Personal BEST with KITAKAMI – World of Warships

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Here is a short and action packed PERSONAL BEST SCORE with KITAKAMI so far match.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. that Tromp not very smart. He can easy win gunfight

  2. Am I the only one that caught the twitch chat joke at the beginning of the video? ROFL.🤣🤣🤣

  3. @myopicautisticmetal9035

    I feel like you’ve done more damage already in previous videos.

  4. 14:27 turn, Torp everything Down the side.

  5. Only downside I’ve noticed with Kitakami is those who doesnt have one that “report”/neg karma you out of jealousy.

    • Lol. Jealousy? It’s bad for the game. What a fucking smooth brained moron you are.

    • Jealousy? What a fucking smooth brain you are. Brain so smooth I can see myself in it.

    • @thegreenfather1978

      I remember people hating on me for getting the Tokachi early. They thought I had bought stages of the BP directly for dubs, and somehow it justified them calling me words and stuff.

      I got it early because I got the extra premium BP (couldn’t find any info on the missions it gave and was curious).

    • @@le_potate3861 Yeah yeah, you win the Bully Award Of The Year, Congratz! Now move along will ya!

    • @thegreenfather1978 I visited WGs WOT CON in Germany some years ago and got the PZ IIJ as part of a promo. Then a few years later it got added to the shop for a lot of money and after that I encountered on occasion ppl claiming the same as they did with you.

  6. I got Kitakami first day with mix od coal & RP 100% free for me , I played few games , and I got borred with her, she would be more attractive if 20km torps hit everything , or torpedos reload at same time , but now for me playing Kitakami is boring , loot of waiting for torpedo to reaload , loot of switching torps types , but that is not exiting for me , and worse are those guns WTF you was thinking Flambas shooting at Tromp ? , what you wanted to tickle him ?

  7. @richard_zanormous3648

    $400 ship + professional streamer + preferential maps + deep water targets + experienced players stacked against potatoes = GREAT MARKETING! Like the video though, Flambass is awesome.

  8. This would have been a great map to play with Trenlass.

  9. lol the enemy outplayed you and put you out of possition lol

  10. The wall of skill!

  11. For someone who complains so much about WG.
    You sure are selling a lot of expensive Kitakami’s for them.

    • Its free….

    • ​@@Nenesetcongrats. You wernt the target of the marketing. Tell me you don’t get how “free”mium works without saying you don’t get how it works

    • @@skylarsimes8 The only methods to outright buy the resources needed to get Kitakami are so ludicrously expensive that even whales would balk. Something like $3,000 to buy it.

      It wasn’t targeted at that kind of sale. If the goal had been to make money it would have been more like 10% of that to sell 25 times as many.

      The goal was to get resource hoarders to spend down their resource piles. It is bluntly obvious that this was the purpose given the currencies that were accepted. Your cynicism is excessive.

  12. Well he got all in this yet killed em. Well played.

  13. Kitakami’s AA is actually the guy with the strongest arm and and bucket full of stones.

  14. @flemmingploug2670

    AA on Kitakami is an asthmatic kid with a blowgun

  15. That was stressful. I enjoy your Kitakami games.

  16. That was definitely a “target rich environment”.

  17. @stevestrauss6352

    Love the Rant at the end.

  18. I am surprised Jingles hasn’t made a video on Kitakami

  19. @TheBuffmeister66

    You’re too damn good bud lol

  20. Well done, overall a great game 100 % but its weird why tromp didnt shoot? Was he afraid loose a gunfight vs kitakami? Lmao.

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