Personal Tromp Record – World of Warships

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As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I’ve been playing almost exclusively nothing but Tromp. Reason is simple, it is new and different to everything else so it makes it interesting. I knew it had power potential so I tried to get it out of him. Here is my personal best damage record so far.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Yeah a great example of what happens when you don’t play objective lol

  2. never underestimate how hard a carry has to be to win nowadays.

  3. Oof, watching 3 team mates on 1-2 line hiding half of the game and then all die, harsh

  4. almost 200k damage with 1267 PV !!!

  5. Oh, that Satsuma had really fun and engaging match for sure spreadsheet-wise. Too bad he is not able to “perform simple maneuvres” and “just dodge”, right?

  6. can we blame Jingles for putting out that PSA for japanese torpedo boat captains to use their bloody guns?

  7. Well played buddy top job. Loving trampy tromp.

  8. That CV being in one of the most OP top tier CVs….. played like ass….. Standard 😂

  9. Your so good at still being useful, even after you lose all but 1k hp.. 😉

  10. Notice how on the Tromp, the airstrike bombs drop instantly while on the tech tree cruisers they drop slowly

    • random youtube Commenter secundar account

      It is called having a parachute attached to the bombs….Gravity does that when nothing is opposing the drop , like a piece of material creating drag.

    • CruisingForMermaids

      @random youtube Commenter secundar account In which case the bombers should be fragged.

    • Makes no difference since the mechanic is the same when the timer is involved. If it takes “x” many seconds, then the bombs will drop after “x” many seconds regardless of how fast it seems to drop. Tromp’s airstrikes just have its timer be a few seconds shorter than the dutch cruisers

  11. 8:20 Flambass drops his load over brest

  12. Think of it this way .. you did 255K Damage in the Tromp. Your team had all three caps at one point and was winning. And yet the potatoes on the team lost it. Your CV couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn from inside the barn as shown on the results. I would have love to have seen some of the win rates on those players like the Satsuma on your team or the Alaska as I am guessing 46% rates for them. Ugh I hate MM in this game.

  13. I got the Alvaro de bazan on the weekend I played 5 games and my 6th one I got my dmg record in that ship..236k

  14. A dd with 12 plane squadrons, seriously WG, theoretically where the fuck can you put then on a ship yet alone launch all at once, this game has become total fantasy.

  15. If we get an entire line of dutch dds i hope they dont ger torpedoes and keep the airstrike good

  16. Flamba sends a replay to the old man

    Flamba puts this video up

    You double dipping cheat you!

  17. Every single time a cv player on your team needs to get just one mediocre drop, to turn the game. They rush every single attack. drop bombs from the side and torps from the point. Ever, single, time…

  18. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    He hasn’t taken a loss with such dignity in a very long time.

  19. I want this ship, gonna get it tomorrow for sure

  20. This match highlights almost everything I hate about CV players… Just sitting there fucking drooling, eating glue. Not doing anything important. Then because their point value is so high you’re forced to waste time playing mall cop while the rest of your team dies. I hate what they’ve done to this game.

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