Rhode Island – New T10 American Battleship | World of Warships

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The Rhode is the newest Premium Tier 10 American Battleship. It has 12x 356mm guns.

Price: Premium – Available as 1 of 46 random bundles that also contain American Tokens.

I do play this match when I record the video, giving you live commentary and thoughts whilst playing the ship. This is actually a recorded video, and not taken from twitch. 😀

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment, like or sub. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Price
01:29 Armour Layout
01:57 Build
02:25 Camouflage
02:58 Ship Characteristics
04:53 Game
22:34 Score
23:30 Build
23:54 Summary and Conclusion
25:15 MalteseKnight YouTube Membership


  1. Didn’t watch the video yet, but I already know it’ll be a good one

  2. “Why do you need Rhode Island when we can have a better Burgogne? in every aspect! P.S. The new USS Wisconsin is entering tests.”

  3. I have a question. Do you think, like I do, that Sicilia, Ruggiero di Lauria, Mecklenburg, Bourgogne, Thunderer, or even Bungo, are better than Rhode Island? That’s my opinion, what’s yours?

  4. Am i mistaken or did the stats change when he went into battle? Like the concealment went from 13.3 to 12.3 and the speed went from 43.9 with brisk and speed boost to like 41

  5. 25:15 of the video I explain that Wargaming offered me the chance to increase the usability of the membership tab on my YouTube channel by giving you guys a mission for a super container, if you become a member of my channel, the price is around $1 and helps support me directly, so if you would like to support my channel whilst also getting a small reward in game, you can join in the member tab, or by clicking the ‘Join’ button on my YouTube channel! You need to have YouTube and Wargaming account linked!

    Thank You for whoever chooses to join this, and I appreciate whoever watches the channel!

  6. ”hey ,what do you think about the Rhode Island Malta?”

    Malta > ”Buy food mate !” xD

  7. It really sucks they are going with random bundles with this.. I am not gonna get it.

  8. malta, please don’t ignore the pain in your chest
    and especially don’t ignore it if you take sugars more than often

    • I think it’s cause I did chest day last at the gym and I overdid it slightly, I minimise my sugar intake, thank you tho if it’s an ever present issue I will check!

    • ​@MalteseKnight bro get a heart rate and blood pressure monitor and double check you are in normal ranges.
      It’s really important to check it’s not heart problems.

  9. This would be a good coal ship, I think. The improved ap angles and decent conceal could make for some good ambush situations. Maybe someday. GG. Big Fan!

  10. Georia with guns from Florida but with better reload time…


  12. @morsanabargor3860

    They wrote in the news article that this BB will be available for direct purchase in later updates (- maybe for coal or steel).

  13. Is that radar enough to leave Bourgogne’s bigger guns for the Rhode Island?

  14. Thanks for the great content and info as always Malta!

  15. 4:47 I think Missouri’s Radar is a 10km Radar or a 9.5Km Radar

  16. I wish at some point in my life, I have a wife, kids and enough money to spend on 92k dubs.

  17. Rhode Island makes me a bit annoyed because it’s just a significantly better Marseille. It is about as fast as Marseille, almost as stealthy, with much better armour, much better guns (higher DPM, similar dispersion, improved ricochet angles, much more range). And it gets radar, fast reloading heal and crazy battleship skill tree on top of that. The rudder is also faster for some reason. Battleships are such a weak class, man

  18. Another BB faster than many DD’s – ridiculous.

  19. Thanks Maltese Knight for another quality video. I said in Maltese Knight fashion “What is he doing?!?!” When the Gdańsk was sitting broadside in smoke.

  20. 4 minute 15% speed boost on a BB … WHY ? she’s faster than 90% of the DDs ….

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