My New Favorite Tub! (World of Warships)

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‘Pirate’ – Green-Man-Acoustic

‘Pirate Storm’ – nordmen

‘Adventure’ – Aif

Additional music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

‘Jab’ – Mike Koenig
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘wooshs 04 (medium)’ – toyoto
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Magic Wand Noise’ – Mike Koenig
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Cymbal Hits Reversed’ – CloudyEyeTavern
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Ta Da’ – Mike Koenig
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Dark Piano Tension’ – Werra
License: CC Public Domain

‘Text Readout Digital’ – blingo5

Additional effects courtesy of Epidemic Sound


  1. *Cums in Chinese*

  2. Get well soon papa sark, you sound like you got a cold..

  3. Thumbs up while video still loads… Because Sark

  4. Que buen video, muy gracioso. Seguí así Sark, la mayoría de las cosas que decías parecieran estar en otro idioma pero muy bueno.

  5. Would you rather have unlimited bacon but no video game or no bacon and no video games?

  6. Rice mouse button, yes.

  7. I shall sacrifice many goats until you get better Mr.Sark

  8. Some say Harold is still voyaging into the unknown to this day.

  9. A day that starts with a Sark video has LIMITLESS potential.

  10. Platonic Boat Buddies!

  11. I could watch these two play games forever

  12. Goddamnit Harold!

  13. I’m german and I rather don’t say what my Grandparents did during the war.

  14. Well if you will let other people cough into your mouth you’re bound to get sick.

  15. My dad, who’s never played a video game in his 60+ years of life, is playing this game regularly.

  16. Some Kind Of Retard

    It’s a ship.

    If I die from being triggered, my family will sue you.

  17. Why is the title ‘kayak’ but the notification said ‘boat’?

  18. I swear to god I’ve seen three different titles for this video. Dinghy kayak n another type of sark kraft

  19. The PhillyD joke out of nowhere killed me

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