Christmas Update Is Here & It’s Massive – 2023

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  1. Hey PQ there’s a secret Santa container hidden in the armory where you buy Santa containers there’s intractable gingerbread men and you need to click them in a certain order and you get a free container

  2. I was really pleasantly surprised by how generous this event is. The battlepass has a lot of great rewards, at good intervals, even for the free line. They seem to be taking care of players, at least over the holidays.

    • This! Easily the bes Christmas event we ever had. On top of that we also got a code for T8 camo and Mega container. To compare, WoT is like scammer game (not surprised since it’s almost dead)

    • They need to, the game is dying!

    • Is this santa city or battle pass? and no battle pass missions so if you have defeat games you still progress thru santa city missions.

    • something no one has mentioned about the Santa city (battle pass replacement) is if you look closely, you will see the progression is divided up into 4 different boxes with 5 levels each, the first only requires you to get 10 points per level to get the reward. the next box is 15 per level, the 3rd is 30 points per level, and the last is 45 points. the extra bonuses at the end of the pass require 50 points per level so you will not be able to do as many bonus levels as you could in the regular battle pass. also the steel has been reduced to only 1200, the 3 free port slots are gone, and it cost 3500 dubs instead of 2500.

    • ​@@KharabPlayer95the game is growing and surely not dying. You are confusing it with WoT

  3. I got a peculiar gift from this update. I loaded up the game and was granted 780k free XP, hadn’t played in like a year but I’m not complaining.

  4. @JohnsRandomVids_US

    FYI everyone: in the same place in the armory that you can buy the Santa Gift containers (12:30) there’s another hidden Santa Gift container locked behind a hidden minigame. Click on the “seemingly inconspicuous” Gingerbread cookies scattered around. If you click them in the right sequence to play Jingle bells, you’ll get another free Santa Gift container.

  5. Other than the kitakami event that seems extremly shit and greedy I consider this update to be pretty good.

  6. I got the Malta from a free crate. Could have been a different ship seeing as I’ve never played cv but I’m still pleasantly surprised and will give me a reason to play

  7. Also don’t forget that being part of clan can give you up to 10% bonus on every resource you’ll collect. Thats quite a lot if you going for all the snowflakes

  8. 12:32
    Another free crate is located in the armory. Click the gingerbread men in the correct order to play the song and you will get one.

  9. @joselitostotomas8114

    So, a total of 5 possible ships, except Kitakami. I’m planning to grab a steel ship, also. Haven’t made up my mind about which.

  10. There is a video where potato discusses his research bureau approach, using the Japanese line as an example. For the life of me, I can’t find the video. I think it was 3 or 4 months ago, and it was a very concise explanation of how best to game the research bureau points. If anyone remembers which video that is, I would be very grateful.

    • @davidballantyne4492

      I mean, he goes over it here as well, but it’s just reset and free xp the haru line repeatedly then buy the ships and play them each once.

  11. @davidballantyne4492

    You’re wrong about (or poorly wording) the snowflake bonuses. If you have 300 ships you can get 3 EXTRA per ship, for 4 in total. It also might be useful to advise people to get all their free (or paid!) santa boxes before buying a year of premium, since PT can drop from the boxes.

  12. My first regular santa container for going to the armory dropped a Bayard. Not a bad way to start the event.

  13. I think it has been a while since we had a middle ship in the dockyard.

  14. wow how nice of them to give us all this free stuff that doesnt cost them a dime to give. WG is so generous

  15. Got the Carnot out of a small box. That was a good feeling.

  16. Had the best haul from Santa containers ever bought 20 and had 6 ships one of them being the thunderer,really looking forward to this event

  17. I never get free ships from containers but during this event I have received 3. It’s pretty cool.

  18. 15:05 I actually got T7 Toulon with that xmas gift crate you are showing there. First time I got any ship out of any free premium container in this entire year.

  19. Even as a CC, I’m watching this video to make sure I didn’t miss anything. This patch really has ALOT!

  20. Most useful thing for me was showing how to reset the line multiple times for research bureau points.

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