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NEW RECORD, by all accounts xD

Everyone knows by now that I’m grinding stats on this ship and that its taking MUCH longer than it should and honestly this game explains it perfectly as to why.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Campin’…in the cap?

  2. No concealment, wide spread Z52. How people can be this bad? I mean, you have to put effort into it to take such bad decisions.

    Edit: oh and btw, this is a classic example of “be the best players in the server, play a good match and still lose bc of your teammates”.

  3. that malta on your team was really aggravating to watch lol

  4. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    oof, that was unfortunate. gg for the new record btw, flambass

  5. I think you couldve won if you had noticed shima taking these buffs

  6. kyle pennypacker

    When a carry of biblical proportions just isn’t enough

  7. All those buffs you passed up when you started your push south, that Shima picked up near the end, and if you watched them disappear you would have known the Shima’s position sooner.

  8. Gearing should have dealt with that Lion

  9. G fuckin G 😎👍

  10. Slight heartbreak, to lose a Game with the most XP of both teams.

  11. Holy damage!!!

  12. When unspotted, your shot on Shima lost the game – you could have capped A

  13. Top XP on a loss with 1 kill. That ain’t normal.

  14. Love it when you guys team up but where is Mr. G?

  15. GG Flambass

  16. Stanisław Wieczorek

    Nice score, this must be your favorite ship xD

  17. What happened to that torpedo at 12:45 ? lmao

  18. [MELT] Absolut Melt

    You are a fucking Legend..well played💯

  19. Reminds me of war thunder matches with 26 kills (16 players, 3 respawns each, 48 kills total to get) and losing a game because the team just died faster. Feels bad man, you get one of best performance and then so sad that its against the wind of stupidity.. And yeah, camping too 😉

  20. Im gonna start camping!!! if it means 370k! 😉

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