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Last time I made this, the world still fears the funny virus.

Admittedly it’s been hard for me to get a new Funtage going.
Lack of memorable games, lack of gameplay time by myself, and me being generally going less and less enthusiastic about this game.

But I wanna see how this one pans out.
Should be inline with my classic edit, atleast from my point of view.

Don’t mind the Evangelion references since it has been my jam for the past weeks.

Thanks to JustDodge, airbornebarbarian, and Shigure_Kai_Ni for the Lauria division 🙂

00:00 An intro?
00:34 Lauria Compilation
05:05 Chat Rants
05:21 WH40K thing
05:59 Average DD in my team
07:15 Nevsky Carry
10:01 The Circus

DJ Blyatman – Party Like Stalin ft.

#Worldofwarships #Paid #Actors


  1. i was not paid to leave this comment

  2. Man, i wish i was a *paid* actor

  3. If anything, we could do with a few more Evangelion references.

  4. and this is where I’d talk about by actors salary


  5. It was funny when you all types WAAAAAGH but I died when i saw the ship smashah best moment

  6. the editing is top notch as always, but that soundbite when you zoomed in on Belfast had me in stitches

  7. 12:00 definitely my favourite moment of the video. The poor Haaland must’ve shat his pants

  8. that nevsky match was a monster, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place also had over 2k base xp! °°
    i dont think i have ever seen that.

  9. Okay I cracked up at the Ork WAAAGGGHHHHH reference!

  10. @SAyGOoDByEToOldLIfE

    Maybe you have exhausted the novelties of this game and the video was different from other funtages, but it was still entertaining non the less. Keep it up and i hope youre doing good Yuro.

  11. The WH40K had me dying. Love the whole video.

  12. That Shima getting away with a sliver of HP left, only to fart out a single shot and get exposed again, lmao.

  13. I enjoy dev strike compilations, especially if they are well done like yours 😀 .

  14. Ah the Lauria, the ship i didnt want to pay extra steel for with the steel camo bundle. Cant wait till they release her for the ship only… soon.

  15. the clip at 4:30 is probably the most amazing clip I’ve ever seen. The enemy sub literally yanked the lose from the jaws of victory. I’ve never seen something that close before XD.

  16. That Nevsky gameplay really good but kinda stressful ahaha

  17. I see a video from Yuro and I immediately watch it. This strategy has not disappointed me yet. Thanks for all of the great videos!

  18. @watercannonscollaboration2281

    As someone who plays the game occasionally and only low tiers, I swear everytime Yuro does a video and I’m like “what is that ship?”

    • I think anyone who’s had a break of at least one month will come back to either World of game and say “what the hell is that thing?”

  19. This is the only WoWs channel I watch the videos over an over and they still entertain! Great work!

  20. @daemonslayer59able

    You’re funtages are always the best.

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