Naval Legends: History of the US Carrier-borne Aviation. Part 1 | World of Warships

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CV rework arrives in Update 0.8.0. For that occasion we’ve prepared a special two-part episode about the history of U.S. Naval Aviation.
The first part will tell you about the birth of Naval Aviation and its development up to WWII.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you enjoy this episode?
    Don’t miss the second part next week!

  2. RougeDelta294 World of War

    I love this! I always learn something new in Naval Legends

  3. Kenzor - Movieclips

    I’ve been waiting years for a new episode of my favorite hystorical show ^^

  4. My favorite USS aircraft is Vought F4U Corsair

  5. This is what I sub for

  6. ‘Admirals believe that aircrafts cannot become a fully pledged strike force for the fleet’

    Japan : ‘hold my beer’

  7. “- Just another exercise…” -Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto

  8. great video…Now go balance AA for 8.0

  9. 17:38 perfect meme

  10. I never knew the U.s had a military exercise bombing Pearl Harbor before they moved naval bases.

    • Actually it wasn’t planned. General Mitchell, at the time, was pushing for a stronger Air Force. But most didn’t think it would be useful in combat. So to prove his point he launched a surprise “Attack” on pearl harbor. Needless to say the other Generals/Admirals were not happy with him even though he showed them what they could do. So they “asked” him to retire.
      American hubris, even after the successful “attack” they still believed it was impossible for aircraft to sink an entire fleet and that Pearl Harbor was safe.

    • TherianLycan — so the original Millenium Challenge

    • +TherianLycan lots of hubris and politics. Same thing happened with tanks.

    • I wasn’t aware of that as well.

  11. When a Gaming channel bring you better historical information than cable tv.

  12. Video about American naval aviation, everything is in metric. Top. Kek.

  13. Oh god, oh god, the plane is on fire?

  14. CV rework rage comments incoming in 3,2,1,……

  15. fachreza eka kurnia

    Next : japanese carrier borne aviation? Or british carrier borne aviation?

  16. Metric system, so satisfying

  17. you better do a naval legends series for Japanese naval aircraft.

  18. I love these documentaries

  19. the difference here is that AA can actually shoot the plane down BEFORE he torpedoes your ship

    • Actually, AA Guns on ships, despite being an inpenetrable wall of steel like the Cleveland or Atlanta class, it used a laughable amount of ammo compared to a fighter due to the distance between the target.

  20. in part I buy premium stuff with a good heart as I know some of the funds go towards these awesome documentaries!

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