World of Warships – Carried

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In which SeaRaptor has to play his cards extremely close to his chest in a light cruiser in order to carry his team to victory.

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  1. Have a nice Tuesday, folks

  2. Anyone else see how depressingly close those tops got on the Vladavostok?

  3. Wake up, babe. It’s Jingles’ annual use of “Carried” in a title.

  4. i love when your new vid notif pops up right when i need something nice to fall asleep to 🙂 love your voice and laugh, man the commentary is gentle on the ears but entertaining 10/10

  5. it always amazes me how fast one team can collapse.

    • I can’t tell you how many times I look at the ships alive on both teams in a game and I think to myself “Okay, we doing good so far.” Then about a couple minutes pass and suddenly, “WTF, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY TEAM!?”

  6. One other Characteristic of the San Diageo Jingles is that San Diageo has better Shell Ballistics then her sister ships. You can even Citadel ships from further away then on the Atlanta or Flint.

    Also if Yuros recent video on the ship was anything to go buy, she was the Atlanta that got sunk in port in Azura Lane “MY SHIP!!!!!!” LOL.

  7. 15:51
    Look at the chat.. The team aknowledges and compliments SR’s Vladivostok for surviving and holding on as long as he did. Awesome to see.

  8. He had 5 of the 6 available kills, but it was also 5 of the 5 ships sunk.

  9. “Might send this one to the old man” hahaha

  10. @Saint_Vincent1735

    So glad to see searaptor on here.

  11. @chriskennedy2055

    Is no one going to mention how the torps he launched at 12:05 run outta steam and fall short of the Enemy Vladi by 10 feet lol (12:25) 🙂

  12. Jingles keeping my sanity levels above zero

  13. I wish you could see all the ship positions after the end of the battle

    Good fun video Jingles

  14. @micheljavert5923

    The enemy Vladi didn’t have his guns ready to go because he was too busy trying to use his ASW to get a bead on the Cruiser that he *already* *knew* was in the cap circle. I cannot help but recall a “discussion” with some Average Battleship Enjoyers who were certain that their ASW would somehow magically convince their opponents that they were under air attack and thus distract them long enough to score the killing blow.

  15. Always like seeing people from their country use their navys ships :^]

  16. Man, always love NA chat box. Either funny banter or a very nice convo like that.

  17. Very fun game! Cheers to Sea-Raptor.

  18. One of my favorite scenarios in World of Tanks, or any video game for that matter, is when you are all alone on a flank which is collapsing. You are usually facing a superior number of enemies, are weakened, and trying to defend yourself as best as you can. You know you won’t make it out. But perhaps, if you hold out long enough, it will give the friendly forces on the opposide side of the map a chance to recollect. So, you brawl with everything you’ve learned before. Angle, wiggle, put in snapshots, watch the minimap in the heat of the moment. There’s no time to breathe. Sometimes, friends arrive in time to save you. Sometimes, you fall alone on the flank. But either way, you know you gave it your best and made the enemies sweat for it during your last stand. That Vladivostok, as it’s been pointed out before me, has shown remarkable tenacity. He’s paid the price, but let me tell you – when the remaining allies do arrive in time, it makes that victorious salvation so much sweeter. Ggs guys

  19. Got to respect the in chat he says “send to the old man” and at least one of the team knew exactly who he meant

  20. Great video as always Jingles. Am currently using HMS Thunderer to train my Captain Jingles so he can be my best British captain. Once training is done the old man will take pride of place on the grand old lady HMS Warspite.

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