Navy Expert Reviews World of Warships

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Join us in this unique series where a real-life Navy Veteran and a Tank Commander dive into the World of Warships game. They’ll be sharing their expert insights, breaking down the gameplay, and discussing the realistic aspects and the creative liberties taken in the game. Get ready to see World of Warships through the eyes of professionals who have sailed actual warships. From accuracy to tactics, we’ll get their first-hand opinions on everything. Tune in for an exciting blend of gaming and real-world military expertise.
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Sailor Reviews World of Warships


  1. CHRISTMAS ALERT!! Until 12.12.2023. Whether you’re an experienced commander or a newbie to World of Warships, receive TONS of in-game goodies!! click this link:

  2. @tylermiddleton5826

    I thought the Yamato only had one battle and lost awesome ship but did not do much in battle.

    • She only fired her main guns in anger once at ships, in the Battle off Samar, where she out weighted the entire US force and was credited with sinking an escort carrier. She fired them again with AA shells during her last fight.

    • i mean to be honest the uss iowa with its better fire control system even though it had less big guns would probably win, it’d just boat away, shoot and has a way better chance thn hiitting@@frednone

    • She had three engagements that any of her weapons were fired in: Samar, Ten Go, and I forget what the one before Samar was called.

      Only during Samar did she fire upon enemy vessels, temporarily crippling Johnston and White Plains. Both were able to repair their power plants, Johnston being later put down by Kongou and White Plains managing to limp away and survived the battle.

    • ​@Kaiberus the Iowa had the advantage if there is any weather conditions other than bright and sunny, and during the night (later on). However, in the time period when she overlaps with Yamato, the Japanese trained for night fighting. Iowa had the radars and better fire control, so yes she’d have a clear advantage at range, but Yanato is a very tough ship. It’s more likely Iowa mission kills her than sinks Yamato outright.

    • She was nicknamed hotel Yamato for a reason

  3. In naval warfare it is a legitimate ruse to fly a false flag, which is why there are usually challenge and responses when two ships meet each other.

    A Nautical Mile is a little over 1.1 mile. So, a ship traveling at 40 knots would be at about 45 mph.

    In the Battle off Samar, the Yamato out weighed the entire American force, and she had a lot of friends.

  4. i would have appreciated gamecapture of someone who knows what he is doing. there is plenty of replays out there.

  5. 25:55 I live at Gölcük near the Turkish naval command and naval shipyard and have a lot of navy friends, one of them has a memory of going to the deck at night to smoke and after they come back they realise one of them is missing, turns out one man had fallen into sea and got blended into red mist by the rotors

  6. hearing the dude describe all the bullshit ways you die is the reason i joined the Army. out in the ground i can control my fate but on a ship its pretty much guaranteed death.

  7. I hope we get his reaction on modern naval games as well.

  8. I love this game, espeically the console version World of Warships: Legends. Just a great mix of history and arcady naval combat. CUrrently working on a French Heavy Cruiser at the time of writing this.

    Also please get someone who knows how to play this game make future clips for you. it was so painful watching them shoot over enemy ships and just running headlong into enemy gunfire full broadside.

  9. The average rate of fire for a warship is 1 – 12 rounds per minute, depending on main gun caliber and battle conditions.

  10. Great to see Max Bloom…. Navy Seal, Special Forces, Green orange and purple beret. The man did it all

  11. in game the Yamato isn’t all that tough, the cheek armour weakness that lets you drive ap rounds into her citadel, the random number generator ( rng ) used to calculate shot accuracy often truly ruins a shot.
    I took a 2 tier lower battleship up against the Yamato in game, in 2 salvos of my 9 15 inch guns I got 7 citadel hits and took 95% of her health. The team mate I was trying to aid got the kill and we continued hunting the other team.

  12. We already have a navy expert on this stuff, and his name is The Mighty Jingles.

  13. @sealordmountbatten

    The commentary is great but the gameplay is just pure pain, there’s so many mechanics and aspects about the ships that don’t get shown off. There’s many of us out there that wouldn’t mind sending a replay if asked!

  14. 9:42 that’s literally what I once said in the official stream those ships are not leaning enough damn happy to see someone having same opinion

  15. The Yamato at the very end of the war tried to sail out and beach itself off Okinawa to become an unsinkable gun platform (Japan lacked the fuel to really put it proper use).. It was thoroughly beat down and sunk from air dropped torpedoes (17 of them)…

  16. @dimitriorelnov7851

    the reason that you don’t put a tank on a ship as a weapon is because a warship can have guns far more larger, shoots further and more accurate with it’s large radar, auto loader and so on, and we have missiles goes 200+ km today. BUT, putting tanks on a ship is actually done to turn a transport ships or even civilian ships into combat-capable sea platforms.

  17. The thing with the WWI Emden, is it was basically alone against the British Pacific fleet, and still the captain was famous for his gentlemanly way of war when he was attacking shipping.

  18. I honestly want to see how they react to some of the hybrid ships

  19. With the german cruiser emden, thats just how all cruisers looked back then. Its an old 1800s ship and most were 4 stack. Even many dds looked the same.

  20. @MidnightRoselle222

    The rule of war that applies to the original Emden was that a warship has to fly their battle ensign when they engage in any combat. They flew other nations flags to get close, but they switched to the battle ensign just before opening fire so they technically weren’t breaking any rules, just being crafty and sneaky. At least that’s what I’ve read.

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