World of Warships- 2022 Santa Container Buying Guide: How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck!

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Hello guys, today we go over the Santa Containers being offered up this year and discuss what option you should go with if you are looking to throw some cash at the event! Enjoy!

Drop Rate Article:

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
1:34 Santa Container Introduction
3:15 Santa Gift Container Overview
5:22 Santa’s Big Gift Container Overview
6:24 Santa’s Mega Gift Container Overview
7:31 Which Gift Container Should You Get


  1. Wargaming, the masters of cashing in on artificial scarcity.

  2. I find it interesting that the drop rate for premium time is lower than ships. I wonder if that’s because work gaming knows that everyone wants ships or do they value premium Time above the ships. I will need to check how much premium time I have left and see how much I need to get another year. And after that we’ll see

  3. Got my Missouri from a Santa container a couple of years ago. Planning to drive about 10 minutes to Ford Island on the 7th to say hi to the real Missouri and pay my respects to the Arizona.

  4. Biying guide short and concise: never ever ever buy no Wargaming gamble boxes. Very simple.

  5. I spent quite a few bob last year on Mega Containers. That said I was really lucky, managed to get a ship virtually every other container including Thunderer, Smolensk amongst many, many Rare ships. Also managed to get nearly 5 years of Premium time as they were giving it out in 180 days. Mrega Containers are the ONLY way to go.

    • @Bohdisattva Fortunately my son was a developer on COD so have key coming for Xmas 😂

    • you forgot to add : I’m not paid by Wargaming to say this 😀

    • @DrMcZonkers Wish I was, I pay them a ludicrous amount of money but I can afford to, and no I’m not a Whale by any stretch of the imagination but some might call me that but definitely not FTP either. I just enjoy it and try to ignore the toxic bitchers and moaners.

    • @clansome Yeah, that’s what a paid actor would say. Jk
      Did you already have many premium ships in port?

    • @burt591 I had quite a few but it was interesting how things went with Santa Crates. They definitely fill up the lower Tiers first but then throw in a top Tier/Rare. A sprat to catch a mackerel, another British idiom.

      With the Black Friday crates I had most of the non B ships already, and there are now only 2 B ships, I don’t have Tirpitz & Kaga. I have a mountain of coal so tomorrow will be buying Kearsarge with coupon and then have mission to get another 2,500 doubs. Only ship I bought was Cossack B this year. I intend to just save doubs this year and collect the snowflakes or whatever.

  6. The only time each year when I spend $ on warships… it’s lovely. I spend about $250 on dubloons on my birthday each year, using the war gaming birthday coupon so go in with around 100k dubs… each year I’ve pulled til I have all the ships on the list. Last year I got 14 new ships. That’s a budget of $21 per month on the game. I also have camo and economic bonuses out the wazoo, plus enough coal for another new ship, steel etc. and I’m sitting at about 1400 days premium time. But I’ve been doing this every year since the Xmas crates were introduced. I track all my rewards each year – last year I received the following:

    Tiger 59
    Belfast 43


    4350 steel (3750 from crates + 600 from snowflakes off of prize ships)

    180 days premium

    66250 Coal (62500 from crates, 3750 from snowflakes off prize ships)

    810 camo of all types
    1490 special flags (ie Hydra, Dragon, Scylla, Basilisk etc)

    100 regular flags

  7. I already have around 12 Tier Xs including Bourgogne and Ohio. I was looking through the stats website and realised I am getting a new ship almost every two weeks or so. You know what’s the problem, there’s no time to get used to playing one ship before another one comes along. The differences between the ships itself are really not that significant..some gimmick or the other or in some cases, just seems to be a bad copy paste job. Like when you have 300 ships, you barely have time to play all of them in even a month! So why do you need new ships? I need variety in game modes…even operations with tier 9 or 10 ships would be a welcome change rather just getting a new ship and sailing around on the same maps over and over again. I wish WG would change course and give us some Tier X operations so we can have some different experiences…in fact, I think it would be welcome to actually fight as a naval force rather than random players doing their own thing here and there. I have about 70 or 80 ships in my port and I only get to all of them maybe once in 2 weeks…so you do you really want to throw your wallet at a premium ship or ships that’s just going to sit at your port or give you literally the exact same gaming experience..yawn WG…wake new ships…we need new operations or different game modes

  8. I was lucky last year 20 mega containers got me 7 ships. Including the neustrashimy. That boat was over 250k coal alone. Usually xmass event is best time to spend money on the game. Also got Mainz, prince eugen, indomitable ect. So I got mostly tier 8+ ships.

  9. LightningwingDragon

    Hey mount! In the mega container, it’s 1.5% for FIVE red free XP, not seven like you said. Weird though.

  10. wonder if they will have a short list of ships you will get first this year, or did they learn their lesson from the makarov containers

  11. Of the many products offered by Wargaming I still find WoWs to be my favorite but finding the time to play has always been the problem and being in a clan of 6 players in WoWs and 68 in WoT we members of _DD Dancom Delta are bottom of the stats in any category our clan members in WoT are spread globally with most players from Europe Africa and Australia and the remainder in North America which makes any organized gameplay problematic and it is only around Christmas season that I notice an uptick in player member activity. As for the gift boxes my comment is they seem to be of the same formula as WoT I mean really after buying the minimum number of gift boxes in WoT over the past 6 years my premium ships are but a few but my premium account is set to expire in March of 2030! LOL

  12. Warning:

    As a nearly 7 years players with huge variety of ships, and experience, i highly reccomend you NOT to bother with the crates.

    Especially if you are a new player hoping to win a particular ship or a some of these.

    This event is a scam and in past years the outcome of the boxes used to be completely rigged(you can search that information yourself) which is the reason nowdays you see the drop chances and a slightly changed system which nevertheless is outrageous.

    to put it simple back in the day you simplky could not get the super rare ships if u did not have anything else already, and now they just gave them a 1% chance for the super expensive box.. the 1 percent though of how many outcomes?

    if there 40 ships for example in the pool for you of these super rare ships,in order to get a specific one, divide that percentage with 40…

    to put it simple every 100 boxes you MAY get ONE rare ship.

    to get the ship that you want in average it may take 4000 boxes!!! to not exagertate though if u win all ships from other other categories, or simply you own most of these the chances improve significant since if u own all ships from a particular pool, it will open instead a ship of another pool..

    nevertheless i highly reccomend you to stay away from these and not encourage WG mocking you with these crates.

    Just open the freebies and stay away from the bait.

    unless you like to play with rigged rouletes or you are an oil prince, keep on what can i say

  13. To be honest it seems like Wargaming is getting cheaper and cheaper with their containers every year. All the while charging more and more for them.

  14. It seems, that WG changed the containers. They now include expandable camos (5% chance) and Silver (10% chance). The list is on the russian website. Just be aware as those might be a blanks for some people.

  15. If you crunch the numbers, and based results off of $$$ spent, the Mega does NOT have a 2x chance of getting a ship. it is just 1 ship higher for ~$300 total spent..

    I think Mega are better, but not from the ship aspect, but because of the bonuses (XP, Free XP, Commander, Ship).

    Here is an example using ~$300 spent on Big vs Mega:

    Ships: 9 ships across the 100 crates
    bonuses: 320x across 100 crates

    Ships: 10.4 ships across the 65 crates
    Bonuses: 530x across 65 crates (equal or larger bonus sizes)


  16. I’d agree. I’d be disappointed if I received signals or even green economic boosters since they are pretty easy to come by without using containers, and the chance of a premium ship is very low if you don’t go with the Mega container. So if I had the ability to get a Mega container, I’d do so rather than using the same amount of tickets (or money) to get the smaller ones.

  17. Here is the shorter version of the guide:

  18. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    So naturally when I do this, they update the containers. They’ve added in credits, camo, and port slots into the containers. As far as which ones to get, I would still go with the mega containers.

    • The new battlepass has much less to love in terms of seasons bonuses, there is no longer a 2% bonus for all dubs received and the discount on commander skill retraining for dubloons is gone… feels like WG has got stingy, not really in the spirit of the season. Something for all players to be aware of when they make the decision to spend a lot of dubloons on the seasons bonuses, the value from this has materially dropped.

    • Of course you’ve got to sell the 45%ers credits for money lul

  19. Some information of how already having ships works:

    The roll will fix what category of ship you get (low tier, mid tier or high tier). Then it will randomly get you a ship in that category. Then and only if there is no ship you don’t have in that category will it reroll to give you a ship in another category. So you need to get all the thrash out before your chances of high tier ships increase. If you already have most low tier premiums, spending your coal (and even dubs) on getting the last couple t5/t6 you don’t have is worth it because instead of getting this ship in crates you’ll get something better.

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