Akizuki in Ranked brings PAIN – World of Warships

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IJN tier 8 tech tree gunboat DD, Akizuki. The tech tree ship with which the real menace starts. This tier 8 and the next 2 ships that come after it are brutally strong if used properly.

Here is a game with it in ranked.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. @meltabsolutmelt2522

    Wish I was as good at handling DD like that..

  2. F for Subs

  3. The dominance of the IJN gunboat DD line is unquestioned, and it’s the torps that really take them to the top level. Amazing match, thank-you Flambass for allowing me to enjoy a game I can no longer stand playing!

  4. Flambass, I’ve got Good news, and bad news for you. The good news is that this is purgatory, a place where you are to play and stream World of Warships to survive. The bad news is that once you get to Hell, it’s World of Tanks you have to play.

  5. I guess the World of Tanks thing is over already?

  6. Wait, they didn’t just give straight line homing but advanced computer homing to the magic homing torpedoes?! What the entire heck

  7. Even with Cancer Vessels and Suckmarines I still love this game!

  8. I was like .. why would you consider Akizuki painful ? Ah .. unless you are the enemy .. 😀

  9. Title should read “Flambass in Ranked brings PAIN” – regardless of which ship!

  10. Aki is fast DPM kitty boat man

  11. From Papa Lazarou to Daddy Flambass: “Hello Dave. You’re my wife now.”

  12. @darrenmarshall8278

    Russian Intelligence strikes again

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