World of Warships Aircraft Carriers – Not Ready For Launch

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World of Warships is pushing the rework for a launch that coincides with patch 8.0. In my opinion, they aren’t ready for launch. There are just too many issues right now, least of all being bugs.


  1. Geoff the Ironwolf

    Been saying this on REDDIT for weeks now.

  2. I agree. Boring potential.

    • There is nothing boring about it all they have to do is put though torpedo planes back into the game. This is geared toward new players. If it was my first time trying World of Warships this would be far from boring compared to that stupid slugfest with those pre-World War 2 ships.

  3. I dont think that they should have unlimited aircraft, if a player wants they can spend the entire came throwing planes at every aa cruiser on the other team and once those are gone totally wreck the rest of the enemy. So i think they are too strong. At least with the old style play and even a great carrier player in my aa cruiser I’d have a chance and even if he focused me down it would give my team breathing room cause I would have taken out most of his planes. Now they can spawn forever.

    • +XxxQCxxX it most certainly does, any ship that goes through enemy fire (especially HE) will lose AA mounts and the overall strength of the AA on a ship will go down. as more and more are destroyed by said fire. This is especially true for US battleships as the bulk of their AA damage is in the form of 40mm turrets that are incredibly vulnerable to HE shells, I’ve had salvos from enemy ships knock out close to a dozen at a time. Combine that with the removal of range increasing skills or modifications and it’s a recipe for carriers to get away with risky plays they really shouldn’t be able to.

    • +Ethan Greagor AA does not decrease significantly enough over the time of a battle to warrant it being made more powerful. Carriers will get away with what they deserve to get away with due to the skill of the player the same as every other class as they are supposed to. Those ships knocking out your AA is a perfect example of how team play works where those ships are helping the Carrier by reducing your ability to stop its aircraft. It is no different to a destroyer spotting targets for a Battleship to fire at or 2 Battleships creating a cross fire to attack an enemy ship so it has no option but to take damage. It is intended team game play so quit whining about it.

    • +XxxQCxxX skill means nothing when there is no counterplay to aircraft, with how the AA is gimped right now even AA specialized ships are getting pathetic shoot-down counts, the removal of range boosters and the move to pure RNG for flak bursts not only greatly reduces the risk to carrier aircraft but means that protecting allied ships from air attacks got even more difficult. We can’t even tell our AA to focus on one squadron and they ignore the planes that aren’t in the attack wave. If they’re going to introduce skill to one aspect in the form of direct squadron control they need to add it to the other side so that it is not a one-sided trade, AA is even less hands on now which is hard to believe seeing as how is and soon to be was. What you’re arguing is massively nerfing one form of team play for another that requires no extra thought from players in the form of just shooting HE at ships (which most ships overwhelmingly fire anyways). Pointing out balance issues I see and the potential ramifications of such things is not “whining”. I want to see the CV rework be a success but right now there are glaring issues that still need to be addressed and one of them is the power balance between AA and aircraft.

    • I totally agree but you know NoZoup and all of these other big CC’s and Unicum players are never going to accept this change, he says give in more time and if they did extend it he and all these other Testers will just find something else to complain about just to prevent it from ever releasing!!!!! and this is coming from the guy that said Conqueror was Balanced when it first released lol

    • +Andrew978 their thing is to critique new things though, gauging the playability of new content is as much about how much they say as what they say, if they’re pointing out big issues such as the disparity of AA or the general unfinished feel of many parts it’s a pretty good indicator that more work needs to be done. If they’re complaining about very minor things that are more of personal preferences than actual issues you could reasonably say a patch or content is pretty well polished. And they might be CC’s but that doesn’t mean they’re ultimate authorities on the game or that they can’t grow as a player. And as CC’s getting early access it usually only gives them the perspective of playing that ship and not playing against it. I’m sure he doesn’t hold the same opinion towards the conqueror now as he did then

  4. TBH, the way things are working I think players not playing CVs is the best outcome. A proper revamp of the RTS model would be so much better than this.

    • Since battleships were rendered obsolete by World War II they should get rid of battleships in World of Warships.

    • +SCI that’s a complete and utter lie and if you play this game you know that. Wargaming made a damn 2-hour video debunking your lies.

    • play030 Foolish welps those who believe every word that comes out of WG’s developers when talking about general statistics and player feedback.

    • EXACTLY!
      just fix current CVs instead
      torp arming distance can be increased to demand more skilled prediction drops, which will make evading them easiler if u maneuver properly, rewarding skilled play from both sides.
      spotting from multiple squads is too strong, so making u able to get spotting info from only 1-2 squads at a time would balance this. its like listening to reports from only a few squads at a time on the radio and cant listen to others at the same time. switching between squads to get different spotting data can take time and have a cooldown, so u have to make a choice instead of spotting everything at the same time.
      AA can get stronger the longer u stay in it, to avoid perma DD spotting, or bombers hovering over targets for a long time to get perfect drops on them. this way its actually more reaslitic, as gunners improve their aim over time on the same targets. AA will return to normal GRADUALLY after the squad is out of range, so u cant insta reset it.
      AA can also be converted into direct dmg like in the rework, so u feel the power of your AA more, and get a direct reward for it that is also visually verified.
      AA can be considered to be used manually if desired, to focus its firepower more effectively, IF you dont focus on anything else at the time. of course it should only be really strong up close so its fair.
      WG should offer good guides directly to the players after bad cv games, ideally with advice on their mistakes

    • Just remove CVs, it is world of warships, not world of warplanes, why do we have planes in the game in the first place?

  5. the AA is like basically firing Fireworks at Heavy metal sheets with props
    it’s really unrewarding for BBs and Cruisers

    • I’ve seen Fara and Falmu both end up with partial squadrons halfway through the game before AGAINST BOTS. I’ve also watched people utterly screw up the sectoring like poor Noster who kept starting to switch AFTER the enemy flew over his boat and so did 50% damage most of his testing instead of 150% and still shot down 20 planes.

    • +Ralathar Renares but those 20 planes that were shot down, were shot down by a full AA Minotaur… I think a <8.0 Mino would shoot down a lot more planes...

    • +Dobrin Catteeuw Again, he was improperly sectored and so was doing 50% damage instead of 150% most of the match. Also, a carrier can only field like 100 planes max in a match over 20 minutes. If you shot down like 50 planes on your own you’d essentially be completely shutting down a CV as a single ship. That’d be insane.

    • +Ralathar Renares Maybe but this defines the skill of a CV player. What carrier let’s his planes go near to a DM, Worcester or Mink (maybe he can do so, but more to the end… I myself was in a Balti and got only focused once (just on live server) and during the course of the game I shot down 33 planes, even in a Balti. So because of this mistake or my play I made life tough for the CV… With no limitation to the amount of planes this kind of skill is of no use…

    • +Dobrin Catteeuw That DID define the skill of a carrier. They are trying to lessen your ability to end up helpless but still in the match as part of the rework and honestly, that’s better game design for the player experience. As well with just a few ships you could basically invalidate an enemy carrier’s existence and carriers controlled games so that meant enemy team lost. Arguments on skill levels are irrelevant at this point honestly. Old CVs were broken both in nature of being overpowered as well as broken in regards to nobody wanting to play them. It’s being focused towards a much healthier foundation of game design.

  6. They are far from the right path no ship Control no fighter control no consumable control everything is automatic no control no fun that’s what rts was fun. Control.

  7. No unlimited aircraft.
    Limit the range of the planes from the carrier. This would cause the carriers to sail with the fleet. No more flying the edge of the map to snipe the back. The spotting of planes would get a needed nerf. A good carrier player would not have control over the entire map.
    I agree it is not ready for prime time. If WG insist on rolling it out, make it COOP only. Players can still play the new cv’s with out causing total chaos in randoms and WG can continue to test and tweak.

    • Mike Grant, real life yammy can shoot beyond 30 kms.

    • @Ralathar Renares even if you are potatoes enough to have all your planes killed with one type of squadron, you can immediately jump on another type of squadron and start to harass the enemies. Some people said that it is impossible to have all the planes killed on your second squadron before the first type of squadron is refilled. Let’s say, you run out of torpedo bombers, just pick a rocket squadron while the torpedo bomber squadron is refilled.

    • +VuHien2011 Sure but you are far less effective when you are swapping out squads like that. Hell, you can burn through 3 squads – one of each as still not have the first at full strength. That is the point, the re-arm time is LONG. So if you are throwing planes away you simply wont be as effective as you seem to think.

    • The very youtuber you are referring to said, there is no punishment for yolowing

  8. THIS WHOLE RE WORK IS BROKEN! Unlimited planes?! Next to NO waiting time, hell NO WAITING time for High Tier attack squads, an entire Torp Bomber squad can be shot down, and the next can be launched in LESS than 10 seconds!

    WTF happened to RE ARM times? WTF happened to the IMMUTABLE fact that NO CV can carry 100+ planes??! And most of all WTF happened to GAME BALANCE??!

    The RTS model was removed for “spotting everything too easily” – well now THAT PROBLEM IS WORSE THAN EVER! If a CV wants to keep a DD lit it it no issue at all, ESPECIALLY with On Summon Fighter groups!

    Seriously, I have LOVED THIS GAME since CBT! But this, this is making me antsy, and considering quitting, especially if the Concealment Expertise skill goes to 10% flat, even for CRUISERS- and they do not BUFF Cruiser Concealment, at very lest so that it ends up roughly the same with all availabke concealment bonuses!

  9. I said it once in notsers video and I will say it in this. The reason that the aircraft carrier gameplay is being swapped is that RTS games don’t work well on consoles and they want to come out with WoWS legends.

    • That isnt true. They can do whatever they want with wows legends, the engine is totally different. It is not a port over. You won’t see console players on your pc wows. It is a different game with slightly similar mechanics. The only game I can think of that shares resources for console and pc is war thunder. War thunder players can face console players on the pc and vice versa. Wows will not be like this. They can choose to do whatever they wish with CVS and it will not effect any thing on the pc.

    • +endo mofo Are you naive, stubborn or just ignorant?

    • CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT< CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT! I bet your worthless inbred ass also thinks the world is flat don't you, stupid cunt.

    • +Snarky Wombat Stop drinking the coolade you inbred subhuman bitch.

  10. what about poor AA, Unlimited aircraft, the hole cv re-work is a mess, they are just ramming it down our throats, from what ive read most of the community dont even what the re-work as it is.

  11. AA needs to be reworked too. the AA flak bursts are too random. making it player controlled will make it PvP and about the infinite plane thing…..its okay to some extent if the plane preparation time happens in an increasing order. for example first wave will take 10s, once its destroyed the prep time will be 20s and 30s and so on. will make retards think twice before flying in des moines AA

    • To do that they would have to make it so in accurate there would be no point and if you forget about using your AA (which 90% of players will) then they will have 0 AA and be on the forums whining about OP CVs.

  12. I agree, CV rework needs to be delayed. If WG are pushing it out live in an unbalanced state because they need a ton more data then they aren’t thinking of solutions properly. If they NEED solid data that badly, then their best option to get said data AND keep the community happy would be to create a Public Beta Test Server for reworked CVs with tangible rewards to entice players to participate. Most players don’t bother to download the PTSs and play because there is negligible rewards for their live server accounts.
    If they did what they did in the original Beta testing phase of the game and offer a special ship on the live server for testers who play X amount of battles on the CV test server, then that could very well get them most, if not all of the relevant data they need. If they made a solid tier 6 premium ship and it was like the Arkansas B (ONLY available as a reward for testers and never to be sold whatsoever), then nearly every player who is a Collector would jump at the test server and play all the battles needed.

    Now, as for what is WRONG with the CV rework, there’s a pretty decent list growing.
    1. unlimited planes needs to go. With AA mounts being so susceptible to destruction by fire or HE shells, CVs just get stronger and stronger as the battle progresses.
    2. AA power of all non CV ships needs to be increased or all AA modules tweaked. Referring to the AA testing videos Notser made, the inability of a full AA spec Gearing not being able to shoot down a single plane even when using DFAA is disturbing and needs to be fixed. The lack of any kind of AA aura range boost via modules is also an issue IMO
    3. DFAA needs to appear to be doing something more than just messing with the drop angles/accuracy. There are videos out there where ships have DFAA active and the drop from a torpedo bomber squadron appears entirely unaffected.
    4. Visual bugs and issues need fixing. Torpedoes have often been seen to not get their overhead markers despite having armed. Also, Torpedo trails should show up immediately upon entering the water, not have to enter a certain range before being detected. Seeing as they’re plane dropped from relatively close range, they should never be able to be stealth dropped.
    5. Sector allocation moved to compass controlled. When a sector is selected in the current UI, it takes up the whole screen then it appears on the compass as a shaded green wedge on one side of the ship. Changing the selection interface to be just press control key to bring up the cursor then click on one side of the ship (click again to deselect the sector), would allow players to still focus on the battle at the same time, not missing important things because of the current UI.

    As for the AA range of ships appearing on the mini map for CV players, I say NO.
    Firstly that would allow an attentive CV player to never unintentionally stray in to AA range of a ship and just skirt them on their way to another target, all while keeping them spotted for their team. Secondly, It would clutter up the minimap too much if it showed the AA ranges of all enemy ships when spotted. Not having it would also allow for there to be some distinction between CV player skill levels. Really good CV players would roughly know the maximum AA range of most ships at the tiers their CV would face anyway

    • ShadowmonkeyX: Right on. I didn’t pay to be their live server guinea pig/test subject.

      That they think it appropriate to pull this move on their community/player population, many of which have spent tens or more of millions of dollars collectively on the game for things such as months and years of premium account time as one example shows how ill considered this whole enterprise is. It only sews distrust with their customer base going forward.

    • If it delays it’ll just cause more and more screaming, shut up, sit down, and let it happen because WG sure as fuck won’t delay because stupid inbreds like you THINK it needs delayed. Leave the thinking to the people who can actually see the writing on the wall.

  13. Sadly; the fundamental problem they had with CVs in the past will not be fixed by this rework – even as gameplay changes radically. And that problem is…

    …the enormous difference in speed: planes are several times faster than ships. As a CV, you are always where needed. You always have the initiative. You always choose where and when to attack. Surface ships get no say in this… they can be as specialized as they want on killing aircraft, but that can’t use that strength to force a fight the CV if the CV doesn’t want to. This huge difference in flexibility then ends up needing to be balanced by having lowered absolute power levels. Which then becomes a problem if both sides happen to be in a static blob; at which point the CV can suddenly do nothing.

    They rejected putting early guided missiles into the game (this was actually explored and tested internally) because it would be unfun to defend against. But aircraft do essentially the same thing.

    Besides that there are two more problems that they could fix if they chose to, but they have chosen not to (for good reasons?):

    1) Module destruction. The power level between two surface ships does not change noticeably over the course of a battle. Yes, you _can_ lose turrets – something that used to be quite common on destroyers – but they have taken steps to make sure that it’s an exception and not a rule. Perversely, you even get more powerful as your ship gets turned to molten slag (thanks to AR). Against aircraft, however, your plane killing power will have huge swings depending not only on commander skills, but on how much of your AA is knocked out. A ship can easily swing a full factor 10 in power between no damage + all the bells and whistles on one side and no special skills + lots of damage on the other. That makes it almost impossible to meaningfully balance AA vs aircraft… but removing module destruction would possibly make for a “flatter” and less interesting experience.

    2) AA is not an active player skill. You can manage sides (or, as today, mark a squad for +30%), but that’s it. The planes will drop you and if his approach is perfect, you can’t get out of it thanks to the speed of his planes. It’s his drop to miss. You defend with maneuver basically do/don’t drop speed and do/don’t max rudder. That’s it.

    Mark my words: this will not fix the problem. I appreciate the effort, but the only thing this will do is to bring the experience more in line with the other classes. Which might be nice, but you don’t really care too much about the interface the other guy is dealing with when you are playing against him, you care that the fight feels like a fair one.

  14. i think this rework is dog sh!t..

  15. if this is released in its current state or any variation of it currently will DESTROY the game and chase thousands of players from the game. this “rework” in its current state is game breaking and it disgusts me.

  16. I just wish I had a choice as a player to select a mode WITH or WITHOUT carriers. The same team/map everything is completely different when 1 ship gets switched out for a carrier (or 3 on the PTS). I find myself abandoning queue when I see any carriers are potentially going to be in my game. I find myself logging off after having 3-4 games in a row that are just dominated by carriers.

    The rework changes some of this, yes, but frankly I would like to be able to select NOT to play with carriers if I don’t want to. I have no problems with other “OP” ships, or game mechanics.

    This option will never be available, BUT I wouldn’t be surprised that if it ever was, that we’d see a majority of players opting to keep CVs out of their queue.

  17. im not gonna lie, I want this CV rework to fail. if only to see the current dev team put up against the wall.

    the new game play is as boring as sin at every level. once players get over the intial hubbub. the brainless battlesheep will go back to driving in straight lines clicking their mouse every 30 seconds, every Destroyer will go back hugging his island waifus and every cruiser player will got back whatever Cruiser players do. all that is going to come of this as that alot of the current Carrier players are going to leave and take the income they provided to Wargaming elsewhere. its going to take a minor miracle for this farce of a rework to actually increase carrier player numbers after the first month or so

    carrier game play used to need a layer to engage his/her brain to use them. this new style is so dumbed it reminds me of the old film Luke Wilson Idiocracy

    • Kais: Since your commentary is so toxic I’m going to have to step in correct you here. Idiocracy is in fact a Mike Judge film. He directed and produced the movie and wrote it with Ethan Cohen. Luke Wilson played the lead character, Jack. Proper credits where they are due; otherwise your sloppiness is no better than those BB players you describe and think you’re better than.

  18. Just watch, DDs are going to be CV hunting again and ignoring caps.

  19. if they release this cv rework it will be disastrous for battleships. and i will stop playing

    • Good, more space for the intelligent rather than the crybabies. Shoo, scram, we don’t need cunts like you in our game.

  20. They are pushing it out quickly because they don’t want to delay the console launch. Seems silly to me as most console players would rather have a good game at launch rather than an unbalanced buggy mess

    • Basically, they’re going to use the live servers as beta testers for at least two months, to get this mess sorted out before they dump it on the console version as well.

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