. So much salt from Murrica 😀

    12:20 – that’s cruiser level of lead ;)

  131. You badly misinterpreted what jingles said. Fact is, rules were broken by
    scumbags and war gaming NA didn’t do anything about it. That is not open to
    interpretation, its a fact. Someone seeing the ship in game doesn’t betray
    it’s stats. Showing perspective game play with numbers, reload timers and
    detailed information does.

  132. lul mad at jingles

  133. 95.000 damage on a Budyonny? Not bad Notser, not bad at all.

  134. yessssssss i love it

  135. fuck yea bring on the shaaaaaarnhoarst videos

  136. Seems a bit disappointing when comparing it to a Kongo.

  137. I’m pretty sure you’re talking about Jingles because you’ve spoken about
    him before in a similar way. So assuming you are talking about him; I
    believe he was complaining about Wargaming North America doing things which
    he wouldn’t be allowed to do, when theoretically Wargaming NA are being
    held to that same standard. I’m no Jingles fan-boy, I just feel you
    misrepresented that slightly. Feel free to correct me.

  138. Sir Orrin Productions

    I have never bought a premium ship, it just seems like a lot of money for a
    virtual ship. but man, this ship looks like so much fun.

  139. I like the fact that you respectfully responded to Jingles, however you
    have missed a few points. Not everyone is as respectful as you, you might
    not have breached the NDA but others did and those were the people that
    Jingles was talking about

  140. After the first game the achievement in question was the Fire Proof.

  141. The more Scharnhorst I see, the more I want it. Hopefully she will be
    released soon.
    Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and the other German BBs, my port will be busy :P

  142. pretty sure “this person” doesnt lie, bb notser ill watch other wows from
    now on, seems you are biased.

  143. The roast of Jingles

  144. Noster. When you take lead shots before 0.5.9, you used to attention at
    stopwatch animation with a flash but after 0.5.9 patch was done we can’t
    use that function. How do you think of that patch? Did it affect whole
    times in your recent games?

  145. oooooh, Jingles send

  146. About the NDA there are NA players releasing the stats and creating videos
    about the stats on German battleships, you don’t do that but others
    definitely do. I think your talking about what Jingles said and he is right
    but he isn’t talking about all NA community contributors. He was also angry
    that the NA wargamming office wasn’t doing anything about the players
    breaking the NDA

  147. Man, the sean horse is looks great.

  148. Lol youre talking about Jingles…

    He does have a point… if you searched as much as a week ago there were
    1st person gameplay videos of german bb’s

    That’s really disappointing that you get so offended by him telling the
    truth… just because you didn’t breach the rules…

  149. Who said what? I am confused.. What is the controversy on NA contributors?

  150. somebody is watching mingles with jingles :)

  151. Brendyn Bartos (MrEndeavour)

    So many scharnhorst reviews!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see how many there will be
    in each battle when it is released.

  152. embargo over. 3rd video on it I have watched today, not complaining cant
    wait for this ship.

  153. I really want this ship, when does it come out Notser?

  154. German high quality product

  155. FIRST!

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