More Range, Better DPM, Flatter Shell Arcs – Jinan Buffed 12.10

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  1. Try out the AP on the Jinan. In closer range I always swap to the AP and it works very well

  2. PQ you have made this mistake in the Austin game aswell, if you are very close range to a ship, which doesnt have shortfuse or low caliber AP, then just give flat broadside. They will overpen!

  3. PQ using Sep as a punching bag and made him eat all torps in the 2nd match

  4. Surprised you don’t have the legendary commander on this. He’s amazing on this ship.

    • @yomammasaurusrex9571

      He’s even better on the Yueyang

    • The legendary commander is horrible on Jinan.

      High Alert talent? Jinan isn’t good at getting Combat Scout.
      Torpedo Attack Expert talent? You need six torpedo hits for the talent to start.
      Emergency Supplies talent? Jinan isn’t good at tanking.

      Hence why he runs Da Rong which is far superior.

    • @@dzello Torp Talent alone makes it worth. If you’re not getting 6 torp hits you’re playing it wrong and to call him horrible is asinine.

    • @@samgraham5180 Nope, just improved Demolition alone is more worth than the entire legendary commander which is why people don’t put their Sa Zhenbing on Jinan; he’s also far better on Yueyang across the board.

      The torpedo talent is a noob bait: you need 6 torpedo hits to trigger it in the first place and the extra torpedo reload booster comes as a very late game buff when you need it least so it has little game impact.

  5. I have a bit if a stupid question: why are flatter shell arcs considered better? If they have the same lead time, then I would presume that taller arcs are better for something like Jinan since it wants to hit the superstructure and deck with HE anyway, it doesn’t fire AP much so flat impacts into belt armor don’t really matter as much, and it lets the player lob shells over islands more easily.

    • It’s not 1:1. Change the flight arc and leave other numbers constant

    • the question is, are the leadtime the same ? it feels faster, more direct

    • @@keviin1314 Maybe it is, I honestly don’t know, idk if higher arcs are compensated for with higher velocity so that they hit the water at the same time as lower arcs. Maybe it’s not like that, in that case lower arcs are just better, plus I realized that hitting an enemy with plunging fire is much harder than hitting them with a straight line shot because their position in both dimensions matters much more rather than only one dimension really mattering.

    • flatter shell arcs means the muzzle velocity, shell drag, or some other variable on the shells was changed to make them perform better. It’s why Soviet cruiser guns are so good, they have very little shell drag and high initial muzzle velocity, which means they can pen a lot of stuff that other nation’s guns with the same or bigger caliber can’t (example given: Petro AP is as good or better than Bismarck’s AP penetration wise)

    • No, Jinan line all get better velocity too.

  6. Man, Jinan would be a blast on Legends with my build (2.5s reload based off PC stats). Too bad she’s been banished to the shadow realm for over 10 months. Great vid, PQ, would love to see some more cruiser vids.

  7. i have been wondering about deep water torps, as when asashio came into the game it was BB only but now they are in the game quiet commonly but hit crusiers too if asashio will get a buff as it has been power creeped
    as always thanks for the video

    • If asashio could hit cruisers too it would be a monster imo, one can dream

    • I might be wrong, but I think the gimmick with Asashio was the deepwater torps plus their insane range, 20km if I recall. Maybe thats why they omitted cruisers as targets. I like Jinan but I suck at playing her. Well to be fair I suck at the game, but yea.

    • @@cloggedpitot1 no you are absolutly right 20km torps based on real torps that the japanese used that had a range of 27km in real life. So the guns were super slow, but you used to be able to choose between 15km torps and 20 km torps with the commander skills at one point then with the first rework that went away,
      So you had only at that time two boats with 20km torps Asashio and Shima and only Asashio had the deepwater torps and then power creep as well as the introduction of deep water torps on other boats
      now IX Iwami, X Shimakaze,
      Yoshino, Yamagiri, Kitakami, have 20km torps as well
      and 31 ships have deep water torps that can hit Carriers, BBs and cruisers.
      just curious haha

    • @@opposingcritter yes yes it would be, well for 5% of the players… those people who stay at 20 to 15 km still would not hit anything and claim it was a bad ship

    • except Asashio is tier 8, and it contest with stuff like Harbin, Siliwangi, Hsienyang or Irian, all of which are weaker area denial than Asashio so no, no buff.

  8. Aa skill lets you almost smoke up straight after last one runs out, plus your torp reload booster gets a boost

  9. At 6:12 I think you can probably go broadside and get away with it? Italian ap will definitely overpen jinan at this range

  10. Just want Yoda to get a buff

  11. I would take the AA Expert instead of the Demolition Expert since Jinan already has a workable AA suite, DFAA and reducing the cooldown of consumables is nice

  12. You also should sport the special commands with the increased fire chance

  13. I loved this ship before the changes

  14. For some reason the Jinan is not as tough as the Austin. I find the Jinan just gets wreaked all the time and the Austin would pull a crazy bounce.

  15. Jinan still suffers hard when a DD/Sub is spotting it.

  16. Good tip when they are close like that, is to go wide spread.

  17. @anthonyretzlaff3117

    Can you do a US Maine one take I play the Playstation version wows legends and I want to grind a American line of battle ships, and I absolutely love your content and have used it to grind a few lines already. Love your stuff man

  18. Literally for the first time since I started playing wows (early 2016) they are buffing something I’m grinding right now – ITA dds and PA cruisers. I was waiting only 7 years. xD

  19. is Jinan worth to grind after buff when u already have Smolensk?

  20. Can u play san martin with new commander skills giving it an insane consumable cooldown time

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