Noobs in naval games… #worldofwarships

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  1. The reason the health bar is such an ridiculous

    • War thunder Vs Wargaming

    • It is ridiculous from a simulation level perspective, but it makes sense for a game design perspective.

      A good naval simulation would be… Kinda boring. It would be battleship vs battleship where either both sides can’t kill the other or one side is capable of absolutely obliterating the other. It would be long range, low accuracy and entirely chance based.

      Once the battleships had thier game of roll the dice the side who lost would only be capable of relying on torpedos that they better hope they have, with one set per ship (except for certain Japanese destroyers who did carry a reload) but those ships with torpedos would be at huge risk of death until they were launched, one shell from anything hitting wrong or too close would end them.

      Destroyers would die almost on contact with the enemy, because a cruiser or battleship hitting them would tear the ship in half in 9/10 cases.

      Very few ships would explode, those that did would do so immediately upon impact or sink after a good hit.

      But importantly there would be no way for the players to know how, when or why this happened or was going to happen.

      HP bars are stupid in a simulation context, but In an arcade style of game aimed at being fun? They work better there, though they lead to stupid situations like a 105mm gun exploding a battleship or a destroyer surviving a mid ship hit from a battleship or torpedo while it’s torpedo rack is full.

    • @@treeherder42nerd

    • War Thunder > all war gaming

    • Guys I found playtech on google earth 😂


  3. Natural 20 critical rolls be like.

  4. As ex Navy I approve this message!

  5. Bro was flabbergasted

  6. Me in war thunder going above my tier cause no one realizes you can hotkey every weapon and turret on your ship

  7. Imagine going back to base and having to explain that

  8. For those who are curious: it’s a common trick to ease new players into online games by giving them either a strong handicap or opponents who are actually bots masquerading as humans.

    It may sound manipulative, and it can be, but the original intent of this design trick was to help players who maybe weren’t into multiplayer gain a bit of confidence so they’d stick around and have fun rather than feel their jitters were justified after getting curb-stomped during their first match.

    • Well, if they end up having fun, that’s cool.

      I think another great way to do this that’s a bit more honest is to have actual bot matches available.

      Warships does this, and it’s a great way to practice before taking on real players.

    • Yeah, but as someone who isn’t a literal child with the motor reflexes of a 80 year old…

      It’s just annoying as fuck. If I sprint out around a corner and into the sight of three people, all with their guns up… I should die.

      I should be taught “That shit is stupid and will get you killed” but instead I get to crouch, spin, hipfire and mow them all down… And then that sets the tone for how I think I can play the rest of the game. Or I realise that’s a fucking bot.

      And then I play a normal, non-bot game, and get stuck with absolute noobs who may as well be bots who try playing it like its single player CoD on super easy baby mode… Or I later find out the did a Fortnite and replaced half the lobby with bots to “make players feel like they’re doing better”.

      Just yet another reason to avoid that trashheap of a game…. But they aren’t the only game that quietly added bots to their multiplayer lobbies.

    • get good@@lyntonfleming

    • @@Nerobyrne The idea is to help people get over the psychological hump of going up against other humans. Losing badly against a bot is annoying. Losing badly against a human is embarrassing!

    • @@lyntonfleming This is a very common design trick that’s been used since, oh, at least the very first Gears of War. The point is to get people over the psychological hump that is playing against other humans. Learning can come later.

  9. the fact the lvl 1 Navy is actually fighting on land lol

  10. @gregoirebasseville4797

    I really expected another friendly fleet, with the enemies not even having noticed the lvl1 guys, and them claiming someone else’s victory.
    Mike *Smoke clears and we see 5 sumbarines*

    • @michaelpettersson4919

      In another game I sometimes solo a boss grinding down the mob slowly. Then suddenly the enemy gets a massive hit point drop due yo snother player arriving at the scean.

  11. The ensign is giving orders to the lieutenant who he calls commander, while the commander is armed with the bow and arrow. I want a word with your wardrobe person.

  12. The only 3 men we needed for D-day

  13. @chasebourgon6480

    “This is embarrassing…” 😂
    At least you didn’t get an arrow to the knee so you can adventure on the high seas another day!

  14. “That’s embarrassing” lmao

  15. @mohammedsyedosman780

    The confidence to shoot an arrow at a warship from that range is staggering

  16. Those boys look fine in their Navy uniforms.

  17. But for only $99 they will sell you the latest premium battleship at T8 and you too can win the day!

  18. Rowan made the perfect accent in defeat😂😂😂

  19. I would be embarrassed to if my war ship was sunken by a bow, and hand gun and a bolt action rifle 😂

  20. @khromyakvsevolod3664

    The fact that the ships were lead by Rowan explains everything.

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