Scharnhorst ’43 Is An Amazing Chirstmas Present

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  1. Such a good ship! I just wished they gave us the original Gneisenau instead of another Scharnhorst.

  2. No scharnhorst on the Russian server but we do get like 6-8 mega Santa crates. Also I’ve opened about 30 of them and gotten 10 ships ….so obviously about 30% success rate

  3. There are some games that just can not be carried. This was one of them

  4. Haven’t touched this game in a while but Scharnhorst was my favorite ship years ago. Feeling the urge to hop back online and grind for it :p

  5. I never owned the original scharnhorst, but never find it to be scarey to fight against. But this version is scary, kind of hard to believe how much a speed boost can do. Maybe they should add it to the Odin too.

    • The original Scharnhorst shown as a BB is a bit misleading, as it is more of a battlecruiser. Not suited to face bbs, but absolutely slaps cruisers. A good player in Scharni can hold the flank against several cruisers. My all time record in potential damage was in Scharnhorst, over 5 million. It’s awesome result as T10, but at T7 it’s insane.

    • Like the man said. It’s nasty against cruisers.

  6. Amazing ship if you have the time and playstyle for it. Can we get a video about the Stord’43 too?

  7. The original Scharn is good, but the ’43 is a level higher, definitely feel the difference.

  8. @Ett.Gammalt.Bergtroll

    If you can’t afford (or want to spend cash, which is understandable) the Tirpitz she can act as a downtiered Tirpitz for the purpose of running Operations, too.

  9. @ashleighelizabeth5916

    You’re right I do see a ton of them in ranked. But almost EVERY one I see is played POORLY. Way too many people are trying to snipe with this ship and refusing to engage and brawl. In fact I almost look at the presence of one of these on my team as a liability until I see whether or not the player is going to move up and engage.

  10. I will still use IFHE due to the fact that your secondaries will do more penetration to the enemy ship when it hits (if that makes sense….) I know some secondaries have about 25mm of pen but if you buff it to where it can pen full damage then you can literally chase someone to their deaths. Ive done it on my Scharn and its hilarious to chase a ship one tier higher than you to their deaths…(Massa, Im looking at you). lutjens is my commander and Im running the Schlieffen build on it so its doing fine.

  11. A really fun ship! I have the B version and the 43’ version now. Still working on Lutjens skill points. Used my coal to acquire him a week ago. He’s a lot of fun on the GK. Need to use him on the 43’.
    Thanks PQ! o7

  12. The original Scharnhorst was a good ship to begin with – for a long time on everyone’s “Best Premium Ship’s” list. Had a 7-kill 200K plus Asymmetrical Game the other day – a lot of fun and a great score for me anyway.

  13. So, I’ve been playing this ship without IFHE and taking Brisk instead. When I’m running speed flags in ranked games I get up to a little under 38 knots in the opening when I boost, and it can certainly get you to places where nobody expects.

    I find that I end up using the HE on the main guns a lot more than I was expecting when engaging targets that are 12km+ away if they aren’t fully broadside too.

  14. I took IFHE on my Shiny horse 43 and i gotta say it’s a good skill. your secondaries can pen basically anything that has 32mm armor or less.

  15. It is a very fun ship to play.
    Lots of people have it now… Played 6 brawl games today, all 6 had at least 1 scharn.. and in 4 of the games all the BB’s were scharns haha 😅

  16. I have been playing the Japanese bb line exclusively and maan is it tough to deal with the dispersion of this ship. The torps and secondary are fun though

  17. The original Scharnhorst was always fun to play but nowadays with power creep when you get into T9 games you tend to suffer a lot, the 43 is the update it needed to keep it fun.

  18. I like it a lot. I’ve found it plays best if treated like a super heavy cruiser. It’s more of a Yorck on steroids than a light gneisenau imo.

  19. it’s a good ship and not hard to get just a couple of operations a day for a week and you have it. Merry Christmas All

  20. Merry Christmas tater! Thanks for your videos, man. It helps!

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